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My second bare bottom spanking

My apologies to whoever was waiting for me to continue about Mr. Walker. I mentioned near the end of my last story that I was humping the bed shortly after my friends dad left my bottom sizzling. I didn’t understand why that spanking had evoked erotic feelings in me, all I knew was that the feelings were very intense and confusing.

I won’t bore you with details I can’t remember clearly.

I do know I had no one to talk to about what was going on in my head. Was I gay because I was bared and spanked by a man, and I was masturbating thinking of it? Was I mentally defective because that terrifying and painful experience was causing sexual arousal?

Every time I humped the bed I would vow to get Mr. Walker to spank me again. After each climax I would ask myself if I were nuts to consider such a thing.

I didn’t talk to Mike (my best friend) for a couple days after. I figure now it was because we were both embarrassed and ashamed. He called finally that Friday and said he was going to his cousins cottage for the weekend and would be back Monday and we could get together for some baseball or something.

Alone in the house most weekdays ’cause mom worked full time, and with Mike gone to his cousins, I had nothing better to do but play.

I got one of my dads old playboys out of my closet, took down my pants and undies and began humping my bed to one of my favorite girls. Very quickly the spanking entered my thoughts again. Over Mr. Walker’s lap, exposed bottom taking hard stinging smacks, f***ed to be half naked against my will…then it occurred to me. It took a lot of will power but I f***ed myself to stop, pull up my pants and get up.

I tried hard not to think too much. I went out, grabbed my old bike and headed for Mike’s. It was getting close to lunch time and I wasn’t sure if anyone would be there but off I went. My hormones were like a volcano inside me. It’s always difficult to ride a bike with an erection, but I was determined. Determined to do what? I wasn’t sure. I just had to see if I could get spanked again.

But as I was coming off the trail behind their house, my resolve began to weaken. I continued though, half hoping no one would be there and I would go back home and finish what I’d begun.

There was a brand new window with an orange and black sticker on it over the kitchen sink. I moved to my right until I could see part of the driveway around the garage and saw Mr.

Walker’s brown Chevy 4×4 loaded with tools and building materials. My stomach twisted and I had that lump again. I panicked and turned around but when I did there he was.

“Mike’s gone to his Aunt’s for the weekend Adam. ” he said looking at me curiously.

“Oh..” was all I could get out. I was frozen again as if he had a clue why I was there.

“Can I do something for you?” he asked a little impatiently.

“No I’m sorry I forgot. ” I’m not good when panicking.

He smiled. “Have you been able to sit down okay?”

I faked a small laugh, “Yeah. ” Still awkwardly standing there. And no I wasn’t able to sit okay until today.

“Did you tell your mom what happened? I had half a mind to call her but I figured I’d gotten my point across and we’d leave it between us.

Is that why you’re here?”

“NO!” I nearly shouted. Then with very uncharacteristic courage and in a much smaller voice “…yes”

“Come on in. I made some iced tea. ” He turned and headed for the sliding back doors. I considered for a moment just jumping on my bike and taking off but instead I followed.

The central air was cool and refreshing on a humid late morning.

He poured us both a glass, handed me one and gestured for me to sit at the table. He sat across from me, sipped at his glass and spoke. “You knew Mike wasn’t here son. I heard him talking to you on the phone about it this morning. “

I looked down. “Yes sir. “

“Look,” he said “I believe you when you say you’ve never been spanked by your folks.

I know you’re Mike’s best friend and I believe you’re a good k**. Even good k**s don’t always do the right thing. I like you Adam and I’d like to see you make something of yourself. Both you boys are at a disadvantage without both parents. Discipline is an important part of growing up and becoming a man. It teaches you self discipline when the time comes to make good choices. Young men need to know there are consequences when you make a bad decision.

Am I making sense?”

Mr. Walker had never spoken to me this way. It sounded like caring father to son. I really felt as if he cared, something I never really felt from my own dad who I seldom saw anymore. I began to get choked up. He saw the tears welling up. He smiled and with compassion said “It’s ok buddy. I’m glad you came over. I honestly didn’t expect to see you for a long time.

You can talk to me about anything, and I mean anything you want or need to. You’re confused and scared. At your age there’s hormones raging and curiosity and feelings you don’t understand. Without your father around to guide you it’s extra tough. Come on lets go sit in the living room and you can talk to me. “

I got up and followed him. He sat in his easy chair and I sat on the big plush sofa and began to relax.

I was beginning to feel I really could talk to him.

He laughed “So how’s your bottom feeling?”

I smiled a little embarrassed “It’s better today. It was still sore yesterday and a little pink. “
“Ah so you did have a peek at it huh?”

“Yeah a few times. “

He laughed again. “Well if it was still pink a couple days later I did a good job then didn’t I?”

I giggled in spite of myself.

“Yeah I guess you did. ” I began to notice something curious happening. I was getting very comfortable talking openly about being spanked and I was getting erect. Thoughts of humping my bed began popping up.

“Wanna show me? You don’t have to if you don’t want to, I understand. ” Normally I would have been shocked by such a request but for some reason I was totally comfortable with the idea.

“Sure” I said and stood up. I turned around and pulled down my gym shorts and briefs.

“Lift you shirt buddy I can’t see. ” I did as I was asked, feeling the cool air on my bottom.

“Oh it’s still a bit pink. Is it still sore?”

“Kinda, but it doesn’t hurt to sit on it anymore. ” I pulled my shorts up, but he stopped me.

“Wait, is that an erection?” That ended my comfort. I covered my erection quickly forgetting my exposed butt.

“Ha ha ha, no relax son, it’s completely natural at your age. If you’re erect showing me your bare bottom and I know you came to at least talk about spanking, I bet you’re masturbating thinking about it, right?”


“It’s okay son. I masturbate, Mike masturbates, every man does.

It’s natural and part of life. It’s how we learn about our bodies. You can sit down. ” I pulled up my pants and sat.

“Like I said you can talk to me about anything, and there’s a reason you’re here. I’m not totally clear on that but you don’t have to be afraid. There’s nothing you can’t talk to me about. If it helps I’ll tell you I masturbate thinking about spanking sometimes.

But I’m giving the spankings ha ha ha. Were you thinking of spankings?”

He had a way of putting me at ease that I didn’t know he was capable of. I smiled and nodded blushing a bit. “Yeah, I was thinking about it a lot. “

Smiling and talking like an old friend he said “It’s confusing isn’t it? Something that can be so unpleasant can make you ejaculate like a gyser.

“Yes!” I sat up straight nearly shouting “I didn’t think anyone could understand! I was humping my bed right after I got home from here. “

“Oh that’s cool!” He said “I’ve never climaxed like that, I always used my hand. “

“I’ve tried that, but it feels a lot better humping the bed. ” I said now sipping at my tea completely at ease, talking with my new friend.

“I’m curious. Would you wanna show me how you do it? If not that’s ok, I understand it’s private. “

“No I’ll show you I don’t mind. ” I got up and laid face down on the sofa. It was much softer than my bed.

“Do you usually do it with your pants on?” He asked.

“No I always pull them down, like this.

” I got up, pulled down my shorts and undies again, not ashamed at all and laid back down, humping. “

He was looking but not making me uncomfortable. It was becoming very erotic. I had only meant to show him quickly and sit back down, but he didn’t seem to mind so I began to move with more energy.

“I like that” he said “I’ll have to try that.

Does it feel good?”

“Oh yesss” I said smiling, then looking away from him giggling bashfully.

He laughed too “Don’t be shy son, you’re free to enjoy yourself. “

“Thanks” I said and began to show off a little. I lifted my bottom and arched my back teasing the end of my penis on the soft fabric of the sofa cushion. I looked up at him smiling and feeling sexy masturbating in front of someone for the first time in my life.

“Don’t take this the wrong way but you have a cute bubble butt. ” He said

“No it’s okay, I like you looking. ” I was looking at his lap and he noticed.

“Yes I’m hard. ” He said. “Or are you imagining laying over my knee?” He knew

I looked away being bashful again, but humping harder.

“Ha ha, I see.

” He stood up. “No no, you don’t have to stop honey. ” Honey he called me.

I closed my eyes and began to get lost in the sensation and circumstance.

“That looks like it feels good” he said as he walked over to me. “But I don’t want you to squirt on my sofa. Get up for a second. “

I reluctantly stopped and stood.

I was getting close and there was a little wet spot where my erection had been sliding on the soft material. He sat right on the spot, looked at me and patted his thigh.

“Lay across my lap honey” I did as I was told

“Now I know why you came over. You want me to spank you again don’t you?” His big rough right hand began rubbing my cheeks.

I was trying to resist humping, but it was impossible to stop completely.

“Yes sir” I said and looked over my shoulder making eye contact.

He laughed “I know and it’s ok. If you want you can squirt on my lap. “

“Okay thank you” I said turning back an feeling the denim of his cut offs on my hip and his warm hairy thigh on my erection again losing myself in sensation.

“I’m going to spank your bare bottom now honey, but not because you were a naughty boy, but because I want you to feel good. “


This time it wasn’t as hard as I remember but it still stung. I wasn’t aware of much at that point but the sensations. Very intense and very erotic. The smacks became harder.

“Ohhhh ow ow ow…” I was so hard and getting close.

“I want you to feel that you can come to me anytime. All you need to do is ask. Just say, ‘will you pull down my pants and spank my bare bottom please sir?’ and I’ll be glad to. As he said that the spanking got harder. Nearly what it was a few days ago, but this time I was nearing climax.

The sound of his hand repeatedly spanking my bare upturned bottom, the sensations of my stinging cheeks and my erection rubbing on his thigh became too much. I gasped and began to ejaculate. It was to this day one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever experienced. As I was squirting he stopped spanking and rubbed my cheeks.

“That’s it honey. Good boy, squirt for daddy. “


I collapsed across his knee totally spent and satisfied. He continued to rub my bare bottom.

He said he’d like to stay but had to get to work.

I got up and hugged him. He pulled me into a bear hug and kissed my cheek.

I headed home to I don’t remember what, but I’m sure it included more masturbating lol.

I must point out that at no time did I feel threatened, coerced or abused.

Mr. Walker became a mentor, friend and badly needed father figure. To this day 30+ years later I seek his counsel and value his friendship. Over that summer and for several years after there were many intimate chats, and many hard bare bottom spankings at his hand, sometimes erotic, sometimes not so fun.

Those experiences shaped my taste for erotic spanking and discipline and I have led a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Obviously I’m not using actual names, and of course long forgotten details have been embellished for the purpose of relating these experiences. Having said that I want to thank my dear friend Mr. Walker. I’m fortunate to have you in my life.

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