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My Widowed Daughter and Myself

My name is Diwakaran, a 53 year old widower, living near Cochin, in the state of Kerala, in India. I was leading a decent middle class life, until my wife expired last year. This is my real life story. Though I am totally ashamed of myself and my actions, I have only written this, to make other widowers like me, aware of the dangers of loneliness and also the dangers of staying alone with their daughters, during such times of loneliness in life …………

My wife and I have only one daughter.

Her name is Anuradha. Since she was our only daughter, we loved her very much. We got her married and Anuradha had a happy married life and gave birth to two children, within the next 4 years. In a car accident, her husband passed away and my daughter became a widow at just 22 years of age. My daughter stayed from January 2006 with her in-laws. As they lived in a joint family it was not very comfortable.

As I lived alone, they suggested that Anuradha and her children should come and live with me, from Deepawali onwards. At that point, from the time my wife had expired in 2005, I had been living all alone. For two years, there was no woman in my house. I was depressed and frustrated at my loneliness.

I was over-joyed to have my daughter and her children staying with me. I had a small house – one living room, two bed-rooms, kitchen and a bath-room, with a WC.

Anuradha and her children occupied one bed-room and I slept in the other bed-room. My daughter took charge of all the needs of the house – in terms of cooking, cleaning, washing etc. For one month, things were fine. One day, during the 3rd week of November, when I woke up early in the morning, I found Anuradha asleep on a mat in the living room ! I woke her up.

I asked her, ” Anu, what happened ? Why are you sleeping here ? Why are you not sleeping on the bed, in your room, with your children ? “

She replied, ” Oh Papa ! There is almost no place on the bed.

Your grand-children toss and turn and kick their legs while sleeping. It was so disturbing, that I came here and slept “

I said, ” You should have woken me up. I would have come and slept on this mat in the living room and you could have slept on my bed, in my bed-room “

She replied, ” No Papa. That is your and my late mummy’s bed. I did not wish to be a nuisance “

I scolded her, ” Anu, what is this ? You are my daughter.

Though you have become a mother of two children, yet, you are still my child. So dont talk nonsense. From tonight, let your children use the bed in your bed-room, you sleep on my bed and I shall come and sleep here, in the living room. Now no arguments “

She said, ” OK Papa. But, I dont want you to sleep on the floor. If you insist that I should sleep on your bed, then I have an idea.

Look Papa, is it OK with you, if I come and sleep on your bed, along side with you ? Afterall I am your daughter and have slept on your bed along side you, so many times, during my child-hood “

I replied, ” OK Anu, from tonight, after putting your children to sleep in their room, you come and sleep on my bed, beside me ! Happy now ? “

She replied happily, ” Yes Papa.

Like old times. I can still recollect all those nights during my child-hood, when I used to sleep next to you and you used to tell me stories ! “

That night, after dinner, I went to my bed and lay down on one side – leaving ample space for my daughter on the other side of the bed. For some reason, I could not sleep and was lying wide awake on my bed, in the darkness, as there was the usual nightly power-cut.

After finishing all her work, my young daughter put her children to sleep. The door to my bed-room opened. I saw my daughter entering with a candle. She glanced at me. She thought that I was asleep. So, I too pretended to be asleep – but my eyes were slightly open, watching her. As the candle light, was too dim, she could not see my slightly open eyes.

I had always looked upon my daughter, as a little girl.

Though my daughter was the mother of two children, it was for the first time in the candle light, I realised that, she was a fully grown woman ! She was beautiful. My daughter was very fair. Now with her white saree and blouse, she looked like an angel. I could see her gorgeous breasts, from under the palloo of her saree. When she turned, I saw her large and firm buttocks, from under her saree.

I felt my penis getting erect. I had been without a woman for almost 2 years. Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too – in the semi-darkness at night – I was getting sexually excited – though it was my own daughter ! I was disgusted at myself ! She put off the candle, and in the darkness, came and lay down beside me. I was awake and hoping that she would not notice the erection under my dhoti ! I could smell her fragrance.

My erection was fully raging now. Within the next 10 minutes, I noticed that she had fallen asleep. I turned on my side to look at her. She looked so innocent. Though my penis was erect, I dared not touch her. I finally fell asleep.

After 2 hours, some movement on the bed, woke me. I saw that, in her deep sleep, Anu had turned and snuggled up close to me, like she used to, when she was a little girl.

Her voluptous body touched mine. She had flung her left arm over me, hugging me. The only problem now was – she was not a child. She was a fully grown attractive and voluptous woman. And more importantly, I was a man, who had gone without a woman, for two years. My penis was once again became erect ! My heart was beating wildly. I started sweating ! I was frightened. She had hugged me out of a daughter’s trust and love, for her father.

Not out of any sexual feeling. I did not wish to do anything foolish. I did not wish to be an idiot. But, no matter how much I tried, I could not control my own sexual excitement. A war was raging within me. A war between a father’s feelings towards a daughter and a man’s feelings towards a sexually attractive woman. After some time, she came more close to me and hugged me more tightly.

Anuradha, now put her left leg over my legs. I could distinctly feel the heat from her crotch, seeping through her saree, through her petticoat and through my dhoti, directly onto my penis. Further, again in her sleep, she caught my head with her left hand and pushed it downwards, towards her breasts. Though I am a father and I love my daughter as a father should, yet, I am also a man with human weaknesses.

I knew that my daughter breast fed her baby. Now that she was virtually pushing my head towards her breasts, I did not resist. I allowed her to do so. But after pushing my head a few inches towards her breasts, to my disappointment, she turned. She was lying on her back with her head turned towards me, and I could tell that she was in a deep sleep. I lost control on my self.

I got up, crouched over her and whispered, ” Anu, are you awake ? “

Eliciting no response, I gently shook her shoulder to see if she would open her eyes. Again, no response. With my inhibitions disappearing, and my arousal growing,I lightly caught the top of her saree palloo and slipped it down, to reveal her young and tender breasts, covered in her blouse. I saw she was wearing a white bra inside.

Very nervously I gazed at my daughter’s body. I ran my palm very lightly over the breasts and cupped them. I got more excited. Slowly, I un-hooked her blouse. Her lovely breasts were visible in her bra. I lightly touched her breasts over her bra. My hands were shaking with fear. But I still could not control my lust. I turned her slowly to her left side. I un-hooked her bra and turned her again on her back.

The sight was incredible. My young daughter’s gorgeous breasts were perfect. They were large, round and fleshy. My daughter had large, black and protruding nipples.

Silently, I began cupping and fondling my widowed daughter’s exciting breasts. Now, I simply could not control myself. I bent and took one of her nipples into my mouth and started sucking upon it. Warm sweet milk started shooting into my mouth. This was my daughter’s breast milk, meant for my grand-child.

But, here I was – lustfully drinking my own daughter’s breast milk ! As I drank her milk, I got careless with lust. I bit her nipple. Anuradha suddenly woke up. She was shocked to see her un-hooked her bra and blouse. She was frightened to see me fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples.

She exclaimed, ” Papa ! What are you doing ? “

With shame, I replied, ” I am sorry Anu, I could not control myself.

After your mother died, I have been with out a woman. Now, when you hugged me in your sleep, I simply could not control myself. I am really sorry ! “

Even when I was saying sorry, I kept fondling my daughter’s breasts. Anu began struggling. She tried to remove my mouth from her nipple and my hands from her breasts.

She pleaded, ” Papa, I am your own daughter. So, please do not do this “

I replied, ” Anuradha, yes, I know.

But, I am not able to help myself. I must have you now ! “

She exclaimed, ” No Papa. Please. Please dont do this. I am a widow. I am the mother of your own grand-children. This is a sin. I can not face them and myself tomorrow, if you f***e yourself on me, tonight “

I said, ” Anu dear, please allow me – only tonight. I am desperate to enjoy your body.

Look, I have such a huge erection. Look how frustrated I am ! Dont you love me anymore ? Dont you care for my needs ? Dont you want your Papa to be happy ? “

She started crying and sobbed, ” Papa, I have always loved you and still love you. But not like this. I love you as a daughter. So, please leave me now. I shall go and sleep in the living room now ! “

I was afraid that she would leave the bed and go.

I was so desperate that, I leaned on my daughter and tried to kiss her. But she turned her face. I lowered my head over my daughter’s breasts and again sought her nipples, with my mouth. She tried to turn. My daughter began struggling under me and tried to wriggle free, to run away. I fucked myself upon her, to crush her under my weight and keep her from running away. She kept struggling, but, could not move from under my weight.

I caught her hands and held them above her head, while I searched for her nipples with my mouth. I caught one erect nipple and began sucking it. My tongue was moving over her swollen breast.

She sobbed, ” Papa, please dont do this. Please leave me alone. Is what you are doing to me, right ? Is it not a sin ? Find some other woman to satisfy your need, Papa.

I am your own daughter, afterall ! “

I replied, ” I know Darling. I am ashamed. But I am unable to control my feelings. I am excited now. I want you as a woman, tonight. I want to touch you, feel you, caress you and fuck you ! Please dear, can we forget that we are father and daughter for tonight ? Please ? I am so desperate ! “

She kept struggling.

I started rubbing my body all over her body. She was loudly crying now. But I could not control myself. I caught both her hands with my left hand and tried to put my right hand under her saree and petticoat to touch her cunt. I kept sucking her nipples and drinking my daughter’s breast milk. She kept crying. I was trembling with desire for my daughter’s young cunt. I roughly turned her to one side and began cupping her large buttocks through her petticoat.

I began rubbing my swollen cock, on her fleshy buttocks, through her petticoat. My daughter understood, that there was no escape from me. She gradually stopped crying and struggling. She lay still, allowing me to fondle her tender body, as I wished.

Then quietly she said, ” OK Papa. You want to drink my milk, from my breasts Papa ? OK – Drink it. Just leave some for your grand-son. But please do not have sex with me “

Saying this, my daughter thrust her nipples into my mouth.

It was as if, she was handing me, a precious, delicate gift. I roughly bit her tender breasts, sucked upon her swollen nipples and completely drank all my daughter’s breast milk. Now, my daughter looked at me – silently.

She asked me, ” Satisfied Papa ? “

I replied, ” Yes Anuradha, Now, I would like to do other things too ! “

She pleaded, ” No, Papa. Please, Please, Please, I beg you.

Do not have sex with me. I am your daughter. I am in my fertile period of the month. I may get pregnant “

I replied, ” No. I got to have you now. If you get pregnant, we will go to Cochin and abort the baby. But, now I must thrust my cock into your tight cunt. Anuradha, let me see your cunt now “

Defeatedly and reluctantly, she closed her eyes and parted her thighs.

My hand moved to her legs and began pulling up her saree. I could see her white petticoat covering her legs. I pulled up the petticoat too, exposing my young Anu’s lovely thighs. I kissed and massaged her fair thighs. I pulled up the saree and petticoat further, to expose her vagina. Anu had not worn any panties. I was shocked. My daughter’s young cunt was like a thick jungle. It was completely covered and matted with thick, pubic hair.

Black, curly and silky hair. I untied the string of her petticoat and pulled it away from her, along with her saree, leaving her naked. She covered her face with shyness. I kneaded the fleshy mound of her amazingly hairy cunt. I ran my fingers, now and then, all along her crack, manipulating her labial swelling and teasing my daughter’s clitoris. She couldn’t bear the sensations. She widened her thighs and offered her cunt to my access, willingly.

Then I pushed my middle finger into the slushiness of her crevice. My daughter lifted her buttocks a little and fucked back at my finger, exposing her own eagerness, shamelessly.

I now smelled my daughter’s cunt. It had a strong pungent odor, which was very erotic. I rubbed my face on her pubic hair. Then I kissed my daughter’s hairy cunt and played with her silky pubic hair. When the tip of my tongue probed into her engorged cunt lips, a shiver of pleasure ran through the length of her body.

I started lapping at her cunt and sucked up her honey-juices. I ran my tongue all along the labyrinths of its inner lips and on the rim of its swollen outer lips. As time went, waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Tossing her head, from side-to-side, moaning and groaning, she lifted her buttocks and pushed the gash of her cunt at my face. Suddenly my daughter convulsed. The dam inside her cunt broke down, to bathe my tongue and mouth with the flood of its juices.

Her buttocks collapsed on the floor, but she didn’t let me go. I lapped at her cunt for some more time, till she was satisfied. I smiled at my daughter. Out of shyness, she covered her face with her hands. I took away her hands and kissed her tenderly. My daughter was now still more hotter.

She shyly whispered to me, ” Papa ……. Oh Papa ! “

I now spread her thighs wide apart and pushed up both her knees, to touch on either of her shoulders.

She was almost curled up and her hairy cunt was on top. In that spread out position of her cunt, my innocent Anu looked so vulgar, so cheap and yet – so exciting ! I placed my throbbing cock at her little vaginal opening and began to push my cock-head into her. As my cock began to gradually slide into her, she began feeling uncomfortable. When I began to push my cock further, she screamed in pain.

I stopped.

I asked her, ” Anu Darling, what is the matter ? Are you in pain ? “

She whimpered, ” Yes, Papa, it is terribly paining. Please keep still and dont withdraw. Just give me a moment to relax. I shall be OK and then you can thrust your organ, fully into me “

She had tears in her eyes. I kissed her. I leaned over and sucked her erect nipples into my mouth.

After a while, when I saw that my daughter was OK, I facefully thrust my full organ into her tight cunt. She screamed again. Now I began fucking her slowly. Not the big rush, that I was in before, but with long deep strokes. Gradually, my daughter was begining to enjoy my strokes. I started thrusting myself more faster and deeper into her cunt. She was herself raising her buttocks and fucking herself back, at my thrusting organ !

As I was fucking her, I asked her in lust, ” Anu, is this how your husband used to fuck you too ? “

She shyly said, ” No Papa “

I said, ” Tell me how he fucked you, I want to know ! “

She replied, ” Papa, though Vasu was a nice husband, he had a small penis and could not control himself.

He used to ejaculate into me in 10 seconds after he put his organ into my vagina “

Now I pushed apart her thighs still further. I caught her legs with both my arms and pushed them up over her head. My innocent daughter’s tender body was completely curled up, with ler legs over her head and her cunt completely on top. I kept thrusting my cock into her tender and tight cunt with speed and f***e.

Her body was heaving up and down on the bed, as her cunt received my cock’s f***eful thrusts. My daughter was sweating heavily. She bit her lips and was allowing me, the pleasure of her widowed body. I kept pumping my cock furiously into her hairy cunt.

I asked her vulgarly, ” Anu, when your husband fucked you, did you also raise your cunt up and fuck him back ? How many times did your husband fuck your tight cunt daily ? “

She replied, ” Yes I did.

But, no Papa, not daily. He fucked me maybe once in ten or fifteen days “

My cock was now driving into her cunt deep. Gradually, she started moaning. Her body was being thrown up and down, with my thrusts into her cunt. Now she started loudly moaning and biting her lips hard. I could see that my daughter was building up towards her orgasm. I started slamming my cock into her cunt with full f***e and vigour now.

Again, thrusting my strong cock into my daughter’s cunt, I asked her, ” Did he manage to satisfy you and make you get your orgasm, when he fucked you ? “

She replied, ” No Papa. When my husband fucked me, as his organ was so small, I hardly felt anything. So I almost never got an orgasm. I must have orgasmed only maybe 6 – 7 times in our four years of marriage “

Anuradha was biting her lips and focussing on getting her orgasm now.

I slammed into her still more deeply. She wrapped her arms and thighs around me. She fucked her vagina upwards onto my penis, with such f***e and pressure, as fast as I could move. Suddenly her vaginal muscles gripped my penis and burst with her orgasm. She moaned deeply as her vagina, began to release her juices. Her nails dug into my back, as her thighs wrapped tighter around my torso. Her orgasm lasted for almost a minute and she kept moaning through out.

Finally she collapsed dead tired. She was breathless. After a minute she regained her composure.

She said, ” Oh Papa ! Now its your turn for pleasure “

I said, ” No Anuradha, I should not ejaculate into your cunt. I dont want you to get pregnant. I think that you better suck my organ and let me ejaculate my semen in your mouth “

She replied, ” Later Papa.

Now I want you to ejaculate into my vagina. You wanted me. You wanted your daughter’s body. Now you have my body. Enjoy me. Take your pleasure from my body. I want to feel my strong Papa’s fertile seeeds shooting through my womb. Dont worry Papa, I shall have birth-control pills from tomorrow. But tonight, I want you to have your pleasure in my vagina and fill me up “

So saying she gripped my cock, with her strong vaginal muscles and again started thrusting her cunt on my penis.

I felt heavenly and knew I could not last. Finally, my own orgasm burst. I slammed my cock into my daughter’s cunt with all my might, for one last time and began ejaculating my semen, deep into her cunt. I finally collapsed on my daughter. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

She whispered, ” Papa, are you happy now ? Is this not, what you wanted ? To ejaculate your seeds into your own daughter’s vagina ? “

I said, ” Yes, Darling.

You were wonderful. What a fantastic cunt you have ! It just sucked out my cock like a vacuum pump ! I really enjoyed “

She said, ” Papa, I hope this is the last time, that you are doing this to me. I am your daughter. What will happen, if people come to know ! “

I replied, ” Anuradha dont be silly. You enjoyed my cock, as much as I enjoyed your cunt.

You are a widow. But, you are also a healthy young girl, whose cunt regularly needs satisfaction, from a strong cock. So, from tonight, I will not only be your father, but also your lover, who will fuck you regularly and keep your amazing cunt satisfied. You will be my daughter and my mistress. So whenever, you want to get fucked, just call me “

She said, ” But Papa, what about our neighbours and my children ? I am worried ! “

I mischieviously replied, ” Anu, For the neighbours, we will be what we are.

A widowed daughter, being taken care of, by her own father. Your children are too small for them to know anything. And anyway, put them to sleep in their rooms and then come here to my bed every night. Then we can fuck late into the nights. So everything would be OK. Dont worry ! OK ? Do you agree to be my mistress “

She shyly replied, ” OK Papa “

I pushed two of my fingers into my daughter’s slushy, semen filled cunt and said, ” Good.

Now my lovely little daughter cum mistress, from tonight – your young and tender body is for my pleasure. Your daddy’s pleasure. So, from tonight, no shaving. I want to see thick hair, not only on your tight cunt, but also in your arm-pits, anus and legs. Thats how I want my mistress. All hairy. For my personal pleasure. OK ? And later, on another night, I want to push my cock and pour my seeds into your anal hole too ! “

She shyly replied, ” OK Papa, if that is how you want me – all hairy – I shall grow hair all over my body, for your pleasure.

Do, whatever you want with my body and take your pleasure. I am your own daughter, after all !!! “.

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