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My Niece Stephanie gets a new car!

Stephanie gets a new car!

It has been 2 weeks since I popped Stepanie’s cherry. I was sleeping late As I was up all night and couldnt sleep. Stephanie called me at 11. I picked up the phone. “Hey Robbie it’s Stephy My grandfather just bought me a new car for my birthday and I want you to be the first to take a ride with me”She says. “That’s cool But I need a few more hours sleep so come over at 3pm”I replied.

“Too late I am outside Your Building Mom gave me your address. I am coming up now. Will your mom Mind if I come up?”Stephy replies. She hung up then rang the bell. My mom let her in and showed her to my bedroom door. “Nice to Finally meet you Mrs. C My mom Vanessa told me all about you how you were so nice to her and Michelle when they were my age.

I am 18 if you were wondering” Stephy says to her. “Okay would you like a drink” My mom asked. “Yeah thanks some tea with equal would be great thanks. So Robbie you need to get dressed so we can go get my new car. “Stephy says. “I gotta shower first. You can join me if you want”I replied. “Have you fucked Mom and Aunt Michelle in the shower?”Stephy asks. “Yes I have Why do you ask?”I replied.

“I am very horny. But you are going to have to wait mister I want you too see my new car and I have a nice surprise as well. Go take your shower. “Stephy says. I got out a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and a towel. Stephy followed me to the bathroom. She Took off her clothes. I took off my pajamas and got in the shower. Stephy sat on the toilet as she had to make.

She finished and wiped herself. “God I really needed to do that. I can’t wait I need your cock inside me right now. We can still play again later”Stephy says as she puts her hair in a ponytail. She got in the tub and got on her knees and started sucking my cock. it didn’t take me long to get hard. “I want you to fuck me from behind Robbie. Give it to me good and hard”Stephy moans.

I bent Stephy over and slowly enter my cock in her pussy. Just as I get a good rhythm the bathroom door opens. “God fucking damn you were supposed to wait till after we went to pick up your new car”Michelle says aloud. “I am sorry I am so horny Chelle. I won’t wear out Robbie too much”Stephy replied. “You better not or no more fucking my boyfriend”Michelle replies. “I thought he was My mom’s Boyfriend?”Stephy replies as I fuck her harder.

That cause her to moan and and she has her super soaker Orgasm. Just like Michelle. “You go Girl You blast his cock with your orgasms. And Yes Robbie is Vanessa’s Boyfriend as well we share Robbie and now your included in sharing him. Your old enough to learn about sex so when you get married you can please your husband. I am going to have some coffee with Robbie’s mom you two try to hurry up okay we gotta be there by 2pm the latest”Michelle says.

I continued fucking Stephy harder and faster. I reached around and pinched her nipples which made Stephy blast my cock with a second orgasm. “Oh my god yes Fuck me and spank me Robbie. God you feel so good”Stephy moans. Michelle comes over and kisses me deeply on the lips then kisses Stephy on the cheek and closed the door and left. I spanked Stephy’s ass hard as I fucked her pussy. I soon felt that I was going to cum.

Stephy got off of my cock and got on her knees and sucked and milked my cock till I shot my load down her throat. She didn’t lose a drop. Stephy got out of the tub washed her face and brushed her teeth while I turned on the shower. Stephy came to me and kissed me deeply then got dressed and left. I cleaned up and rinsed off and got dressed. I went in my bedroom and put on my jeans and a sweatshirt.

I then Joined Michelle and Stephy in the living room. Michelle was making pancakes and bacon. She gave me a plate and served the pancakes and bacon. Stephy leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and smiled she looks so beautiful when she smiles she kinda reminds me of how Michelle smiles. Stephy and I finished eating and Michelle helped my mom do the dishes. She finished and then put on her coat.

“Okay you two let’s go we need to meet up with Vanessa. She called while you both were in the shower”Michelle says. I put on my coat and then helped Stephy with her coat. We went down stairs and Michelle gave Stephy her keys so she could drive her pathfinder. Michelle sat in the back seat with me. Michelle kissed me deeply and rested her head on my shoulder as Stephy drove to her house.

We got to her house quickly as there was no traffic on the expressway. Vanessa was waiting for us and she opened the door of the back and kissed me deeply on the lips. Vanessa then closed the door and sat in the front seat with Stephy. “What took you guys so long it’s cold out here”Vanessa says. “Well I couldn’t wait till later so Robbie and I had a little quickie before he showered plus he was sleeping when I called him.

“Stephy replies. “We created a monster huh Vanessa”Michelle says. “Yes we did unleash a nympho. Remember hun like Michelle accepted me with Robbie the number one rule is you can never tell anyone about this it stays in the family only Me,Michelle you get to play with Robbie. Also if you are going to be with another guy other than Rob you must you protection condoms are a must. Robbie is the only one that gets to have sex with you without a condom.

Do you accept these terms Stephy. “Vanessa says to Stephy. “Yes Mom I understand the rules. Thank you Mom Thank you aunt Chelle for sharing Robbie with me. “Stephy replies. ” You’re very welcome Stephy hun. Just follow the rules this must remain a secret because people would not understand this situation. “Michelle says as she pulls into the car dealership on northern blvd. I got out and helped Stephy out of Michelle’s car.

Michelle took my hand as Stephy took the other while Vanessa locked the car doors and turned on the alarm. Vanessa walked in fron of us and held the door open. The manager of the dealership came over to Michelle and lead her to his office. She took my hand and I followed her inside. “Who is he and why is he coming along”The manager asked with disgust. “This is My boyfriend Rob and I want him here with me.

Is the car ready for my neice it’s her birthday and graduation present. “Michelle says with anger. “I am sorry yes the car is ready it is being delivered here within the hour. Do you have the money with you. “Mr Washington asked. “Michelle handed him A cashier check for 60,000. 00. “Your 5,000 short”He says to Michelle. “Excuse me but you said 60,000 not 65,000. My father sent me the money I have given you all the money you asked I signed the contract.

What more do you want. “Michelle says with anger. He undoes his tie and removes his jacket. “You are very pretty. I think we can work something out if your friend here goes back out with your sister and her daughter. “He says. Even though he was taller and bigger than me I got in his face”Who the fuck do you think your talking to” I say to him. “Relax baby it’s going to be okay it’s a joke.

James is a friend of my boss. He wants to have sex with me I told him only if you could join in he said okay. I had no idea he was gonna do this. I am sorry Robbie baby if you don’t want me to have sex with him and you together we won’t. I will follow our rules from a long time ago that we both have to agree. “Michelle says. Michelle kisses me deeply.

I removed my jacket as I Kiss her deeply. “Do you want to get fucked in your pussy and your ass”I asked Michelle. “Oh god yes I need that right now Specially seeing you fucking Stephy it made me so wet so I called James you remember him from highschool. “Michelle replies. “Wow I didn’t recognize him. “I replied. “Yeah we haven’t seen him since we graduated. I saw him here when I took Stephy here to get her car.

It is a fully restored 1968 mustang convertible. His dad owns the dealership and he is selling me the car for Stephy’s for 60,000 dollars. “Michelle says as she removes her sweater and her blouse. Then she removed her bra and her skirt. and then her panties. She was now fully naked. James came over and sucked on her right breast as I sucked her left. I got naked as did James. Michelle got on her knees and sucked my cock as she stroked James cock.

“Robbie sit on the couch I want to ride your cock while I suck on James cock”Michelle says. I did as she asked. Michelle lowered her pussy down my cock slowly. For having two kids her pussy was just as tight as I remembered it all those years ago when we first had sex. She gently shoved my face into her tits as she sucked James dick. She rode me slow and hard as i held her ass in my hands.

I slowly inserted a finger in her ass she moaned softly. “James hand me my purse I need to get you a rubber”Michelle says to James. He went to his desk and had a rubber in it. He handed it to her and she ripped it open and put it in her mouth and rolled it down his cock. “Okay now slowly enter my ass use some lube”Michelle says while moaning. James spit on his cock then he spit on her ass and slowly worked his cock inside her ass.

Michelle moaned as James and I fucked her pussy and her ass. I kissed Michelle deeply as we are now nipples to nipples. Michelle had a major blasting orgasm. James spanked Michelle’s ass as we fucked both of her holes. Just as Michelle had a Second orgasm In walked Stephanie. “Holy shit that is so hot can I get fucked next please like that”Stephy says. ” Yeah sure Stephy get naked and sit on Robbie’s face let him get your pussy and ass ready”Michelle says as she gets fucked harder and faster.

“Oh my god I am coming again”Michelle say as she blasts us a third time. Stephy kisses me deeply on the lips then removes her jeans and her panties and sits her pussy on my face. She tastes so sweet. I lick and nibble her clit as I finger her ass. Stephy started getting soaking wet. Michelle helped her remove her sweater and her bra. “James pull out of my ass please It is Stephanie’s turn to get fucked”Michelle says.

James pulled out and Stephy went and sucked his cock as Michelle got off of my cock and went in her purse and got a fresh condom for James. She ripped off the rubber and opened the new condom and rolled it down his cock. Stephy lowered her pussy down my cock. She leaned forward and kissed me. Michelle got dressed and sat on the chair behind James desk. Vanessa came in the office and was in shock seeing James and I fucking Stephy.

“Wow Michelle and Rob you unleashed the nympho in my daughter. After you cum Stephy it’s my turn. James announced he had to cum and pulled out and shot a massive load all over Stephy’s ass and back. “Sorry Babe I couldn’t hold out any longer your ass is so tight and amazing”James says. He got dressed and sat in a chair in front of his desk. Stephy kept riding my cock harder and faster she went nipple to nipple as she kissed me deeply and moaned as she had a super soaking orgasm.

she got off my cock and licked up her juices. Vanessa got naked and then lowered her asshole down my cock. “James get over here your not done yet. Get naked and fuck my pussy. Give him another rubber and Stephy suck his cock till he is hard again. “Vanessa ordered. “MMMM yes mom I want to suck his cock. Then I want Robbie to eat my pussy. “Stephy replies. It didn’t take long for Stephy to get James hard.

Michelle handed Stephy a rubber she put it in her mouth and lowered it down James cock. He entered Vanessa’s pussy. He leaned forward to suck her nipples but she stopped him. “Why did you stop me”James asked. “Because My nipples belong to Robbie only he gets to suck them. Now shut up and fuck me okay and no kissing me either. “Vanessa says. James fucked her hard and fast. Vanessa had a major orgasm squirting all over James crotch.

Her shaking orgasm made me shoot a massive load up her ass. “James pull out please I want to get up I will suck you off till you cum. “vanessa says. James does as she asked and she licked her juices off of his cock and he shot a massive load down her throat bigger than when he came before. She swallowed it all and went in her purse and got some tissues from her purse and cleaned up her mouth and her ass.

Vanessa got dressed and went to the bathroom. Stephy came over to me and sucked my cock and then got it hard again and rode me. Her pussy felt good around my cock. “Damn You sure are a Nympho Just like Me and Your Mom. And you squirt and blast at the same time. “Michelle says. Stephy soon had a mega orgasm then another one on top of that covering my stomach and crotch with her juices.

I shot a massive load inside her pussy. Michelle gave her a towel so Stephy could clean her self up. She got dressed and went to the bathroom as she had to pee. Vanessa came back and kissed me deeply as she had rinsed her mouth out. Michelle handed James A check for 60,000 dollars for Stephy’s new Ford Mustange vintage red 1968 convertible. James handed Stephanie the keys to her new car.

“Thank you James you were great But Robbie is the Best as he was my first. I really enjoyed getting fucked that was awesome. Thank you Mom and thank you Michelle for setting this up and also for the car your the best Mom and god Mother ever I love you both”Stepanie says as we all walk to her new car. “You are very welcome Your mom and I love you so much that’s why I set up that little tryst.

Plus I haven’t seen James since Highschool. That time when Robbie and I had sex in his hospital bed. James transferred to a private school his parents didn’t like that he got jumped. But enough about that. I am glad you had fun And enjoy the car its fully hooked up with a stereo system that has a cd player and satelite radio”Michelle says to Stephy. “Wow Thank you the car is beautiful thank You Michelle Thank you Mom I love you both so much.

And I like you a lot Too Robbie I am glad you came along. I will drive you home Robbie” Stephy says with some tears in her eyes. She kissed me deeply I opened her door with her keys then walked around the back as I was walking to the passenger side she leaned across to the passenger side and unlocked the door for me. I got in and kissed her deeply. Michelle got in the backseat as she was spending the weekend with me.

Vanessa drove Michelle’s pathfinder back to her house. Michelle, Stephy and I got to my house and we went up stairs. What will happen next More on that later In part 2?

Hope you all enjoy the story and please leave comments!.

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