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my wife got a new toy

My wife as cuckold me since day one. I have been taught her body is hers to do with as she pleases. She is a beauty at five foot four one hundred pounds blue eyes and blonde hair. She has honed her skills as a cuckoldress to a fine edge. Her straight blonde hair id cut with bangs just because I let it slip once that I thought it was sexy. She loves to tease me…just last month she bought one of those pumps to make her pussy lips nice and fat.

The first time she pumped herself she did it in the bathroom while in the shower. She keeps herself shaved smooth and that aided in being able to get the most out of the pump. After she finished she put on one of her white wife beaters and a pair of white cotton bikini panties. When she came out carrying her dirty cloths I at first didnt notice that her panties looked like there was a set of balls and a cock in them.

She walked into the den and stopped just to the right of the TV I was watching. Whith her hands on her hips she said I think I feel like going shoes shopping. Thats when I noticed her big fat sexy package. I said sweetheart what is that in your panties? Slightly arching her back she looked down and said just my pussy , why? I jumped up and walked over to have a better look.

Can I touch it I asked? She said Hell no ! But it’s so sexy I told her then I asked to see it. She again said no. Then she said Im going to get dressed and you are driving me to the mall so I can show it off to some poor shoe salesman. It didnt take her long to change and when she came back in the den she was wearing a thin pleated short skirt a button up shirt with the top two buttons left unbuttoned.

She had a bra on that pushed her thirty four b cups into a pair of perfect round sexy tits. I jumped up and grabed my keys. I take it you arent wearing panties I said to her. Of course not she replied. Well can I see it now I asked again. Again she said no but you can watch me keep it pumped as we drive to the mall. As soon as we hit the hiway she reached into her hand bag and took out the pump and without allowing me to see she placed it over her already swollen womanhood.

She pumped the bulb a few times and fliped the skirt back down to cover the device. Ever so ofter she would squeeze the bulb a few times to keep it pulled up tight. All the while she sat and acted just normal and even talked as if nothing was happening. Does it hurt I asked her? No it feels very good she said…when we pulled into the mall I figured Id jump out and run around to watch het get out off the car.

As soon as we parked she said get out and wait for me at the back of the car. She knew what I had in mind. I did just what I was told and in a minute her door opened and she stepped out..she brushed her skirt and strighted her waise line. She looked back to me and said lets go. She started walking and I sort of ran to catch up. I asked what does it feel like? She said my pussy lips are so swollen and fat that I can feel them being pushed side to side as I walk.

Man thats sexy I told her She said it feels sexy and its making me get wet. I was dieing to see it…When we went yo her favorite shoe store she looked inside to see the same young nam she had sex with one time before. She told me to stay out in the mall while she showed her friend her new fat pussy. I started to protest she said just do as you are told.

I did and I tried to see what was going on but I couldnt dick would have been sticking straight out if not for the chastity device she made me wear. It took her a good hour to come back out and when I asked what went on she said she gave a good show to every guy in the store. She found out that the angled mirror gave a perfect shot for eveyone to see right up that little skirt.

It wasnt untill later that night that I finally got to see it…By then she said it was about half the size it was earlier. Wow I said its still big I told her. Then I asked if the next time its fully pumped if I could see it? She could tell how much this excited me and as she always does used that against me..No she said this is something I wont share with you.

But she said she had plains to allow Tim to fuck her tomorrow while Im at work and she is going to pump her pussy to a full fatness. I love it when she is mean to me this way..she knows my mind is her play toy.

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