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My perfect woman

Chapter 1 – Vicki
I’m writing this story in hopes that I could find again a woman like the one in this story. This is a true story, I’ve changed the names for obvious reasons and some of the experiences have been slightly enhanced, but the story is about 95% true. I met Vicki through an online dating service. Vicki had just turned 40, she was 5’-0” tall, slender, very blond and very fair skin.

She had just moved from Hawaii to Nevada to be near to her son Sam.
Our first date was so instant that we made love with-in hours. My first memory of making love to Vicki was going down on sweet pussy and eating her until she gripped me hard and exploded in my mouth. I had never tasted anyone who’s cum tasted so sweet. In the months to come we got to know each other better.

Vicki always told me she was kind of a perv, but I never saw it. Vicki loved nipple pain and would always ask me to bite her nipple hard while she masturbated and came – of course my pleasure was cleaning her cum soaked pussy afterwards.
Chapter 2 – The Night That Started All
The night that changed everything came in early October. Vicki had invited me to her place where she was having a party for her son and a few friends.

Everyone had been drinking and everyone was feeling very happy and buzzed. Vicki cuddled next to me and gave me a loving kiss and whispered in my ear, “I really got to talk to you. ” When we got into the bedroom Vicki threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply and very passionately. “I know how you like this, so she opened my shirt and started biting on one of my nipples while she pinched the other one between her hard nails.

” She was right – I loved it when she did that. She laughed, kissed me and said. “Nick made a pass at me, he’s old enough to be my son – can you imagine that?” I moved in slowly and passionately kissed her. Something deep inside me was telling me she wanted to fuck him. “You want to fuck him don’t you?” I asked. “Oh yes honey I do, but only if you approve.

” she answered. She was a little afraid to look into my eyes and just put her head on my chest and waited for my reply. “Let’s make a deal sweetheart. You can fuck him, do what ever you want with him under certain conditions. O. k?” I could feel her smiling in my chess as she said cheerfully “O. k. ” “Number one I must be in the room watching you while he’s fucking you.

” I said. “Agreed” she happily answered. “Number two:” My heart was pounding as what I was about to ask my girlfriend to do – would she leave me in discuss of go along with dirty fantasy? So I said with no expression “You must fuck him hard and pretend to be mother and son fucking. ” I said. “Oh Dan?” she stopped for what seemed for a long time. “That’s so fucken nasty.

Fuck Dan that’s so nasty. ” Vicki said. Then she said something that turned me on. ” I’m so fucken wet about the thought. I WILL!” Vicki threw her arms around my neck and gave another passionate kiss. Then she released me and headed for the phone when I pulled her back and said
“Wait a minute honey – you’re not getting off that easy. I’m not through with you. ” She looked at me with that look of confusion.

You are going to fuck Dan and you’re going to enjoy yourself, but what about me? I want something to enjoy myself too. ” I said. “You don’t want to fuck Dan too? Do you honey???” She asked. “No girl, I love woman not men! I want you to call Dan and tell him that you will fuck him ONLY if he brings at least 5 of his biggest friends with him. I want to see my beautiful Vicki gang banged.

Vicki was in shocked as she looked at me with her mouth wide open and a blank stare in her eyes. It seems like her breath had just been taken away. She just stood there looking at me then she slowly started to walk backward towards the bed and slowly sat down at the edge. While in a daze she picked up the phone and called a number. In a very calm and relaxed voice she said; “Dan I’ve spoken it over with my boyfriend and he’s o.

k. with you fucking me, but there are conditions…and only if you bring at least 5 of your best and biggest friends over. Be here around 10:00pm when everyone else has gone – See you soon Danny” When she hung-up she was still in a daze, walked up to me and quietly and tenderly put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “You know….. it’ll never be the same again with us. ” She said.

“I know sweetie, it will be better, I promise I will always love you. ” Vicki gave me a smile, kissed me and said “I love you too Rick. ” We both gave each other a tender and loving kiss and awaited 10:00pm
Chapter 3 – Mother/Son Fantasy
Everyone was gone by 10:00pm and Vicki had dress up in a nice see-through night gown. We were both in her bedroom when the door bell rang.

I rushed down to let our guests in. I greeted Dan, behind him where 8 big football player types. I told then “I need Dan for at least an hour, could you guys hold off for an hour. ” They didn’t look too happy until I took them to the play room. In there I had the big screen showing porn and plenty of food and beer. When my girl is ready I’ll come for you guys.

” Dan and I went to the bedroom where Vicki was waiting. Dan was a young 18 year old with a good muscular body. As Dan walked in he looked a bit nervous but Vicki gave him a warm hug and a passionate French kiss. “Rick could I have a moment alone with Dan – I want to explain to him the rules. ” Vicki asked me. I nodded o. k. and left them alone.

A few minutes later Vicki came out of the bedroom. She walked up to me, sat on my lap and kissed me passionately. “You are a lucky bastard – he’s ready for it. ” She whispered to me. “You mean he like the idea of i****t with you?” I asked her. “Oh yes and the thought that I’m playing his mother makes him hot and wet. I gave him a little blow-job to get him ready.

He was a bit nervous about you watching, but I told him that was part of the rules. I also told him to finish of the rest of the bottle of wine and enjoy some porn. I’m sure he’ll be primed and buzzed when he fucks mommy. We went upstairs and entered into the bedroom. I took my place and watch as Vicki and Dan lived out a mother/son fuck fantasy. Dan fucked Vicki hard in every hole.

Vicki would make Dan hotter by constantly telling him to “…fuck me baby, fuck mommy, fuck mommy hard, mommy wants you to fuck her harder…harder…harder…” Dan was getting into it as he would thrust his rock hard cock deep into my Vicki’s waiting pussy. It was almost a half-hour before he was ready to exploded into mom’s pussy. Vicki was in the missionary position as Dan fucked her with no mercy. Her beautiful white legs were spread wide open letting Dan’s golden tan body kept pushing deeper and deeper into her.

When he was close to cumming Vicki grabbed Dan’s head and commanded him “LOOK into my eyes. WHO ARE YOU FUCKING!!!” All Dan could say was “Mom…mom…I fucking mom, I love you mom. …I’m cumming, I’m cumming mom I’m cummingggg…aaaahhhhhh” Dan screamed as he bulleted into his mom and exploded his cock inside my Vicki’s pussy and then calapsed over her. There he stayed for a while. Vicki kissed him and whispered in his ear “Do you think you could fuck mommy just a little bit longer.

Mommy is about to cum. ” “Yes mom” answered Dan as he started to pump Vicki again. Slowly but surely Vicki build up her orgasm, then when she was ready she wrapped her legs hard around Dan’s hip and with no shame screams at the top of her lungs “FUCK…. FUCK…FUCK ME SAM!!!!!FUCK MOMMYYYYYYYYY………” Vicki screamed came hard and like a rag doll seemed to calaps. I thanked Dan and walked him out of the bedroom.

I asked him to tell the other guys that I’d be down to get then soon. I walked back to Vicki, she was in almost a d**g-like stage. “more daddy more please, more daddy, more please…” is all she could say. “I can’t believe I just did that honey. ” she said. I pushed myself up to her and kissed her “Vicki…. there are still 8 more men downstairs. ” I reminded her. “Bring them up….

I’ll do you proud daddy” she said with a smile.
Vicki laid stretched out on the bed with her legs wide open, half asleep with a big smile on her face. I kissed her and went for the guys. Vicki once told me that she was a pervert, but I never understood until that night what she really meant. That night I saw my best girl shamelessly give herself to all perverted desires.

All 8 men used and fucked her at least once. It wasn’t until noon the next morning when the last man left our bedroom. After the last man had left Vicki laid in our bed covered from head to toe with cum. She was so soaked with cum that she shined like a glazed donut. “I’m going to take a shower sweetheart so I could take care of my man. ” She said with a smile.

She started getting up from our bed when I reached out and held her hand to stop her. “No sweetheart, I don’t want you to take a shower, I want to make love to you just as you are. ” I said “Rick I’m covered with cum – I’d feel like such a fuck slut fucking the man I love with the cum of other men all over me. ” She said. “I passionately kissed her cum stained lips and said “I know that dear, but believe me I want to do this, it’s such a turn on for me.

” We both sank back into the bed passionately kissing and made love. Vicki had now been fucking for over 12 hours, so after we made love she feel into a deep sleep in my arms.
We slept for all the afternoon and woke up about 8:00pm. Vicki was resting on my chest, but I felt she was a little sad. As a child she had been abused and abandoned. I knew that she was scared of me leaving, but I loved her and I had been looking for all my live.

Later that day I told her again and said to her if we live by some rules then we could live a long and happy life together. She agreed and we set down some ground rules. The rules were as follow: 1. We had to be very discrete. 2. I told her I enjoyed seeing her with many men at the same time, but we both had to practice safe sex. 3. Finally no matter what the sex act, I had to be present.

We both agreed to these rules and proceeded to live our lives together as a couple.
That night was the beginning of many many nights of sexual fulfillment for both of us. Our lives became more sexual. It turned out that Vicki loved to be gang banged. In her past relationships she had been so unhappy because she could never even come close to telling her partner about her inner desires. With me I encouraged her to take on as many men as she could enjoy.

Our best night was Labor day weekend when over 2000 people attended a swingers party we went to. Vicki started fucking at 7:00 pm and didn’t stop till 10:00 the next morning. I stopped counting men after she hit 60 men. Nick became a good friends of ours and Vicki and Nick would always live out Mother/Son fantasies.
All was going well, until October 10, 2000.
Chapter 4 – “….

it’s all your fault …. ”
Vicki and I had an agreement that no matter what the act was I’d always be there. Now Vicki had tried everything from large groups gang bangs, S&M, Group golden shower, i****t fantasies and lately had been trying to build up the courage to try K9, but something happen on October 10th, that changed everything.
Vicki and I had enjoyed two wonderful years together. When we were not involved in a sex act we would enjoy a wonderful loving relationship.

We’d have a date night and go out to dinner, an evening lounge show, a cruise, etc. , we acted like young lovers – the truth of the matter was I was helplessly in love with her. She had entered into my heart and in hear arms I felt the love only a man in love could feel for his woman, she had become a part of my heart.
On Oct. 10th, I didn’t feel to well and left for home early from the office.

As I entered the house I could hear Vicki moaning and growning. I could hear the bed shaking and the moans and growns of another person. As I stood there I felt my heart sink. She was fucking someone without me there. I slowly walked to our bedroom door that was open. I peaked in and could see Vicki’s legs spread wide open as a guy was fucking her hard – to add insult to injury this guy was not wearing a condom.

It hit me hard since even I wore a condom when we fucked. I turned my back into the corridor and let myself sink down to the floor. I was in shock, sadden but not angry – my heart was in my hands. Then I heard something that changed everything.
“…. oh fuck me baby, oh..fuck me, fuck mommy Sam, fuck your mommy, you mommy is a whore a slut, fuck mommy hard Sam, fuck meeee….

” Vicki cried. “I love you mom, I love you…. I’ve always wanted to fuck you mom. ” The guy cried out. It then hit me. Vicki was actually fucking her own son – SAM! I looked back in and now I could recognize Sam. Vicki’s legs were spread wide open as Sam was pushing his cock deep and hard into his mother’s wet and willing pussy. I walked in and said. “Don’t forget to call me Sam when you’re finish I always like eating your mom out after someone has cum inside her.

” “oh shit!” Sam cried and tried to get up, but Vicki quickly wrapped her legs tight around his waist. “Calm down son, Dan doesn’t mind. In fact I think he likes the fact that you are fucking me. ” She told Sam. “Don’t you Dan?” she asked me. I smiled at her and said. “Sweetheart I never thought you would do it with Sam, but I’m so happy you have. ” I told her.

“Sweetheart it’s all your fault. Every time Nick and I would role play I’d let my imagination go. Little by little I wanted Sam to be the one pushing his cock deep inside of me. Then the thought of my own son fucking me hard made me so wet and horny all day and night. Do you know how many time I’ve masterbated thinking that Sam was fucking me, use me, filling me with his cum?” Vicki got emotional and started to cry.

Sam was still inside her as I sat next to the bed, kissed her and said. “Sweetheart I’m not condemning you, I don’t want to leave you even after you fucked a bus load of men. When I hold you in my arms I feel we are one. Other people might call me a fool, but I am helplessly in love with you. So before Sam as a witness I want to ask you – will you marry me?” Vicki stopped crying, looked up at me with a look of confussion.

“You want to marry me? I’m a fuck slut, a whore, and now a son fucker, what’s more I LOVE IT!, love being sick and perverted – AND YOU WANT TO MARRY ME?” she asked. “YES!” I answered. “I knew what you were after your first gang bang, and when you let go and let Nick fuck you as if he was your own son. You didn’t realize it but when you came with Nick you called out your son’s name.

I knew then that I wanted you for my wife. I know it’s not the best place to ask, but since Sam is now also going to be a big part of our sexual life I wanted him to know that my intention with you is honorable. I want you to be my wife. ” I said. “All this has hit me suddenly, can I please think a little bit about it and let me get back to you in one week? I promise.

” Vicki asked me. “Of coarse baby. ” I answered and I left the bedroom. I could hear Sam resume fucking his mothers. I could tell that Vicki had given up all inhabitations as she fucked Sam harder and with no shame begged him to fuck her.
It was a wonderful week. Sam took the entire week off of school and Vicki took a sick week. Vicki and Sam fucked from the early morning to late at night.

I had Vicki after that until the early morning. Vicki and I took Sam to one of swinger parties we’d go so he could see for himself his mom take on 30-40 men. Sam was all for seeing his mom gang banged and when we got home we gave Vicki a wonderful two man gang bang. The week went by and all was going well – so I thought.
Chapter 5 – “Please forgive me.

I got home late at the end of the week. I noticed that Sam’s car was not in the drive. When I entered the house I notice Vicki was crying and that Sam’s room was cleaned out and empty. “Has Sam left home?” I asked Vicki. “Yes, but tonight is our night. I promised you I’d have an answer for you. So let’s sit down. ” Vicki told me. For some reason I started to feel a bit nervous.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, I love you and I have to make a hard decision. …. I’m pregnant and Sam my son is the father. I can’t lie to myself anymore. Ever since Sam’s been fucking me I’ve wanted him to get me pregnant. To be impregnated by my own son well that’s the ultimate pleasure I could experience, I’m hoping it will be a boy and when the right age, he could also impregnate me.

” Vicki said. “I don’t care sweetheart. I’m happy Sam impregnated you. We’ll raise him as our son and Sam will always be a part of our family. ” I said to Vicki. “There’s the rub. Sam has asked me to marry him and I’ve not only promised to be his wife, put to be his sex slave to use and dispose anyway he pleases. We’re moving to a remote state where a very young man and an older woman can live without raising too much questions.

” She said to me. “Vicki you can’t do this to me! We’ve had a relationship, I’ve stood by you, loved you……” I was almost crying. “I know sweetheart, but he’s my son, I love him and what I am willing to do for him makes me cum all day. He’s even more perverted than me and I can’t wait to be his sex slave – I can’t wait to be used by him.

” Vicki told me. “Please forgive me. ”
“This is far too much for me to handle right now, I’ve got to get out of here and get myself a drink. ” I said. I left the house and headed for the nearest bar. When I got back home Vicki was gone. A year later I got a letter and some pictures from Vicki. She wrote:
“My Dear I’m doing well and I hope you’re doing well too.

I hope you have forgiven me with time. I had a baby boy and I’m pregnant again. Sam is the perfect husband and son. No one knows that we are mother and son, but that keeps our sex life exciting every day – I really have to thank you for introducing me to i****t – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!! Sam has also taken on the role of my sex master. When we have our private moment and are in the mood Sam lives up to the role.

We live in a very country community. Once a month Sam and I take a ride into the city where Sam will slut me out as a fuck slut, a whore, a pain slut. I’ve never said no to any of his wishes and will probably never do so – I have committed myself to be his unconditional sex slave/wife/mother. I do however get the feeling that Sam wants me to do something very perverted.

Because we live on a big farm Sam has recently bought three large guard dogs, but my inners tell me that he wants me to fuck the dogs, but hasn’t built up the courage to command me to so. I hope he does so soon. You and I never had a chance to live out this fantasy, but the thought of it always got me wet and willing, and I know you wanted a woman that was also a dog slut.

I hope he makes me a dog-fuck-slut soon. Oh well, when he does find the courage, I will submit and GLADLY do it for him. Well my old dear lover good bye and please forgive me if you can. I had to choice my son. Love always…. Vicki.
Chapter 6 – The Conclusion
Well that’s it. I really had a girl friend by the name of Vicki and we did everything that was outlined in this story.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t marry her earlier. If I had we might have been a family, even if Sam would have continued to fuck Vicki. Sam might have branched out and formed his own family. Finding a woman like Vicki out there was a million to one shot, a rare find, a treasure.

Ten years ago I met and lost my perfect woman. Today after looking for so long I’ve come to this posting my personal story in hopes to finding the same kind of woman I lost.

I am looking for a woman that is in an intestinal relationship with her son or sons. A woman that love having sex with her sons, but knows that she has to let go for their benefit, yet finding a man that is willing to let her continue her relationship. A woman that is looking for a man outside her own sons yet still enjoy her son(s) sperm inside her. If you read this story and find yourself in the same shoes as my ex, I’d love to hear from you.

I live in the Las Vegas area. Your can reach me at [email protected] com. Please only serious i****t moms.

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