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My Surprise part II

As me and my sexy neighbor headed to the shower both smelling and taste like sex and cum I turned the water on and turned around to grab some towels and bumped into him. We kissed while running our hands all over each others bodies. I felt him getting hard again so played with his cock while he kissed and sucked on my neck which got me so hard. I felt a hand on my cock, then he played with my balls while we went back to making out.

About this time the water was ready so we climbed in. We were still kissing and rubbing our bodies. I grabbed the soap and started lather up his body, I started with his neck and chest then work down to his hard dick and smooth balls. We kissed as I jerking of his big soapy cock. I turned him around and rubbed his back and ass with the soap. I pushed him forward so he was bent over.

I soaped with ass with my hand then I stuck 2 fingers in his ass. I figured it would be a shame to waste this chance with his perfect tight ass looking at me so I pushed my dick up against his ass. he said fuck me daddy.

I slide in so easy and I didn’t waste anytime pounding his tight booty hole. I fucked him while he held himself up against the wall.

I slapped his skinny ass and everytime I did his ass got tighter and he would let out a big moan. I was about to cum and I grabbed his hips and rammed his ass hard as I unloaded my cum inside him. He stands up and rinses off.

He starts soaping my but before he soaps my dick he bends over and sucks the last little bit of juice out of my cock.

Then he soaps my dick and balls all the while kissing me. Then I turn around and he provides me the same treatment. His hard cock pressed against my ass and slips right in. His cock is so big and fills my ass soo good. He plays with my balls while fucking me, a little slower than I would of liked, but he made sure I felt the length of his perfect cock. I pushed back and told him fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard.

He listened and started fucking me hard and I came again on the tub floor while he fucked me hard and slapped my ass. He said he was about to cum. I turned and dropped to my knees and got a facial. I felt so slutty and dirty and loved the feeling of his cum on my face in my hair and on lips. He tasted so good. He dropped down there with me and lick up the cum then made out with me as we shared his cum.

We rinsed all off and where clean.

I was turning off the water when he said he had to pee. I told him to go, I want him to pee in here. He said really, you want me to pee in here. I said yea why not. I got in front of him and told him to let go while I was pointing his cock at me. He said ok. I got on my knees once the water had stopped running.

He was a little nervous but he let some go that hit my chest and I lick off the drops on his head, then while my mouth was still there he really let go. I felt it hit the back of my throat and I let it run out my mouth and down my chest. Then sallow some and he kept going and going and going while I kept moving his cock so I would make sure my hair got some back to my mouth then to my chest and all the way down to my cock.

I moved my mouth back to in front so I got to drink a little more before he finished. I then sucked his dick till he shot another load down my throat. I swallowed all of it. I stood and kissed him and he kissed lick and nibbled my wet neck, nipples, and even suck his urine off my dick. We cleaned off one more time then went to the couch and watched tv.

Cant wait till he knocks on my door again. My wife still doesn’t understand why we chill and watch sports so much with each other. Oh well.

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