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my sceret

this is my first name is reshma. i was from small village. i was married at the age of 12. i was married to a man of 35 years..i got first male child at the age of 14 and at age of 16 i had a daughter..

now i am age of 30 and my hus is aged 43. we have 3 bedroom. first is occupied by me and my hus. second by my dauther and third by my son and servent..

… so the story starts.

now a days my fucking session doesn’t last a minute..he just removes my panties and put his 5 inch lund inside my choot and he cums soon enough..he is not intrested in foreplay and his cock never erects forsecond stats now is 34 28 34. At the day of my wedding ans..i was very seduce my hus i spent my full time at beauty parlorl. On that day i wore sleevless saree and very see through blouse..when i dressed in it even my daughter son and my servent ramu said i was looking ver good…

my hus entered room and just stared at me…i was feeling today will be a different night..we had family dinner..then everyone returned to their room..

as soon as we entered our room my hus held me tight and gave me good kiss..i then said let me dress something special for u…

i wore sleevelss nighty which was till knee breast was covered only fifty percent and that too by a cloth like net…i wore it and came…my body was sprayed by best perfume…and then i emerged from my bathroom…seeing me he i wil fuck ur brains out…he first undid his dress then he put his hands in my panties and removed it..he asked me to stand and dance in sexy way….

i did so and i could see my husbands cock erect…i gigled…. i then held it in my hand and was about to lick when to my horror it started to cum…

i was damn hot but he said he is tired and want to sleep…i felt like burning this world…

i yelled at him and asked him to sleep alone for rest of life and left our bed room…

i then went to sleep in my daugther’s bed room but it was locked from inside… so i went to sleep in my son’s bed room.

i knocked and the servent opened..he asked what happend madam i said nothing today i am sleeping here..i didn’t realise that i was still in nighty and without panty…my son was in same room sitting in computer…i just saw a glimse and he was seeing some porn site which he shut down in hurry…i asked him aren’t u going to sleep for which he said yes mom..though its bed for too my servent sleeps down and my son sleeps i was in no mood to talk i lied down and after some time lights were off..

after some time i was taken back when my son put his hand on my breast…i though he was in sleep.. only night lamp was on..then after some tight i started to feel presure on my breast and he started to squeese it hard… i just lied down with my eyes closed and was enjoying..

later i could feel my nighty being raised and he placed his legs on mine and was moving up and down..

i was getting hot by foreplay that i missed many years..

then i felt my nighty raised till waist..then i could feel the finger going inside out…it countinued for atleast an hour..i could feel his cock at my ass gap..and then i got climax after very long time…

Well i got up early morning and cleared my mess put my panties and slept again..

At morning i was woken up by my servent ramu…i got up seeing smile in his face with a cup of tea..when i got up to get it i realised that the panty was again missing and my nighty was till my waist..there was sticky substance all around my vagina.. i quickly lowered my nighty and he left..i then saw that my son was sleeping beside me with no underwear… i was so ashamed…

Next morning my son was behaving as if nothing happend.. i had changed to my husband was very much ashamed for his behavior and he was giving lots of apology..i just stayed mum..later he did my son and daughter..

at around 10 am my servent ramu said madam i have to talk to u..i put straight face like nothing happend and asked yes what is it…

he said madam will u increase my salary from this month from 2000 to 5000.. i was shocked…i said no way and u can leave this job…he was very calm and said ok i will work at mrs mallu’s house..she wil also be intrested in hearing stories of this house..i was shocked..but i recovered and said no one will believe u…he said ok i will show pics of this cell.. he just waived my cell phone and pics of me and my son naked…

i said give me the cell phone..he said only after showing to her….

u can complain to sir or police….

i said ok ok..i will give u 5000 ..pls give the cell back…he said i think u would love to gift this cell to me..don’t u?..and smiled wickedly. but said I need ur cellphone.

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