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My Sister & Mom become my sex slaves

Hi Friends…

It’s great to connect back with you after a while…

Just would like to share the happiest experience of making my Younger sister Swetha and my Mom Girija to my sex slaves…

Mom Girija is from remote south indial village and married at the age of just 17. She is a real Indian submissive wife and my father is big business man and has variety of business.. Money is no matter for us.

I was born when my mom is just 18.. Now I am 19 years old and my Mom is 39. My sister Swetha is 4 years younger to me and she is 15. No one will sweet mom is 39 years old..she just looks like an Apsarus…very cute and innocent face..long hair.. nice nose with nose pin.. lovely and rosy lips which invite any one atleast to dream to have a kiss from her or kiss her.. A voluptus bodu of 34 – 28 – 36.

The boobs are still good in shape.

My Dad is very authoritative person and he always very strict in the family. Since my mom is a real submissive woman she never ever spoke any wrod against my dad wish as well as mine, as I am having all the chareters of my dad. My sister too follwed the foot steps of my mom when its comes to submissiveness and beauty.

My mom used to do everything for my dad and still get scolded for some reason or other.

He used to tease her or pinch her in her cheeks, lips or at time on boobs as well even when I am with them. He used to fondle her boobs, or pat on her ass and pinch her pussy as well. She has to take every think with a smiling face…. else the cosequences are different…

Its all of a sudden my DAD met with an accident and passed away and I have to take care of everything… So I had done lot of reconcillation of my fathers biz and sold almost all but kept very little biz for me.

The intrest from bank itself will take care of more than what we need to spend lavishly.

After a month or so.. things are back to normal and I am the head of the family now. Since we dont have any relative or much friend no one used to visit us. The devil in me is now awakened and I hace decided to get the whatever the favours needed from my family only…why I should I look out when 2 beatiful angels are with me…

One fine day I have called my mom and sister and told them that from now on you both have to listen to me and and no word or action you will do with out my permission.

You both now become my slaves… No question asked what ever I am doing and if I have ordered anything you should do without any hesitation or question asked. My poor little sister asked why with little loud voice and I have no option other than slapping tightly couple of times and held her hair and pulled and thrashed badly.. she was crying and bleeding…seeing this my mom just hold my hand and legs and told she will listen what ever i say and begged me gentle with them.

I just pulled her saree and hold her beatiul boobs and twisted her nipple very hard. She too was writhing in pain and said.. pls pls…. I told them this is just a sample… if you listen to me and do whatever I say…I will be good … otherwise you will see different person….


Hi friends..if you like I will continue with story.. pls suggest something more..As I told, me too very angry in nature and want everything immediately with out any delay if I asked for it… my submissive mom and sister will be doing it else i used to scold them a lot.. since childhood me and my sis used to sleep together and mom and dad will be in the next room… my sister used to give massage to me everyday as instructed before she sleeps.

I just used to hug her and press and fondle her everywhere as I wish and she should not open her mouth.. My mom also literally scared of me so she never say anything against me but some time show some relactance…

Now back to the current situation:

As i gave one slap to my sweet little sister she was crying and on the ground. I called my sexy mom girija… I watched her flawless body, her boobs moving under their own massive weight.

Her red lips so hot. Her hot body and his anger to her were driving him crazy. Finally I made my move; I put my hand on her thighs. she was taken aback first, she moved my hand and asked what I was doing. I screamed at her, “You bitch, now I am to make you my bitch”.

I got angry and send a slap flying across her face so hard that she fell on the ground with the f***e of the impact.

Then I saw the shock and fear on my sexy mom’s. This is what I wanted; I jumped on her and pinned her down. Things moved so fast for her she was too shocked to react at first. She started struggling and screaming for help, but I knew there was no point, in my house no one was going to hear. I slapped her hard one more time. Mom started sobbing and begging him to leave her.

But I didn’t stop and slapped her harder again. These are required so that she simple become my sex slave…with her own daughter

I saw the tears and fear on her face, this is what I wanted. Now I am going to torture her. A couple of slaps more and the poor mom stopped struggling with the fear of getting more slaps. The sexiness of having her pinned down and in my control was extremely erotic, my cock was erect.

Then I moved my hands down to her lovely massive boobs and pressed them. Girija started fighting back again; I got really angry and slapped her even harder and told her “You bitch; you are going to get it harder. ” I went ahead and cupped her boobs and squeezed them. By god they felt so huge and soft, I pressed them harder to enjoy the softness as I had always fantasized on her boobs and now he had them in his hands.

Poor Girija Mom just lay there and continued crying, I was pressing her boobs so hard that it hurt, but she was scared to make any noise lest me slaps her again.

I was gleefully looked at her boobs; she had worn a nice lace black bra which held up her boobs nicely together. Then I ripped the bra off releasing her boobs to the open. the boobs where huge, without the bra supporting them together, they just moved to the sides with their own weight.

Her nipples stood on the top of the two mountains that where her boobs, they very dark brown and round, the areolas where about the circumference of a Ten rupee coin, but her nipples were not erect; probably because she was not enjoying what was happening but I didn’t care how the bitch felt. I used my nails and started pinching her nipples erect, the pinching was so painfully my lovely sexy mom started crying with pain.

Once her nipples where erect; I bend down and started sucking one while Icontinue to squeeze her other open boob. Her boobs felt so soft to my face. I dug his face harder into her boobs, biting and chewing her boobs hungrily. All the dreams I had about her boobs where nothing compared to how the real thing he was sucking now felt.

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