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My Voluptuous Neighbor – part two

I looked in her eyes, hoping she wanted me as bad as I wanted her.
”What did you mean to show me?” I asked.
”Are you a virgin?” She responded, smiling.
”Yes, I am”
”And may I conclude from all your peeking that you like older women?”
”Err… yes”
”I could show you more of me, if you wanted”
”I… I would like that,” I said, I had never blushed this much in my life.

”Oh, it’s quite obvious you would like that,” she said smiling, gesturing to the bulb in my crotch.
”How long have you been waiting for this?” She asked.
”Ever since you started living next door. ”
”So you’ve been teased and frustrated for four years now?” She chuckled.
She looked at me for a few more seconds, then turned her upper body away from me and asked:
”Why don’t you help me out of this bikini?”
My eyes widened.

It really was going to happen. I was going to have sex with my hot neighbor! I approached the bed and unclipped her bikini-top at her backside.
”Go on,” she urged.
I slipped both shoulder-bands from her shoulders at the same time. Her skin was warm and smooth beneath my fingertips. She kept the bikini-top from falling by holding it to her breasts with her hands.
”Considering it’s your first time, I think we should keep a low pace,” she said as she was turning back towards me.

”I want to enjoy this. You don’t mind do you?”
”No, I don’t”
”Well, I think he does,” she said, looking at my crotch.
”Take of your clothes” she commanded.
I rapidly took of my t-shirt.
”Not so fast, Simon,” She said. ”I told you I want to enjoy this. You should too. You can only lose your virginity once. ”
I slowly took off my slippers. Then, watching her expression for approval of my pace, I slowly took off my pants.

”Now we get to the main attraction,” she said, smiling and with her eyes fixed on my crotch. ”Go on,” She urged.
I put my thumbs down my underwear and I-
”Slowly now,” she reminded me.
and I slowly slid my underwear from my erect cock and down my legs, kicking it away from me, now standing there completely naked.
She looked at it, judging it, it seems.
”Already standing at attention while the exercise hasn’t started yet,” she mused.

”Could we get it to become even harder?” She asked while slowly lowering her bikini-top, exposing her breasts.
Her breasts were as perfect as I had imagined. Big and round, whiter than the skin around it because she didn’t sunbathe topless. She monitored my expression as I stared at her breasts. She looked back down at my cock again.
”Let me get my tape measure for your throbbing friend,” she said.

She walked past me out of the room, her gorgeous breasts bouncing slightly with every step. I looked at her bikini-top lying next to the bed, then I became very aware of my nakedness. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. She returned with a tape measure and sank to her knees in front of me. My cocking was so hard it hurt. She measured me: 16 cm or 6. 3 inch.
”Not bad, Simon,” she said, winking up at me.

She blew on my dick, looking up at me. Then opened her mouth, moved closer to my cock and said: ”You have to earn a blowjob. ” She laughed at my expression.
She stood up. ”Take of my bikini-bottom,” she told me. I obliged, my hands shaking. I took it off and flung it somewhere in the room. She had shaved. Perhaps she had done it for me. Perhaps it was simply her custom.

Anyway her pussy looked great. Her lips not too big or too small, but simply smooth and inviting. She stepped back and sat on the bed again. I approached her, not sure what the next step would be. I figured I should start kissing her. As I brought my face to hers she leaned back and put her foot to my chest.
”Not. So. Fast. How many times must I tell you?”
She used her foot to push me back.

”You should savor this experience. You should worship a woman’s body. Her whole body. Starting at the toes. ”
So I looked at her toes, even that part of her was beautiful. Her toenails were painted a bright red. She must have gotten a pedicure recently. I started kissing them. Soft kisses. I worked my way from her feet to her legs to her pussy. Multiple kisses on every inch of her soft beautiful skin.

”Start licking,” she commanded as I had reached her pussy. So I did. I licked her, kissed her, used my fingers to finger her while licking, kissing and tenderly sucking on her clitoris. I did everything I had seen people do in the countless porn videos I had watched.
”You’re much better than I had expected,” she said in-between her moans. ”Pick up the pace. ”
I picked up the pace and her moaning became louder.

I was performing to the best of my abilities and she kept moaning but her moaning never really intensified and I started to get the feeling that I couldn’t make her cum this way. My tongue was getting sore and finally she told me to stop.
”Continue your way to the top ,” she said smiling and breathing heavily, but not so heavily that I believed she had cum.
As I moved upwards, kissing every inch of her soft, smooth belly, I wondered whether I had failed her, whether I was supposed to have made her cum.

When I reached her divine breasts all these thoughts evaporated. I was mesmerized by them. I started kissing her left nipple. I sucked on it. She apparently got impatient with me as she used her hands to move my head to her right nipple and then to her mouth. Finally eye to eye she told me to penetrate her.
”What about protection?” I asked.
”You’re a virgin, so you’re most likely clean,” she laughed, ”and I can promise you I’m clean too and too old too get pregnant.

I was in no mood to question her. I slid my dick into her pussy. Entering her was no challenge as she had gotten very wet from me licking her down there. The feeling was absolutely amazing. She was warm and wet, I had never dreamed of it feeling this good. I started pumping fast, I was so horny. She whispered that I should slow down but I hardly heard her, let alone oblige.

She pushed her fingernails into my buttocks to get my attention.
”Slow down, Simon,” she said in-between moans, directing my movements with her hands.
I did. I didn’t matter much though. I was going too cum soon. Very soon. As I was getting closer to the edge I didn’t care anymore. I couldn’t stop myself either. I picked up the pace again and I came. I ejaculated again and again and again with every thrust.

I had had countless orgasms before by myself but none of them could compare to this one. It felt like… like… I can’t put it into words, like a wave of intense pleasure pushing me out of my body, then I slowly floated back into it. Completely content.
”So, that’s it?” She asked with a sigh. ”30 seconds? Well I guess it was to be expected considering it’s your first time. ”
”Did you cum?” I asked ignorantly.

”Did I cum?” She repeated chuckling. ”You’re not a sex god that can make a woman cum in 30 seconds, Simon. You don’t have to be though, you just need practice. That’s exactly what I will give you for as long as we are neighbors. Perhaps we can continue even after you have moved out. So don’t you go studying abroad,” she said smiling. ”Now put on your clothes and get back to your house.

And be sure to have your balls full next weekend. ”

The end. I hoped you liked it. Please tell me what you think.
I welcome all your feedback on my style of writing, amount of details, pace of the story and anything else that comes to your mind.

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