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My s****r & I part 2

This is the follow up story to the first part that I told of the “sexual” experiences I shared with my younger s****r Melissa as we grew up. I hope everyone enjoyed my first story and enjoys this one as well.

The next time I remember doing anything we were at my grandparents house, which I now live in with my parents. It was early in the afternoon and we both slept downstairs while the parents and grandparents were all upstairs.

Our parents were still sl**ping and I knew our grandparents didn’t come downstairs very often. So I went into Mel’s room and laid down next to her on the bed. I moved in close to her & we started passionately kissing. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she began sticking her tongue into mine. We french kissed quite a while & while doing this I started squeezing her breasts as she started jerking me off throw my pajama pants.

I started to move her pajama shirt up and she stopped me to ask what if someone comes downstairs? I told her not to worry because I would hear it if someone did and then I would stop. She said okay, but don’t look at them. I said alright, but it was a lie. I moved her shirt up and first started squeezing her bare breasts and then I liked her nipples. I started licking and sucking on her tits from one side to the other.

She had my dick out at this point and was jacking me off as I was busy with her breasts. She would eventually turn a little sideways so she could insert my cock into her ass, which of course she had pants on. So I spent a little bit of time dry fucking her as I sucked on both of her nice tits. This didn’t last long as I think she was too worried that we would get caught, so as per usual I had to finish myself off afterward.

There was one time when we were on our way home from our grandparents house that we got a little brave. We were coming home after Christmas I believe, so it was cold and snowy outside. We had a blanket in the backseat to cover up with to keep us warm. I decided this particular time to see if she would let me move her hand over to my crotch and she actually did.

Mel jerked me off through my jeans for probably about an hour before we stopped to use a restroom. She had me all kinds of wet as pre-cum was just oozing out of my cock. If we had kept going for much longer she probably would have made me cum. I know I was just glad it was dark and cold so I could get away with a little bit of pleasure on the ride back home.

The final time that we did anything “sexual” was also at our grandparents house. I believe we were 19 and 21 at the time, but I don’t recall for certain. Anyway, it was night time and we knew our grandparents were in bed & our parents hardly ever came downstairs. We were playing house & I was sitting across from her, well I decided to move closer and closer to her. My foot kept getting closer to her pussy while my dick kept getting closer to her foot.

I rubbed my foot against her pussy & she rubbed hers against my cock for a couple of minutes until I got even closer to her & we started french kissing. Then I pulled my pajama pants and boxers down and we laid down on the floor beside each other. We returned to our passionate kissing and she started to jack me off. I moved my hands to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up so I could start fondling her bare breasts.

She didn’t object this time so I did it with no problem, I then proceeded to lick her nipples, then I would suck on one and then the other. I then gently bit on her nipple and she didn’t like that so I told her I wouldn’t do it again. I just went back and forth from one breast to the other licking and sucking as she jerked me off. She then took my dick and positioned it so that I was dry fucking her in the ass & she took one of my hands and guided me to start fondling her pussy.

At first she just had me do it through her pajama pants, then she put my hand inside her pants and guided me to fingering her through her underwear for a couple of minutes. Then she moved my hand to the side of her panties and had me finger her bare pussy for a very short time while I was still dry fucking her in the ass. Unfortunately, she then decided to stop leaving me with a raging hard on yet again that was dripping pre-cum.

So I had to go upstairs and finish the job she had started yet again.
These were the main “sexual” activities that my s****r and I partook in when we were younger. I hope these stories weren’t too boring as I know we never actually got to bare naked sex. I enjoyed every minute of the times we spent together in this way and writing these stories out. I would do each & every one of these things again if given the opportunity.


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