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My Neighbour Aunty Kavitha

I live in Chennai this incident happened few years back during the incident I was doing my engineering final year.

I had a neighbour aunty named Kavitha she was living with her husband near my house for rent. Till the incident happened I was not seeing her in any bad mood because I thought she was a good lady she had a great structure …

One day I heard from her that her husband is going out of station for a month due to work somewhere near Pune.

After a week he went for work that day evening we both chatted for an hour and she left to do her household works then 3 to 4 days went normally without any problems.

Suddenly my parents had to attend a funeral of our family friend in Salem so they left without me because I was having my semester exams. While they were going my parents informed to Kavitha aunty about the situation and asked her to take care of me then they left for the railway station.

At 7?o clock Kavitha aunty brought me some food I took the food and gave her the vessels then she left.
I closed all the windows and I started to watch a porn movie I had so many collection so I watched one by one without touching my dick because I don’t want to ejaculate before seeing all the movies.

Suddenly. I heard a gate opening sound in my neighbours house time was 11:30 pm so I switched of my pc and slowly opened a window.

There she was Kavitha aunty was standing near her gate I was wondering what she is doing at that time I watched her for 10 mins suddenly a well built man came and hugged her then she guided him in to her house.

I was very curious to see what they were going to do so I slowly jumped in to their fence and I was trying to peep through the key hole on the door.

But I can’t see properly so I moved to the other side of the house and I noticed that her bedroom window was open.

I slowly moved near her bedroom window and the seen which I saw was astonishing because the lady who I thought was good was cheating on her husband. She was vigorously sucking the stranger’s dick his dick should be nearly 9 inches.

Then, he caught her by her hair and fucked her mouth very hard.

She was deep throating that huge dick. Then he undressed he when she turned to my side I was in heaven to see a gorgeous bitch fully nude my dick was rock hard.

He lifted her in his arms and made her lie on her bed and started to lick her pussy. After few minutes Kavitha shouted in pleasure I’m sure she was cumming. When he took his face out I was fully covered by her love juice.

The room was completely filled with sex scent I can smell it through the window he then took his dick and pushed it hard in to her pussy. I was going easily in due to the flow of love juice he was fucking he like a bitch in heat. She was moaning like awww ohh yeah fuck me harder.

Her boobs were bouncing like a tennis ball he was slapping her ass like beating a dog.

After that he said something in he hear I can’t hear it but she said no I can’t take it anymore. But he was not listening to her and and entered his dick in her ass. She scolded him as you bastard it burning inside my ass. He just slapped her ass and said shut your mouth u bitch. He was in total control with her after a few minutes; she too started enjoying it and they were fucking like dogs on the street.

Then he ejaculated inside her and they both fell on the bed I was enjoying the scene they were kissing and cuddling.

Then suddenly someone knocked the door Kavitha couldn’t get up but she just walked near the door without any dress and hesitation. When she opened the door there was another man standing there he was pressing her tits and hugging her. Then he too came inside the house and closed the door.

Kavitha was too excited to see two dicks. The first man asked her who is he she said he booked her from 3?o clock to 6 am in the morning so she was not only fucking one person but became a prostitute for her needs and money. Then both the men looked at each other and winked. Meanwhile Kavitha was just lying on the bed and relaxing. Then the other man to removed his dress his dick was small when compared to the first person but it was thick.

Kavitha just sat on the bed and admired the two dicks in front of her. They both went near her and slapped their dicks on Kavitha’s bouncy tits. Both of them sucked on those tits for some time and she just took both their dicks in her mouth and they were just pushing their meat harder and closed her nose.

Kavitha was struggling to breath when they left her nose and took their rock hard meats outside of her mouth.

Kavitha just fell on their feet they just caught hold of her hair and lifted her and tied her both the legs to the opposite ends with her clothes and spread her pussy she was enjoying this. And they slapped her pussy harder with their hands.

The first person went under her and inserted his dick in her ass. The second one in her pussy they both were fucking her like dog.

She was enjoying it like a shameless creature then they exchanged their positions several times that night at last they both cummed all over her face and tits everywhere. She also drank a few drops and gave them a final foot job and. They asked her when will be the next session. She said that I will call you when I’m free. Kavitha kissed both of them and they both gave Kavitha some money and left.

She closed the door and came inside her house and looked herself in the mirror and licked all those cum and the thing which she did at last was astonishing. She just slid her middle finger in her pussy and said Sam fuck me dear yeah fuck me harder I need your dick in me dear I couldn’t believe what I was hearing then she slapped her pussy and fell on the bed and I too ran away from there…..!.

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