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my neighbour big tittis wife

As i told you in my first par im Mihai. After Carmen has suck my cock she has left for a week of city,Iwas scared thet she has moved away. I have ask mom if she knew something of she. Mom said that she left at her parents for a week to chill. In weekend i have saw the car of Carmen in her garage. In my mind i was think to go and say hello but i was scared because i have not knew what she will said.

After one hour i have heard the phone ringing i have pick up and i have heard her sweet voice,she has ask me were is my mom and if she can go to her. I have told my mom what Crmen said and she go at her. I was thinking at what possible do they talk. the night has come and my mom still not come home. Then my father have call me and he said that will miss from home anouther month,because his job is fling pilote and to tell that to my mom.

My mom has arrived home at 00:20 at night and she come to me,i have tall that dad isn arrive home,and i have ask her why she has stay that long. Then she said that she was talk alout whit Carmen because she has divorced by her husband. I was so glad to hear that because i now i could fuck her more easy. Second day was so hot outside and my mom has said to me to go whut her at Carmens pool.

Iwas so glad that i could se her again. Carmen was at pool in bikini and she said to my mom to go and change. I have askt how she is,and she said me that is very hotand she start to leff. Then my mom was arrive in a incredible red bikini,my mom have greate dd cup tits,but never saw her that hot. that she put beaside Carmen and i have make a bath in pool.

Then i have saw mom put lotion on Carmen,the scene was so hot that my dick washard like stone. my mom has told me to go out from water but i couldn because my cock. At last i was go out but i have hurry up in home to not see my mom my erection. when i have come back i was have a shock Carmen was toplles and i have not knew what to do,then she said that to stay beaside mom.

I was ashamed and glad to see her big jucy tits,and my cock was again hard like rock,i have not knew hot to hide to not see my mom. After 5 minutes Carmen has told mom that she must traw that bra to have a good tan. Mom said that she will not want to because i will see,but Carmen then she shock everybody because she said that i knew how big tits look because i have saw her naked.

I was so ashamen not knew what my mom would say,than mom has ask me how hapend whit a strange laff. Then i have said that was a mistake,but she ask Carmen if that was just what i have saw?Carmen then she exploded in laff and she said that was ouar secret. Iwas so ashamed,not knew what to say. when the night has come we have dress and we have go at our home.

Second day when i have arrived from collage i have enter in house but anyone no was there,i have call mom but she was not answer,then i have heard voice from Carmen home. When i have enter the house i have heard my mom voice at pool. Then i was in shock for what i have saw,Carmen and mom were nude at pool. They were so hot,to big tities milf,but then i was thinking that there is my mom and i can t look,but then i have heard a discution from there,Carmen said that she suck my cock,whae i have heard i was freeaze,not knew what mom wpould say,but mom has shokc me she was ask if i have big dick like my father,Carmen said that is biggist cock she ever suck,i was so glad to hear that but stil amazed.

Then i was have a shock mom said that she have not fuck from some time and she want a good fuck,and that she put her eyes on a neighbour but she said that he has small cock and she want big cock. I was so shoked,but my dick was hard like hell,then Carmen start to kiss my mom,i have been so surprise,but mom then said that she want big willy like saturday night.

Iwas thinking who was big willy,then Carmen has took a big whute dildo from her purse,and put in moms mouth. I was so shock,i have never think that my mom will do that or that she like to kiss women. then mom put 3 finger in Carmen pussy and start to pump hard,i was so execited that i hac=ve put my pants down and start to pump my cock hard. Carmen and mom have start to fuck hard whit big wily and fingers,mom was licking Carmen pussy and she have scream to Carmen to put big willy depply in her pussy because she want hard.

Ihave cum in 2 minutes,the scene was so hot,after one hour carmen and mom have dress but i have heard Carmen that next time will give to mom the big hard dick that she want because she knew a guy,i was piss up because mom will cheat dad,but i have not could to tell dad i was hurry up to my home to not catch me. FINAL OF PART 2,if you want 3 part tell me or comment.

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