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My roomate loves her gangsters bbc

Ok not really sure is this is a story, but it is true

I have one of my close friends, well one my best friends for few years now, who is also my roommate,she is a good looking girl, white, 5’3, in shape, she is a bit wild and loves to party, but the thing she had a bf for the last 2 years and i became a friend with the guy too, and he has no idea she been cheating with him, but b4 she use to cheat with one or 2 white guys, and she tells me about it, I am a guy btw but we never hooked up, she is out of my league i guess, but we close friends, anyway about 3 months ago i think things really changed, she met those black gangster guys one night through her friend who i know too and she is a big slut who sl**ps with those guys, so now my friend Jess stated hooking with one of the guys too when they met 3 months ago, it was her first black guy, and he is fit hung guy, but those guys are bad for her he is into d**gs and dumb as fuck.

after few weeks she start really getting into him and into the life style, and inviting them over here and now it is getting out of control, first he is making her fuck all those other guys like the whole gang and second there is another like 7 or 8 girls who she met through those guys who also sl**p with those guys mostly white girls few brown and some are even married, and i seen things here with my own eyes, and she tells me everything cuz we trust each other, but i feel bad for her bf who has no idea what is going on and she is sl**ping with those dirty guys, don’t get me wrong i have nothing against being black or white or whatever, but those guys r low class, and she is a smart girl with money and they taking advantage of those girls, I know jess for a while and she does sl**p around b4 but nothing like this not even close, the sexual stuff they got her into they way they treat her and the other girls like shit, but she in love with them or with the life style, i never seen her like this she wants their cocks so bad all the time and welling to do anything sexually for them, i seen them few times, and it was hot to watch cuz some of the girls are smoking and seeing them begging fot those bbc is real turn on,but just don’t get why all those well educated smart girls, well not all of them smart, but still why all those girls welling to do whatever to hang out or sl**p with this guys, ok they r hung and they r good in bed but they treat them like shit and so rough and rude to them and soem of the guys are ugly as shit, jsut they have d**g money and big cocks, some r huge.

anyway maybe soon i write in more detiles what happen here and what i been seeing last few weeks.

The mean reason she hooked up with him in the first place cuz he is a rapper a local rapper so she thinks he is a big deal, and now to make him happy she sl**ps with all he entourage or crew or whatever, but i think she likes it, she likes the sex, she admit it to me many time they r way better then her bf and any guy she been with b4, the funny thing she never was into blk guys at all b4 but now she is a bbc slut, taking it into evey hole and being shared around with other guys and girls and she doesn;t mind,she became a real sexual person and worshiping those guys, mean ok i seeen them and met them and seen most of them in action with her or the other girls and they can fuck they make those girl go crazy durning sex, but the treat them like sluts and rough them up, but maybe ut turn her on i don’t know.

Some of the girls mostly between 19 to 30 i think some have k**s some married, it crazy seen them do all these things with those guys not just the sex but the kind of sex, i got no complain i get to watch from time to time, but haven’t got any action yet, mamybe one day. it is just crazy seeing girl do all that for those guys, and i knew 2 of these girls jess and Sarah, they r good friends of main and jess my roomate but they r stuck up and they don’t hangout withevery one and make guys go after them, but with those guys it is the other way around

but any advice of how to deal with the situation or what to tell her , or her bf, even i am becoming friends with her friends now the girls and guys they seem to trust me, but i got no chance with the girls even though they r hot, i can’t compete with those bbc.


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