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My second time. Misha

Once in the middle of June last 2013, I first give the man a half months have passed. Transgressing the line because of which there is no return, I learned to live with this new idea, the thought that I was fucked. Experienced by me that night forever changed me. Conflicting feelings overwhelmed me: on the one hand – I could not believe that I still decided on this, on the other – somewhere in my town lived a man who ****d me, and I liked it, despite all the confusion of the meeting and small penis size of my first lover.

Losing virginity and realize the seriousness of this event, I was frightened in earnest. For a while I even thought I would never podpuschu to his man, cut off all ties with Andrew and delete your account from the site where I met him. But a month has passed and I again began to overcome desire.

For those who are unfamiliar with my previous story, I will briefly describe yourself. I was born a boy, but a child feel like a girl, for which I have always taken because of my girly appearance.

Pretty face with big expressive eyes and sensuous lips, smooth and soft skin, long, slender girlish legs, knees and hips seductively rounded, small segment between the legs, and, of course, soft, feminine curvy ass. At first, I was very shy about their femininity, because of which I was constantly mistaken for the fairer sex, hoping that as they grow older it will pass. But hope was not to be. For 13 years, I felt self THAT MOST attention from men.

But most of all I was scared that I was pleased to note is concerned. So I became aware of myself as a girl, with appropriate sexual desire, because of which I am, after all, and was on a member of Andrew. It was my first step into the role of women in sex, followed six weeks later by a second …

Misha we met on this site long before I lost my virginity.

He read my stories, which I published here under different aliases and decided to write to me at «mail. ru »in” My World “, the address of which I quote at the end of my story. He is older than me for 22 years and, like me, live in St. Petersburg. He, like Andrew, and Butch, as well as Andrew, has long wanted to try a girl like me. During our long association in “my world” on webcam, share photo and correspondence, we have already made ??an appointment at his apartment, but every time before the meeting is not reached – and he and I could not decide on this new experience for us.

Mike certainly did not know that I’m a virgin and I thought, judging by my stories, I’m a whore with a lot of experience. I did not dissuade him.

Sex with Andrew changed everything – I have nothing more to lose, and so when the desire for intimacy with a man again began to possess me, we pretty quickly agreed with Misha about the meeting. He invited me to her at night, when his wife was not home.

It was the end of August, my mom was in the country, and I easily took her car. Two hours in a hot bath foam, slow charges … I wore red stockings in a large grid, lacy red panties and her short pink dress. On top wore jeans, a sweater and sneakers to run to the car. Waiting in the morning, I went out and sat in the car, drove off a couple of blocks.

Pausing, I took off running shoes, jeans and a sweater, wore high heels and a wig and in this way went on a date. Navigator led me straight into the yard to Mechain home …

Stop the car in the yard near the first entrance, I gave myself up, straightened her hair and clothes, and went out of the car, walked up to the entrance. I was lucky – in the courtyard was deserted, and having reached the front, I realized that I was lucky twice – Flat Michael was here, and so I did not need to go in their revealing outfits night “butterfly” through the whole yard.

Typing on the intercom number Mishina apartment located on the first floor, I heard a man’s voice:

– Who?

– Kate – I said quietly, and heard beeping open the electronic lock, entered the porch.

Sensing the growing excitement, I slowly climbed to the first floor and faced his door, which immediately opened.

In real Misha loved me more than in the pictures. He ran over to me and smiled appraisingly stepped aside, inviting enter.

And I went. The door closed behind me and I was in the apartment of my reader, who was sure that I experienced slut and who invited me to her just for that. And I understand it – who can come on a first date night to the man in the frankly whorish outfit – just a whore. It is not strange, but I did not feel any fear or strong emotion, she surprised her courage.

I saw that like Misha and understood perfectly that he fuck me. From the side probably really might seem that I experienced whore in fact – today it was going to happen the second time in my life.

We went to his kitchen, where reigned pleasant shade. Night Light softly lit kitchen table, on which Misha, at my request, put a cup of hot tea. We sat opposite each other. erotic stories I drank tea, and he treated me with great interest.

– Quick links? – He asked, extinguishing a cigarette on the ashtray.

– Yes, there are almost no cars, – I replied with a smile, and slid off the chair sank to her knees. Mike got up and lowered, sports pants, pulled out his penis, at the sight of which I felt the growing excitement – cock was a good size – not something that Andrew. Gently encircling his fingers and trying not to think about what I’m doing, I just gently touched his lips big dark red head.

Michael shook his hips slightly and I saw the corner of his eye as my sch?chka rounded, stretched inside plunged into my mouth member.

Misha immediately took the initiative in their hands. Slightly changing the angle of penetration, he again shook his hips, and I felt the head of his cock as put her in my throat. Unopposed, Michael stepped up the pressure, taking me by the head with both hands. My eyes filled with tears, it became more difficult to breathe, but Michael does not weaken the grip, while continuing to push through his cock in my throat.

At home, I had already practiced quite successfully in the technique of deep blowjob with her dildo, and so was not surprised when my throat gave way to the insistent “guests”, whereby Mishin dick whole “drove” in my mouth. I heard from the top of a satisfied rumbling. Michael paused, enjoying the depth of penetration, and then again shook his hips forward … back … And again … back forward … forward … backward … Member already easily penetrated into my throat with characteristic squish.

At some point, I suddenly realized myself kneeling in front of one of his readers, who boldly fucked me in the mouth in the kitchen of his apartment. And I love it …

Misha completely broke and has absolutely no qualms about openly wielded his cock in my mouth, changing the angle and depth of penetration, alternating fast and slow rhythm. Periodically, he took out a member of my mouth to spank them on my lips, cheeks, and then again to shove deep into her throat.

I’m totally fine with what is happening, devoted himself to his will. Suddenly Misha took me by the shoulders, lifted from his knees. Releasing member of his mouth, I obediently got up, looking questioningly at him. Around my waist, Misha drew me to him, and suddenly kissed her lips. To such I was not ready. The kiss lasted for about ten seconds, during this time, Misha openly groped my thighs and ass. I can not resist …

– Come to bed – he whispered, taking my hand.

A minute later I was lying on his back with legs bent and feet divorced in hand. Michael leaned over me, his cock pristraivaya as revealed to my hole. Easy push, and now – after my wet mouth dick straining Michael walked into my ass. Under the gaze of Misha excited I was embarrassed, feeling his cock plunged into me deeper and deeper. Misha has warned before the meeting that is to fuck me without a condom, so I felt good in himself his hot cock gentle stenochki my anus.

Unable though as I affect the process, I completely surrendered into the hands of Michael, who was sweeping fuck me, leaning his weight. Very soon I felt the orgasm approaching fast. Unable even as his delay, I came under heavy sweeping tremors and hot breath of my lover. Continuing to wield his cock in me, Misha did not even notice as I moaned softly arched beneath him, pouring himself on his tummy a few squirts of sperm.

Orgasm get faster and therefore not as intense the feelings. Excitation was asleep and I wanted to go home. I realized myself lying on her back, with her legs spread, a man to fuck me. At some point, Mike got up on his hands and I take this liberty, timidly get out from under him, gently slipped from his excited member.

– I have to – I said to him puzzled look.

Not yet fully believing that Misha will allow me to leave so I straightened myself on stockings, panties and dress, and fluttered out into the hallway, where a quick goodbye left the apartment.

Near the entrance I met what the young couple, and passed by them, I finally did was in his car. Departed from Misha’s house again, I wore jeans, a sweater and sneakers, took off her wig and went home, feeling a slight sense of unease that has cost so Misha …

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