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My Sex Fantasy With My Mommy

Hi to all. this is sidhu. I am going to share my sex experience with my mom. My mom and dad were love marriage and married during their college days itself. When I was 5years old my dad died due to an disease. All my relatives blamed my mom for my dad’s dead. So my took me out of the town from Tamilnadu to Kerala. Then days gone and i become 18year old boy.

As been a boy I had the habit of drinking and smoking. So my track was changing path.

The next year I entered the college. I had many friends and one of them was very close to me. His name was bobby and he was an mallu. We regularly use to drink on the weekends. Once he d***k a lot behaved very badly with his aunt. And his aunt also did not react to she just enjoyed it.

They had sex with each and this me very shocked to see the video of their sex. Then he told me that nowadays these things are not bad because sex is like watching tv or playing game just enjoy it and leave it da. This disturbed me a lot. I started to think a lot about it. I even cummed on thinking it.

After this all problem started on a certain day when my mom entered my room when I was changing dress.

I was full nude. Mom saw me and just smiled and quickly went out of the room. This made me wicked. Suddenly a thought blinked in my mind that why shouldn’t i seduce my mom. When i went out of my room and saw my mom she wore a brown nighty and clean the floor. Wow what view. My penis just erected like a rock. Because my mom was 40year old and at that age she was like a 30year years old.

Even at that age she had a good structure and body. She had a beautiful lips and long hair. She had huge boobs and sexy hips. But she is little fat but maintained her structure. He was 5. 8 height, 70kg weight and surely looks likes a milf. But the drawback is that she is browny, has some pimples, scars on her face and has a big buttocks. In spite of this I want to fuck her somehow.

As she is a teacher she would wear sarees all day and wear nighties in home. This made me more horny because she would not wear bra inside it. Usually we would sl**p together in the bedroom but nowadays I just sl**p in hall. I could not stop my mood, so I told bobby about this. He simply smiled and told that even I seduced my aunt but you have directly gone to your mommy.

He just gave me some i****t mom son sex stories and videos and told me to watch it. After that I got some idea about it. Then I started to look through the bathroom hole while she is bathing. When I do this my inner mind would tell me that this is wrong. But I just made up my mind to manage it. Then I was waiting for an opportunity. I just took her sexy photos and masturbated.

This continued for some months.

Finally I got a good circumstance to propose my feeling because that day was my birthday and my mom came to my room to wish me. When she wished me and asked me what do you want for your birthday. I just replied that I want you mom, fully, as my dad took you. She just told me that I could not understand what you say. I just told her that I wants to see the place where I born and drink the mother feed again.

I’m thirsty mom. By tell me I slowly touched my mom’s hands. She just got up and slapped on my face and went away. I felt very guilty. I thought that I have done a thing that no son should do. I slowly went to her room. She was crying. I just went near her and told sorry. But she suddenly got up and told sorry for what. Now what is your problem??you want me then take me without any hesitation.

I was just blinking. She told me take me. mmm come on.

I was shocked to hear that from her. I just thought that this would be my last opportunity so I should not miss it. So I slowly went near her and sat near her. she saw me in some terrifying look. She was looking that what I am going to do.. I slowly touched her boobs and started to slowly squeeze it.

But she suddenly pushed me and went out of the room. She just went to close all the doors.

When she went inside kitchen, I also went behind her and started to kiss her on back but she resisted me and went inside the bedroom. I slowly went inside the bedroom and closed the door. She was sitting in the bed. I could’nt believe my eye because my mom sitting in my bed and i am going to fuck her.

So I slowly sat near her and caught her hands I slowly kissed on her face but she did not gave any cooperation. She just closed her eyes and moved her head towards the ceiling. This disappointed me so I slowly removed the saree but stopped me. So I started to squeeze her boob and bite on it.

Then slowly unhooked her blouse and then her black bra. Wow!!! what a boob.

It was like a huge coconut. Her nipple was like one rupee coin. A god I just started to bite and suck it hardly. She just pushed but continued to lick it and I caught her boob in one hand and took me other hand to the pussy. But she pushed my hands. I did not leave her. I just lifted her saree and took my hand again to her pussy. I could feel her hairy pussy.

I was very eager to see it. Then I got up and removed my t-shirt and trousers and again lifted her saree and petticoat slowly. But this she just closed her eyes very tightly with her hands. Then I slowly lifted the saree until the pussy. O my god it was like a bush. There was hair not only in the pussy, it was all over place even near her ass

it seems she have not shaved for years.

Since I also have not shaved my penis hair, it was a great match. So I inserted my hands into her pussy. ooo it was great hole and just ……felt that my penis would be a no match for her pussy. On seeing it I slowly removed my underwear and to my surprise my penis was at a great size that I have not ever seen it like this. It was about 20cm long.

I slowly pulled mom towards me and I just kneeled down on the bed. For the first time in my life my penis is going to taste a pussy.

I took the penis in my hand and inserted in the pussy. But the pussy hair disturbed me. So I slowly combed with my hands and slowly inserted it. At first I started slowly and then increased my speed gradually. My penis and her pussy clapped her other.

wow what a feeling. That was great. But she did not give any reaction. So I increased my pressure and squeezed her boobs with my hands. She slowly mourned “mmmmmmmm haaaaaaaahmmmm” After 5min of hard fucking I just decreased my speed and slowly stopped. Then I asked her to stand in doggy position. But she resisted. So I just rolled her upside down and lifted her to stand in doggy position.

But this time she was a great doggy style.

I just got up and lifted her petticoat nicely until her hips. I just stood up on bed and inserted the penis into her asshole. But it was too small to my penis but with my entire f***e I pushed into the ass. For the first time she mourned loudly “aaaaahahaa” so I was satisfied. But it was very difficult to fuck in her asshole. so I inserted penis into the pussy. Like a dog I just caught her boobs tightly and fucked her like a devil.

Just in 20seconds her pussy leaked a whitey liquid and it ran down the bed. But I just did not mind it. My penis and her buttocks hit each other and made a clap

sound. It was like oscillation. My penis came to and fro. Finally my penis cummed the sperms into her pussy. Immediately my penis started to burn. Then I could not fuck any more. So I slowly decreased my speed and sat on the bed.

At that time mom’s face looked painful. So I could not even see her face reaction. She just sat near me with the bra open. Without seeing her face I told her that dad had died many years ago. You would always tell me that after dad I am the whole world to you. So this is my responsibility to give you what dad have not given you. So this is what you have not got in past years.

Get it. Nowadays It is all happening all over world. There is no wrong in it mom. So don’t feel mom. Let us be like this forever and don’t tell anybody about this. We would maintain our relationship decently and secretly.

She was just thinking. I thought that my speech would change her mind. But she did not give any reaction. Then I told that sex with somebody else or for money is only wrong.

But this is fair. By speaking more I tried to convince my mom. She seemed to be a little convincing so I slowly touched her boobs and nipples but she was still closing her eyes and cried. Then I got up, hugged her and tried to calm down her but suddenly our house calling bell rung. I was shocked.

Mom just pushed me and got up. She just adjusted hooked up her and bra jacket, quickly cleaned her pussy, wiped all her tears and sweat and went out to open the door.

It was her friend, ramya. I was also dressed up and went out. I had a little fear that she would tell her all that happened between us, but she just told her that she is not feeling well…. I was happy after all because i have successfully seduced my mom. Nowadays I just ask her for sex in once in a month and we use condoms for safety.

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