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My Wife And Her Friend Fuck Some Strangers

Sometime at the end of summer my wife and I went down south for a few days. There we met up with her best friend (girl) who was there on some house work. We were out for a drive one evening and reached some quiet beach nearby somewhere south India. It was about 6pm and the beach was empty except for a few boys playing football way in the distance. We walked along the beach till we reached a log lying in the sand and decided to take snaps near it.

I took the camera 1st and my wife and friend struck few posses with the sun in the background then the beach in the back ground and in the bushes around.

The posses got sexier and racier as they got comfortable with the cam. Then I suggested they take off their tops since no one was around. My wife was wearing a beach dress with no bra and a bikini panty and the other girl was wearing a T-shirt without a bra and Denim shorts and a thong (I found out later).

They agreed but only if I were to pose for a few nude ones first. They thought I would not agree to this. I saw no harm as there was no one but us around and the sun was setting making visibility poor. I stripped off my clothes and posed for a few nudes around the trees and the fallen log and in the water. Then it was their turn and my wife took off her dress but kept her panties and her friend just took of her T.

We took a few nice pics and then as they got comfortable with their nudity they decided to strip off completely and get into the water.

They both had awesome figures and fairly large boobs and this was turning me on as a little girl on girl fun is always a turn on. We left all our stuff on the beach and ran naked into the waves splashing around with each other.

My wife Jess and I had thought of asking her friend we’ll call her Berna, if she would film a sex tape for us. And since we now had all seen each other naked, it would not be a problem anymore. In all our fun we failed to notice two guys who had walked down the beach and were standing on the shore right near us soaking in the view of the girls’ boobs and whatever ass and pussy was out of the water.

As the girls saw them they immediately tried to cover up but the guys told them to stop. They said they were watching us for some time and they thought the girls were very hot. They asked the girls since they had seen them naked would it help if they too got nude and came into the water that way every one was nude and no harm done. I was pleasantly surprised when the girls accepted their offer.

One guy Raj was tall well built and had a massive cock the other guy Kumar was a little shorter fatter and had a decently thick cock.

They waded into the water towards us and I could see my wife and her friend eying Raj’s cock. It was already semi erect and swinging in the breeze. He walked straight to the girls and asked them outright if they liked what they saw.

They both nodded with sheepish grins on their faces. I saw the expression on the men’s faces, they wanted to suck and squeeze their tits right away, Raj knew Jess was loving his cock and teased her asking, ” how is it ? ”, she replied ” Its good, it’s very good ”, they went back to smiling shyly. He accidentally touched side of Jess boobs, when she turned to move, “Oh, I am, sorry ” raj said, but let out a laughter, That made his dick grew even more hard, it was the hardest among us now, ” what is wrong with you ?Raj, why is your dick getting bigger ?” Raj let out a very proud smile and boldly said “hey Jess why you don’t touch it and see.

I am sure, you haven’t seen a dick this big” Jess was now staring at the thick cock. He was serious about it, ” Are you serious Raj ? ” she asked, ” yes, go ahead, touch it “ did not look anywhere else, she moved her hand forward and with three finger tips she touched the head, and slowly she touched the tip, and then put her palm around the head and wrapped it, in his hand, Raj let a sigh as Jess was curiously touching it, ” now she slowly stroked it, with her hand, without looking elsewhere, Raj was feeling great he put his hand on her boobs and started squeezing them and massaging them.

Jess let her guard down, she came even closer and now was stroking faster, As Raj closed his eyes and reached for Jess’s Boobs, he grabbed her boobs and squeezed hard as she was dragged closer to him, even her body was touching his cock and then they kissed, Raj buried his mouth in Jess, and they were already kissing with tongue, she still stroked him, I was looking on horny as hell, as he just grabbed her and kissed her and squeezed her tits, while Jess was kissing him too, and stoking his cock harder, Kumar was moving in on the other girl.

He had her boobs in his hands squeezing and sucking them as she moaned in pleasure. Raj reached for Jess’s pussy and slowly slipped a finger into her making her let out a light moan of pleasure and he fingered her already wet pussy. She had waxed so her pussy was soft and velvet to the touch and this was making Raj’s cock harder.

I did not want to be left out so I went behind her and started to fondle her boobs pinching and squeezing her nipples.

Kumar had Berna all to himself and she was stroking his cock while he fondled her boobs with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other pulling her closer to him. The men were middle aged say in their mid forties and these girls were around 25 so the thought of fucking these young hot babes made their cocks hard like rods. As Raj was tall his cock stuck out of the water and Jess bent over to suck him.

As savored every inch of his large rod as she took it into her mouth cupping his balls with her other hand. My cock was also hard as I watched my wife suck another guy’s cock. On the other side Berna was on her knees giving Kumar the blowjob of his life I could see his thick meat going in and out of her mouth and her spit dripping down his balls each time his cock hit the back of her throat.

Raj was ready to fuck he turned Jess around and in one swift move had his monster right up Jess’s pussy ramming her hard and she screamed out and dug her nails into me. I supported her by holding onto her boobs as she tried to take my cock into her mouth while she was getting mowed from behind. Kumar had got behind Berna shoving his thick cock into her hole from behind and squeezing her boobs making her tits stick out between his fingers.

It was almost dark by now and even if someone looked it was difficult to make out the girls being fucked hard in the water. They were both moaning and groaning with the huge cocks in them ramming them. With each thrust Jess’s boobs swung freely in the air as she held on tightly to my waist and sucked my cock as best she could stop to gasp every now and again. I could tell that these were the largest cocks both girls had taken in a long time.

I was finally ready to cum and as my balls tightened I pulled out of Jess’s mouth and sprayed her face with cum.

Raj continued fucking her and with a loud moan came deep into her pussy. He did not stop but kept on at it banging her wildly as I saw his cum drip out of her and down his balls and down the inside of her legs. He finally came again and just held her tightly while he emptied his load into her love hole squeezing her soft tender body against him.

At the same time Kumar and Berna were still going at it. He was pumping his thick cock into her as he grabbed her shoulders pulling her onto him hard making loud slapping sounds each time his legs banged up against her ass. I could see she was cumming and her face was red and beads of sweat dripped down her fore head. Kumar was ready to cum he grabbed her waist shoved his cock deep into her and emptied his balls into her.

The warm cum shooting inside her made her orgasm again. He pulled his cock out of her and asked her to suck it clean as thick wads of cum dripped down her legs into the water.

I told them we had a flat close by and they were welcome to join us for some fun if they liked. As we walked the boys wore their shorts but the girls didn’t bother to put any clothes on walking to the car naked with streams of cum dripping down the inside of their legs.

The guys told us that they were married but had got caught up in their work and their wives didn’t fuck them anymore. They had come to Goa looking to get lucky with some nice clean girls. I knew the next few days would involve a lot of sex. They fucked the girls in every way imaginable and at some point they even double fucked Berna. But that’s another story.

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