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Hi, those who read my posting, u know am an avid anal sex lover, male female no bar. This isn’t one with anal, but much cherished one. Last year I go to SG for a thorough health check. Few DAYS back I reached 6 in morn, checked in to hotel and left for checkup. Tm was given at 8:30; I had to reach in empty stomach and without poop. Once reached I was given container to poop and pee.

Then get naked I was on the checkup. A real beauty lady doc of SG origin appeared. She kept on asking different things and noting. Unknowingly I had a hard-on. She smiled saying that’s not expected. I said travel so many places I have a thing for yellow gals. Especially Thai and Viet have great shape there. She asked what? I said gal parts, means pussy. She asked did u try SG gals. I said no, ur Govt many like that.

Of course I fked in Geylang, but they r more China, Viet, Indo, Malay, Thai, Pilipino, even Russians but didn’t find SG gals. She said not for Govt, SG gals r less on sexbiz coz they get job. Bt they do have sex out of home as SG men r lousy, SG gals have sex without money and with consent only. I asked, with my experience won’t u say, do u want to see my skill and do I get ur consent? She said no, I am ur doc, u get 2 things, I will check ur tools and I am sending u for an HIV test.

She was wearing gloves, checked my ck and said hmm, hard. Then asked me to flip, took sum lube and poked in my asshole, stir a bit and pull out. I said fk, don’t do that, insert again let me feel a bit more. She did that and said u sure scared of Govt, I can complain that u f***ed me to get fkd! In that case pullout, I wont spent in jail on getting fked; rather I would **** a minor and be in jail.

We laughed on it, but she kept finger in. Then asked want me to add another? I said no, I’m not bottom; I am ass freak for men n women. And I love gals to eat and fk pussy. I left after that, taking her phone no. I left after 2 days. Once back we were busy on SMS, I used to talk all sex, position, anal, whoever she would ask. I used to write my fantasy with her, how I would give her lick, then fk her pussy and ass.

What was funny was I used to talk on gals orgasm, clit stimulant, G spot that she should know as doc. She told me in her few yrs marriage she never had an orgasm as her man cums fast, she never received oral, and she never share this with anyone, but feel good to write to me coz of my humor, care and test result of HIV negative. I replied, shall I treat this as consent? She said not sure, coz Tao gals are very reserved.

I asked her means cycle, and she replied. That give me all hope that its tm. Having Visa, I flew match safe days and reached in morn. I give a call after breakfast, it was Saturday. She agreed to meet me at hotel lobby. Once she reached, I was all hot to enter. I asked want to cum to room? She said yeah, whatever we talk, I know u wont try anything coz u r afraid of law.

Once reached, we were talking joking and I said I am here to suck and fuck u only, coz I am leaving tonight. She said ur money spoiled, all I can allow is a kiss, coz I never cheat my man thou I know he does. Bt with 2 min fk, how long he can cheat? I sat on sofa, she was on my lap, knees both sides, and we started kissing.

It is the longest kiss I ever had, none cud feel when both of us were topless, I was pumping her tits, and pumping soft buns. Skin touch, smell, lips, everything perfect. As was pumping ass, I touched her anus and even fondled long thick pussy hair. Once inserted finger, she jumped, sayings don’t f***e. I was satisfied with such a kiss, so didn’t f***e. She looked at watch and said 50 min kiss at a go, can’t believe it.

We dressed and left for lunch. During lunch she had sum more question sex, I replied. Then she took leave, I came back. At 5PM I checked out for airport. When I was on checking, she called. I said on my way him. She said, u spent all this money just for me and now going back with the best kiss of life? I said its best for me too, worth coming. She said, I was wondering if u go back to hotel again and stay 1 more day, I was in a frenzy so cant talk much, but I never got a suck, u want to give once in lifetime? I said I wool inform once I reach hotel with room no, tonight dun fk, cum to hotel tomorrow, I wool do whoever u ask.

She said, remember no f***e. I said dun remind, if I wanted, I cud fk u today, but I didn’t, not for police, it’s the respect. I went to country, shifted a day, and back to same hotel. Next day she was supposed to cum at 12, she came at 11 with food packed. Smiled and said I don’t know we can have lunch later so the food here, if a 2 min kiss can be 50 min, a 5 min pussy kiss can be 5 hrs.

She wants wrong. We kissed, without leaving lips we undressed fully. Then I got my biz, eating her. I know am good at it, my finger, lips, tongue did all magic. She came 4 tams, pressed my face, it was getting so better. We took rest then, and had lunch. She was glowing, I was amazed to see how happy summoned can be. Then she said I shod repay u, I am allowing u to fk me, but not in ass.

I said sure, let’s get to biz. She isn’t a cassock, I didn’t f***e. I got on her pussy to lick sum more then came up, kissed and slowly entered. It took sum tm coz her man has a thin one. Once in us staid glued. Took tm then started fking. She was so wet, a slurping sound came. I changed to spoon, then she on her side I was on knee, then standing fm back, finally standing facing with all body touch.

Can’t hang for long, I said am Cumming, she said on my pussy hair. I did that. It was 3PM. We dressed and talked, suddenly in few minutes she asked for a backrub, she opened top and lay flat. I sat on her ass, made a little move and there she is, asked me to getup, opened herself in a sec, and asked can u fk again? I said am not SG guy that can’t fk back to back.

She sat on bed, I give sum up eat again and this tm started with her sit on bed I m standing. Then went for doggy style, soon she on top. We spent most tm on it alternating lead. Upward thrust was fantastic. Her face looked so pleased when my thighs hitting her ass and slurping followed pussy juice dribbled to my pubic hair. As I came be4, the urge was delayed, but she was having tough tm, she hadn’t had lengthy sex for so long in life.

So to give sum relief I said ok lets finish else I wool miss flight, u wool lose appetite for sex with a sore pussy. She laughed, I have nothing to lose, all to gain, never knew sex can be so pleasurable. We got on standing again, and soon I came. This tm on her pussy. It was 5PM. We hurried, checked out and left for airport. It was just the beginning, I made few more 1 day fk travel for her, reach on Sunday morn, leave in the evening.

We never had anal nor a blowjob till now, will I sure if she ask for. Now we r more irregular coz every trip costs me. Bt the steamy SMS and chat sex is there. Anyway, guys who wants to fk SG gals, pls dun dare forcing. They look passive, but when on heat, they r like tigress. And the pussy is awesome and tight, coz they don’t fk more than 1 beside their man.

I love this SG doc pussy.

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