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My neighbour and her teenage daughters (3)

So sorry about the wait guys I had to take my time with this and be careful not to end the story too early, I would like to thank everyone of getting behind this series and express how grateful I am for all your encouraging comments.

I have received some pm’s asking me to include the younger sisters as I had not considered that the story would take off with this much success I will see about adding them in later chapters but for now please enjoy


The alarm woke us early the next morning, its persistent buzzing impossible to ignore, and with some reluctance Kat changed into her PJs and headed back home.

She paused at the door, stretching up to kiss me. “Last night was the most amazing night of my life Tony, thank you so much! I never knew it could be so…. special!”

“You are an incredible woman Kat, and it was very special for me too!” I assured her. “Now I hate to see you go, but you’d better get home. ”

She gave me one of her fabulous smiles.

“I’ll message you, bye!”

She left me with warm, pleasant thoughts of last night flickering through my mind, and I went inside and made breakfast. I cleaned up and headed into the garage, moving through a series of stretches before I worked out for an hour, giving the punching bag a solid work-out until I was feeling fit and ready for the day. I showered, got dressed and headed next door, finding Cyn bustling around as she cleaned up and got ready for work.

“Good morning!” She smiled when she saw me walk in. “Time for a quick coffee before I have to go?”

“That’d be great thanks!” I replied.

“I’m not going to ask what you and my daughter got up to last night, but she was walking on air as she got ready for school this morning!” Cyn laughed.

“I think that makes two of us honey!” I assured her.

“She’s an incredible woman; just like her mother. I just can’t believe she’s only sixteen!”

“They do grow up fast these days don’t they! So what have you got planned for today?”

I pulled my notebook from my back pocket. “A hundred and one little jobs for the hot neighbor I told you about last night. ” I laughed.

“The one who pays you with wild, passionate sex? Wow, she’s going to owe you big-time for that!”

We both laughed at her thinly-veiled promise.

“That’s what I’m hoping!” I replied.

She looked at her watch. “I really have to go, will you come over for dinner?”

“You’re working till six?” I asked, and she nodded. “Why don’t I take care of dinner tonight?”

She gave me an appreciative smile. “A man who can cook, fix things around the house, and is wonderful in bed; you’re in big trouble mister!”

I gave her a quizzical look.

“How so?”

She picked up her bag and walked over, pausing to slide her hand behind my neck as she gave me a long, sensual kiss. “With qualities like that a woman would be crazy to let you go, and I’m not crazy. ” She whispered in my ear. “See you tonight lover!”

She breezed out the door with a sexy spring in her step, and I shook my head in amazement, wondering how things could be moving so fast and yet still feel so natural and comfortable.

With every day that passed I was coming to realize I’d locked myself away for far too long, but if I hadn’t, I may never have had this chance with Cyn and Kat. Life can be bizarre at times!

I managed to focus on my list of tasks and got started, putting a coat of paint on the door frame before working through room by room and ticking off each job as I finished.

When I stopped for a late lunch I was confident I only had a couple of hours to go, then I found a couple of leaking taps that still wouldn’t seal with new washers, so I had to pull the spindles out and reseat them. That cost me an extra hour or so, and I was just putting them back together when the girls arrived home from school.

“Hello, anyone home?” I heard Shannon call out.

“I’m up in bathroom Shannon!” I called to her, and they all trooped in as I got started on the leaky cistern.

“Hi Tony. ” Tiff greeted me as I lifted the top clear. “Wow! That looks like a really SHITTY job!”

I laughed so hard I lost my grip on the lid, thanking my lucky stars it was plastic and not one of the old china ones as it clattered on the tile floor.

“Tiff, that has to be the worst pun I’ve ever heard!” I chuckled.

She smiled and agreed. “It was pretty lame, wasn’t it?”

Kat was standing behind her sisters, and blew me a sexy kiss knowing they couldn’t see her. I was going to give her a wink, but thought better of it and smiled instead. “Would you like a coffee Tony?” She asked sweetly.

I nodded.

“I’d love a coffee thanks honey. ”

While she was gone I asked the twins how their day had been, and they told me about school and how they were catching up on Facebook now that their cells were working again. It was great to see them so animated, and I was starting to appreciate why small things that happened in kids lives made such an impression on their parents.

The twins headed for their room and Kat arrived back with our coffees, so I took a break and sat on the floor with her.

“I thought you were going to message me today so your picture would come up. ” I said when she settled on the floor beside me.

She stroked my arm softly. “If I tease you all the time you’ll get used to it!” She said with a sparkle in her eyes.

“That’s ok. ” I reassured her. “I kept looking at your pictures anyway. ”

She laughed.

“Did you really?”

“You bet. ” I laughed out loud. “I would have been finished hours ago if I wasn’t so distracted!”

She took a glance to make sure the twins weren’t outside, and then kissed me passionately, her tongue exploring my mouth. “Maybe we should take some…..more…. interesting pictures?”

“Are you teasing me again?” I asked, totally unsure.

“No baby. ” She whispered. “If you want more pictures….

any kind of pictures…. I’d love to pose for you!”

I had no idea how to respond to that statement, and was thankful our conversation drifted to more mundane topics. “I rang Mom on the way home and she said you’re cooking dinner?” Kat enquired. What have you got planned; can I help?”

She was surprised when I laughed. “Actually, I’m going to cheat. How do you and the girls feel about Chinese take-out?”

She smiled.

“We haven’t had take-out for ages. That’d be really cool!”

I checked my watch. “Cyn should be home in about an hour, so I’ll finish up here and then we’ll order dinner, ok?”

“Great! Can I keep you company or would l be in the way?”

“I’d love the company Kat, and you’d never be in the way!” I assured her. I set about replacing the plunger seal and cleaned out the sediment in the bottom of the tank.

When it was all back together I gave it couple of test flushes and the leak had stopped, so my list was finally completed. We popped into the twins’ room and I asked if there was anything they wanted done or I’d missed. Tiff wanted a picture hook on the wall for a poster, so I took care of that little task and packed my tools. Kat helped me take my tools back and stow them in my garage, and we headed back over to order dinner.

There was a great local restaurant that offered home delivery, so we checked their on-line menu and phoned our order through. I slipped back over to my place and picked up a bottle of wine, and was just walking back when Cyn pulled up. She gave me a beaming smile and a wave and waited for me to join her. “Just picking up some essential supplies I see!” She greeted me.

“So what are you cooking for dinner?”

I gave her an embarrassed smile. “Ummm…. Chinese take-out? Be here in fifteen minutes or so. The girls said honey chicken is your favorite?”

She put her hands on her hips. “And here was I thinking you’d be slaving away in the kitchen!” She laughed.

I patted my back pocket. “What can I say? I was feeling lazy and my credit card made me a better offer.

“Well, that sounds good anyway. ” She smiled. “We haven’t had take-out for ages!”

We walked inside and I poured three glasses of wine, figuring Kat would be down sooner or later. Cyn asked how I’d made out with the repair jobs.

“All done!” I announced in a satisfied tone. “Tomorrow I start on the jungle outside. ”

She whistled. “Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, I really appreciate it and maybe the neighbors will stop giving me dirty looks, but it’s so overgrown!”

“That’s true.

” I responded. “But the longer we leave it the worse it will get, so I may as well make a start. ”

“Can I help?” She asked. “I don’t have to start until two tomorrow. ”

I nodded. “You bet! I think this will be a case of more hands, less work. ”

The doorbell rang and I went to collect dinner as Cyn called the girls and set the table.

I put the containers on the table and everyone dived in, and once again I enjoyed the simple pleasures of a family having dinner together.

When dinner was over Cyn cleared the dishes and then took me into the den away from the girls. She looked concerned and perhaps a little uncertain, and I wondered why her previous carefree mood had evaporated so quickly. She took my hands in hers and looked up at me.

“Ummm…. I need to ask if we can have the night off tonight Tony. ”

Her words hit me like a punch to the solar-plexus. “Ok…..sure…..umm…. did I do something wrong?” I stammered.

She smiled nervously and shook her head. “Oh no, it’s nothing like that! I need to sit down with the girls and tell them we’re seeing each other, and then see how they feel about that.

If you stay over and spend the night then I’m not involving them in this, and after what happened with Bill I don’t want them having any more……unexpected surprises? Part of me would love you to be here, even if only as moral support as I’m pretty nervous! But I think they will be completely honest if it’s just us girls. If you were here they may give us the response they think we want, rather than what they truly feel.

Am I making any sense here? I think they’ll be ok as they seem to have really taken to you, and they will never forget how you came to our rescue. But…. I…. they need to know they have a voice and their feelings are important. ”

I gave her a reassuring smile. “You had me worried for a minute honey! I understand and that’s fine, we have to face this sometime so it may as well be now.

Will you to call me later and let me know how it goes? Otherwise I’m going to spend all night wearing a track in the floor. ”

“Of course, I’ll call as soon as I can, ok?” She reassured me, so I said goodnight to the girls and headed back to my place. I shared Cyn’s sense of nervousness, as the future of our developing relationship depended on what happened in the next hour or so.

I felt I got on well with the twins and hoped I’d scored some points with their cell phones, but I had no idea what they would say when Cyn told them we were seeing each other. The more I thought about it, new alternative scenarios kept popping into my head, and I knew it was crazy to speculate but stopping that process was proving difficult. I had butterflies in my stomach and a building headache competing for my attention, and I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths in an effort to regain control of my racing thoughts.

I finally decided to take a shower, and took my phone with me in case Cyn called. I still hadn’t replaced my bandage, but a quick inspection in the mirror suggested my wound was healing well with no sign of infection. I stood under the shower for quite a while, enjoying the warmth as the water cascaded down my body until I decided to dry off and head back to the den.

I was just walking in when my cell buzzed in my hand, finally!

“Hallo?” I said expectantly, hoping I’d be able to pick a positive sign in the tone of her first words.

“Hi Tony. ” Cyn responded. “How’s that track going?”

“I’ve worn through the carpet and I’m into the timber now!” I half laughed. “So… did it go?”

“Great! In fact, fantastic!” She replied with a soft tinkle in her voice.

I breathed a huge sigh and slumped back on the lounge. “That is good news! I don’t mind telling you…. I’m so relieved!”

She laughed. “That makes two of us lover. The girls are completely ok with us seeing each other, in fact Tiff asked if this means you’re going to be her new dad!”

I whistled. “How did you reply to that tricky question?”

“I told her we were going to take it slow and see how things go, and Shannon told me I should stop wasting time and just go for it!” She giggled.

She proceeded to take me right through their discussion, and by the time she finished I was wondering why I’d got myself so worked up about it. She asked if we could have a late breakfast together, and suggested I come over around nine. I wished her sweet dreams and headed for bed, sleeping much better than I’d expected.

I slept late the next morning, and just had time to shave, dress and jog across to Cyn’s house by nine.

I let myself in and headed for the kitchen, pulling up short when I saw Cyn sitting quietly at the table. She was dressed in a tiny French maid uniform, just as I’d jokingly suggested a few days ago. Her hair was brushed and shining, pulled back in a pony-tail with a lace head piece perched on top. Her makeup was done to perfection, with a black choker around her throat. The sides of her pert breasts teasingly poked from each side of her frilly apron top, and the short skirt may have just covered her pussy when she was standing, but in her current position it didn’t come close.

Black fishnets and tall heels completed her outfit, and all I could was whistle.

She smiled and stood, her heels clicking on the tiles as she walked over and kissed me softly. “Good morning lover! Do you like my new outfit?” She whispered as she handed me a glass. “I thought we’d start breakfast with champagne and orange juice, ok?”

I nodded dumbly, Cyn obviously amused at my speechless state.

“Where did you get that outfit?” I stammered when I finally managed to unlock my lips.

“I slipped out on Tuesday when I had a break at work, and went and saw your friend Penny at the clothing store. She has some VERY INTERESTING catalogues in her desk!” Cyn laughed. “When I picked out this outfit she rang she the supplier and got them to courier it out, and called me yesterday when it arrived.

” She ran a finger nail slowly up and down my arm, leaving a trail of goose-bumps behind. “I could easily become a regular shopper there, if you’re interested!” She teased.

I nodded dumbly. “I’ll call Penny and open an account for you. ”

She sat me at the table and I was completely captivated as I watched her move around the kitchen preparing breakfast. She may have been performing mundane tasks, but the way she was dressed made every movement a study in feminine sensuality.

My cock was hard and pre-cum was trickling slowly down my shaft, and I squirmed as I rearranged things to a slightly more comfortable position.

She teased me blatantly, allowing a carefree glimpse of her pussy and breasts at every opportunity as we sipped our champagne and ate breakfast. I had no idea what I was eating, as my full attention was otherwise occupied, and she kept up a sexy monologue between mouthfuls of food.

“Do you remember what I told you I wanted Tony?” She asked.

I shook my head. “Ummm…I’m not sure honey!”

“Don’t you remember how I asked if I could kneel before you, and have you fuck my mouth and my throat?” She hissed.

“It’s coming back to me now!” I managed to reply.

“And then I told you that, when you’re just about to cum, I want you to pull out and spray your thick cream all over my face and my breasts? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already!”

“I remember! I remember!” I assured her.

“But I think I’ll make a hell of mess of your new outfit!”

She gave me a smoldering smile. “That’s why we have something called a washing machine!”

She walked around the table and took my hand, indicating she wanted me to stand. She knelt before me, and smiled as she unhooked the frilly white bodice, allowing it to fall away from her magnificent breasts. She eased my shorts and boxers down in one fluid movement, leaving me naked from the waist down as I kicked my discarded clothing away.

She slowly wrapped her hand around my shaft, pulling it carefully down into a horizontal position, before she parted her lips and slid her head forward.

Once again she took my full length deep into her throat in one incredible movement, and I knew I would never get over how easily she could take me. There was not a trace of hesitation, my cock-head simply slid through her mouth and into her throat as her tongue started moving around me.

“Oh my God!” I groaned as I placed my hands on her head. “I can’t begin to tell you how good this feels!” I held her head in place and assumed control, making love to her willing mouth as I slowly increased my pace. I looked down and saw she was using her hands on herself, her fingers sliding in and out of her slick pussy. I was amazed she could pleasure herself and work on my cock as I slid in and out of her wet mouth, and the visual stimulation was bringing my climax closer.

By now I was thrusting as fast as I could, and my release was only seconds away. “Get ready honey, I’m going to CUM!” I slid back from her lips and wrapped my hand around my shaft, pumping furiously.

Cyn looked up at me, her face a graphic picture of lust and expectation. “Do it baby! I want your cum all over me! Paint my face and my tits.

I want rivers of your hot juice running down my body!!!”

Her erotic, wanton suggestions were all it took to tip me over. “ARRGGGHHHH!! YES!!” I groaned as the first spray of cum flew from my pumping cock and spattered on her forehead. A second jet sprayed across her cheeks, and a third left a creamy coating over her cherry-red lips. She closed her eyes and squealed as she came with me, her scented spray gushing from her pussy and coating her flying fingers.

In the meantime I was still pumping hard, lowering my aim to spray her breasts and hard, protruding nipples. My final spurt landed on her chin and I watched, mesmerized, as it flowed slowly down and hung suspended in the air, before gravity took hold and it dripped down to the cleft between her heaving breasts.

I knelt with her before my legs gave way, and leaned forward, kissing her closed eyelids and using my tongue and lips to gently clean away my thick, hot juices.

I was thankful that Julie had helped me overcome any hang-ups I may have had about tasting my own cum, and Cyn stayed completely still as I cleared her eyes. When that was done I kissed her lips, tasting more of my own salty cream. “I can’t believe that every time I’m with you it just gets better and better!” I whispered.

Her eyes flickered open and she looked into mine, taking my face in her hands and kissing me deeply.

“And I can’t believe I’ve found a man who’ll clean his own cum from my face like that. That was the…..most erotic thing anyone has ever done for me!!!” She said in amazement. “You really are full of surprises!”

I smiled back at her, quietly thinking that, after the pleasure she had given me it was the least I could do! We managed to get to our feet and sit back at the table, sipping champagne to quench our thirsts.

When we regained our composure I reluctantly suggested that time was passing and there were things to do, so I got dressed as Cyn headed for the shower and we agreed to meet outside. I went back to my place and got the mower out of the garage, making sure I had a full can of fuel, as I figured I’d burn plenty to get her grass under control. Bill hadn’t mowed the lawns for months, and the grass was well over a foot high in places, so this was going be a challenge.

Cyn arrived in a pair of shorts and halter top and I suggested she follow me around with a barrow, and when I emptied the grass catcher she could take the cuttings down the back and pile them up against the fence. I raised the mower to the highest setting, pulled the starter cord and got into it.

It was so slow it was painful, as I had to move the mower at a snail’s pace that allowed it to chop through the tall grass without clogging the catcher chute.

The other factor was that I was lucky to do a thirty foot strip before the catcher was full and I had to empty it into the barrow, talk about slow going. It took two full hours before we finished the front yard, and like my place, Cyn’s house was set forward on the block which meant the back yard was a lot larger! She gave me an apologetic smile and made a drinking motion, and I smiled and gave her an emphatic nod as I shut the mower down.

She came back with a jug of soda and ice, and poured two tall glasses. We had both worked up a decent sweat, and sat on the cut grass as we drained our glasses thirstily and poured refills. “I’m sorry Tony!” Cyn said in apology as she looked around her yard. “We’ve really let this get out of control haven’t we?”

I gave her a rueful smile. “We’ll just file this under “shit-happens,” ok? Look, if it takes a couple of days that’s fine Cyn.

I’ve got the time and there are worse things I could be doing than working outside on a great day like this!”

“Just the same, I feel guilty that you have do all this work for us. ” She said, looking a little uncomfortable. “I’m going to have to come up with a pretty special repayment plan for this job!”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something appropriate!” I laughed, as I looked at my watch and tapped the dial.

“I hate to break up the party when we’re having so much fun, but you’ll be late for work if you don’t get moving. ”

“Damn, time for another shower!” She kissed me and headed inside, while I looked mournfully at the mower before firing it up for another shift. Cyn was back around twenty minutes later, smiling and blowing me a kiss before she headed for her car.

I kept working away, making progress but at a frustratingly slow pace.

The pile of clippings was now approaching a small mountain, and I was sure Cyn wouldn’t need to buy garden mulch for years. I ran out of fuel and had to take a trip down to the gas station, and bought a second can which I filled as well. By the time the girls got home from school I was still only halfway through the back yard, and the remaining overgrown section still looked intimidating.

Kat brought me a drink and offered to take Cyn’s place as barrow girl, an offer that I accepted with gratitude, but darkness crept in and we admitted defeat for the day with a small section left. I thanked Kat for all her help, and we headed inside for a coffee and a rest. We were chatting away when my skin started to feel itchy, and I couldn’t help but scratch as it spread over my body.

Kat raised an eyebrow as my scratching intensified. “Something wrong Tony?” She asked.

“I’m not sure!” I replied. “I was fine before, but now I’m feeling itchy all over. Look, I think I’ll head home to shower and change. There must be something in the grass that is irritating my skin. ”

“I’ll come with you!” She said with a smile, and ran off to tell Tiff and Shannon where she was going before I had the chance to reply.

She flew back in, still smiling as I raked my skin with my finger nails, the sensations getting worse by the minute. “Come on Tony, we need to clean your skin before you scratch it away!”

We ran across the lawn to my place, and as soon as I had the door open I was tearing off my clothes and leaving a trail to the bathroom. Kat just beat me inside and turned on the taps for me as I slid my shorts and boxers down and dived in.

I scrubbed my skin furiously as she sat on the toilet with tears of laughter streaming down her face. “I’m really glad one of us thinks this is amusing!” I growled.

“Oh God!” She gasped as she smiled at me, struggling to rein in her amusement at my predicament. “I’m sorry Tony honestly, but it was just so funny! Seeing you trying to run, and take your clothes off, and scratching like crazy, all at the same time! Oh God, it was just the funniest sight ever!!!” I had soaped and scrubbed every square inch of skin in record time, and I was finally feeling some relief.

She had finally managed to stop laughing at my plight, but her eyes were still sparkling as she looked at me. “Feeling better now?” She asked, and when I nodded she merely said “Good!” and started taking off her school shoes and socks. She stood and unzipped her skirt, sliding it slowly down her slender legs before hooking her fingers in her panties and repeating her movements. Her eyes never left mine as she unbuttoned her blouse, slipping it from her shoulders before reaching behind to unclasp her bra.

With her last piece of clothing gone she joined me in the shower, taking the soap and washcloth from my hands and soaping me down again. “I’m glad you never got around to replacing your bandage, I’ve been looking forward to this for days!” She whispered.

She was softly washing my cock and my balls, and all I could do was lean back against the tiles and groan. My cock was growing harder by the second, and when she finished washing me she handed me the cloth and soap and turned her back to me.

I started with her neck and shoulders and slowly worked my way down, loving how she felt so comfortable that she spread her legs as I reached her butt, so that I could lovingly clean her tight rosebud. I worked down to her ankles before lifting one foot, then the other. She turned for me and again I started at her neck, working my way down once more. Her shoulders, breasts, stomach, waist, and legs were soaped and rinsed in turn, before I turned my attention to her sweet, tender pussy.

I was done with the soap, sliding my fingers up and down her labia as I moved them apart and slipped a finger inside. She was incredibly wet, though the slipperiness of my movements conveyed that the running water had nothing to do with her aroused state.

She d****d her arms loosely around my neck, and I slid my hands under her butt cheeks, picking her up as though she weighed nothing at all.

Her legs wrapped around my waist in a scissor grip, while one slim hand tightened its hold around my neck and the other headed down, searching for my cock. When she found it I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft, before she aimed it toward the place we both wanted it to be.

I lowered her down an inch and felt her slide my cock-head up and down her slippery slit, before she held still and I lowered her a little more.

The head slipped easily inside, meeting no resistance at all. Her other hand rejoined the first around my neck. “Fuck me lover!” She whispered in my ear. “Fuck my hot, wet cunt!”

I slid her easily up and down, feeling her grip on my neck increase as I lifted her, and relax as I let her slide down on my shaft. Six or seven strokes was all it took to have my full length sliding deep in her pussy, feeling her juices flowing down and bathing my balls as the water cascaded over us.

She squealed softly in my ear as her first cum rippled through her body, her sweet juices bathing my cock as I slowly picked up speed. I moved so that I could rest her back against the wet tiles and started thrusting harder. “Oh God yes!” She whispered. “I missed your cock so bad last night! I lay in bed and played with my pussy for hours thinking of you fucking me.

Fucking my mouth, fucking my cunt, and the way you fucked my tight little ass!”

“Is that so honey?” I hissed. “So what would you like now? Would you like me to pump a huge load of cum deep into your little cunt? Is that you want from my cock?”

“Oh yes! YES!” She groaned. “Fuck my tight little cunt! Pump me full of your hot cum! I want to feel your juices filling me up!!!”

I was thrusting hard now, feeling almost no resistance as I slid deep into her moist pussy.

She came again, harder this time, tremors racking her body as her flow increased. I was getting closer, but this time I wasn’t going to warn her of my impending release. “Look at me baby!” I hissed, as my balls tightened in readiness. Her eyes opened and blazed at me as my first spray fired up my shaft and erupted deep inside her. She felt my juices pumping, mixing with her own, and squealed as she joined me, her body shaking as tremors radiated from the point of our intimate connection.

We both kept cumming, pumping so much liquid that I felt the pressure build, trying to f***e my cock free. Despite the water still flowing down our bodies, I could actually feel our juices ooze past my cock and coat my balls, so hot it was bordering on uncomfortable.

I held still, feeling her tremors gradually subside as she clung to my neck, her slender legs still wrapped around my waist.

“Oh God. Oh Fuck! Oh my fucking God!!!” She whispered. “I can’t believe how good it feels to have your cock in my cunt!”

I smiled and kissed her forehead. “Making love to you is fantastic Kat! Simply fan-fucking-tastic!!!”

I lifted her slightly, allowing my softening cock to slide free, before gently lowering her down, maintaining my hold until I was sure she could stand. She rested her head against my chest, breathing slowly and deeply.

“Can we stay just like this forever?” She whispered.

“Fine with me, but when the hot water runs out it’s going to get pretty damn cold!” I laughed.

With some reluctance we washed each other down again, and turned off the taps. She toweled me dry and I returned the favor, and then she picked up the hair-dryer and worked it over my head before drying her long, blonde tresses.

We dressed and headed back to her place, strolling across the lawn hand-in-hand.

As we walked across we met Cyn coming over, an anxious look on her face. “Are you ok Tony? The girls said you some kind of strange itching attack!”

Kat started laughing again. “It’s ok Mom, but it was sooo funny! Tony started itching and scratching; we figure it must have been something in the grass.

Anyway, he had to run over and have a shower to wash it off!”

I was looking embarrassed as Cyn smiled. “Well, as long as you’re all right now. ” She said.

“I’m fine, but it was pretty weird!” I replied. “We ran out of light and Kat made me a coffee, and we were just sitting in the kitchen when the itching started, and by the time I got to my place I couldn’t scratch fast enough.

My whole body felt like it was on fire, and Kat found it highly amusing!” I laughed.

Before that topic went any further Tiff appeared with Cyn’s cell. “Mom!” She called out. “It’s the Sherriff for you. ”

Cyn took the phone, and a look of concern came over her face as the Sherriff spoke. We couldn’t hear what he was saying, but we slowly walked inside and sat in the den as their discussion continued for several minutes, before Cyn looked at me.

“Actually, Tony’s here now Sherriff. Would you like to speak to him?”

She handed me the phone. “Hi Sherriff, another late night for you?” I enquired.

“I’m afraid so Tony. I’m sorry to be calling so late, but as I just explained to Cynthia there’s good news and bad news. The three men who showed up on Saturday night are pleading guilty and assisting the Feds with some other matters, so they’re being transferred out tonight.

The number and serious nature of their charges means the only concession they’ll receive is whether they do hard time in a maximum security penitentiary, or slightly easier time in medium security, so they’ll never trouble you again. ”

“That’s obviously the good news Sherriff, and I thank you for that. I’m sure Cyn and the girls will sleep better, and I feel more comfortable knowing they’re out of circulation. I guess that brings us to the bad news?”

He went on.

“Bill has decided to plead not guilty, which means we’re looking at a jury trial. We had a case listed for tomorrow where the defendant has decided to plead guilty at the last minute, so Judge Jensen has moved Bill’s case up. I’ll need Cynthia, Katrina and you in my office at nine am please, as we have some things to discuss before we head across to the court house by ten. ”

“Sure thing Sherriff, we’ll be there.

” I assured him. “I can’t believe he’s pleading not guilty. ”

“Neither can I Tony. ” He agreed. “But he does have that right under the law, and he’s looking at a sentence of ten years plus if found guilty, so I guess he figures he has nothing to lose. ”

When the Sherriff put it that way it was a little easier to understand, but I privately detested that Bill wouldn’t “man-up” and take responsibility for his deplorable actions.

Then he went on. “It’s up to you whether you bring Tiffany and Shannon along, though personally I don’t think it’s a good idea. This could be confronting for them and reopen some bad memories, but that’s just how I feel about it, I can’t make that decision for you. ”

“I agree. ” I assured him. “But that’s really Cyn’s call. ”

“There’s one more thing Tony. ” He continued.

“As I’ve told Cynthia, she and Katrina have the right to present Victim Impact Statements, but they’re under no obligation to do so. Unfortunately you don’t, as you weren’t directly affected by the crimes Bill has been charged with. ”

“I’ve never heard of that Sherriff, what’s that all about?” I asked.

“It was introduced a few years and I’m a supporter. The victims of crime now have the opportunity to present a statement to the court and the defendant about how they were affected by the crime.

Psychologically it can be very positive, as it gives the victim an opportunity to tell the perpetrator exactly what damage has been done, and to clear the air and hopefully move on with their lives. If the verdict is guilty, the judge will take this statement into consideration when he passes sentence. As I said, there’s no obligation to do this, it’s up to the person concerned. ”

I was still thinking this through, but I could see it had some merit.

“I understand how that could help, and I’ll talk to Cyn and Kat about it. Is that it?”

“Yes, I think that’s more than enough. I’ll see you tomorrow. ”

“Thanks Sherriff. Good night!” I replied.

I handed Cyn her cell and gave her a concerned look. “Are you ok?” I said softly.

She gave me a tentative half-smile. “Ummm…. I guess so? I knew this day was coming….

but tomorrow? That’s awful sudden!”

“It sure is. ” I agreed. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I think so, but…..I should put dinner on…so after…. ?” She replied hesitantly.

I went over and held her gently. “I’ll be there with you and I’ll do anything I can to help you through this. You know that don’t you?”

I felt her head nod against my chest, and her arms wrapped around me and squeezed.

“I’ll need you tomorrow. ”

“This is not my place but…. would you like me to talk to Kat about the victim statement?” I said hesitantly, unsure where the boundaries lay for something like this.

She nodded again. “If you could do that I’d really appreciate it!”

She eased free and headed for the kitchen, so I went over to Kat. “We need to talk, can we go to your room?”

We went to her room and sat on the bed, and I related the details of the Sherriff’s discussion.

She was clearly relieved that Bill’s visitors were going away for a long time. “Thank God!” She whispered. “I never want to see those men again!!!”

“That makes five of us!” I agreed, and I proceeded to tell her about the Victim Impact Statement. I explained it precisely as the Sherriff had with me, talking about the potential benefit in helping her move on, and stressing she was under no pressure whatsoever to do this.

She smiled at me and rested her hand on my knee. “I love the way you care about us Tony! What do you think I should do?”

“Kat, do you believe I see you as a woman, and not a child?” I asked, and she hesitated for a second before she nodded. “Then you don’t need me to make that decision for you. Think about it over dinner if you need to, but the only advice I would offer is to trust your own judgment.

If you think you’ll feel better by doing this, then that’s what you should do. If the idea makes you feel uncomfortable, then don’t do it. ”

Her eyes glistened. “Ok, I’ll think about for a while…. but……I think it might help if I do it!”

“Whatever you decide is fine honey!” I assured her, and we headed back to the kitchen.

Cyn seemed to have recovered from the initial shock and was busily preparing dinner.

I sniffed the air. “That smells great! What’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Spaghetti bolognaise. ” She replied, before laughing as she added. “The meat was on special!”

The mood at dinner was understandably subdued, and I came the conclusion that the Sherriff’s short notice was probably a good thing, as it didn’t give Cyn and her girls too much time to think about it. But I also realized I was not one of the people looking to send a husband and father to prison, regardless of how much he deserved to be there.

Tomorrow was going to be a difficult day.

I helped Cyn clean up and then took her into the den. “I understand this is not the night for me to take you to bed and make love to you. ” I told her. “So, do you want me go home and pick you up in the morning…. or would you rather I stay and keep you company?”

She squeezed my hand.

“I’d love the company Tony, thanks. I don’t think I want to be alone tonight. ”

I made her a coffee and we talked for quite a while, before tiredness crept over us and we headed for bed. I lay beside her, feeling the warmth radiating from her body, and we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Cyn prepared a light breakfast as no one had much of an appetite.

Tiff and Shannon were not impressed with having to go school, and both made it clear they felt the family should be together. Cyn was equally convinced that she didn’t want them in court and I respected the no-win aspect of her decision. Thankfully they were mature enough to realize she was protecting them, and each gave her a particularly warm hug before they headed for school. Tiff motioned for me to follow her, so I walked them to the door.

Her eyes locked onto mine and I was surprised at the intensity of her gaze. “Shannon and I are not even close to happy about this Tony!” She said quietly, but with a clear determination in her voice.

“That’s for sure!” Shannon agreed with a similar level of vehemence, before Tiff continued.

“The only reason we’re not inside arguing the point right now is that Mom and Kat have more than enough to deal with today, and we know when Mom makes a decision she normally sticks by it.

This strength and determination was a side of them I hadn’t seen before. I realized I had been so wrapped up in my relationship with Cyn and Kat that I’d completely underestimated them, and I needed to stop treating them as kids.

“I’m not going to try and change your Mom’s mind, but that’s not why you wanted talk to me is it?” I said, thinking as I spoke.

Tiff shook her head. “No it’s not. We need to know that you’ll take care of Mom and Kat today, and that’s not a little-k** “you look after my Mommy and big sister” statement. Dad did unspeakable things to Shannon and I, but Kat and Mom bore the brunt of his sick behavior. You need to step up today, and ensure you do whatever it takes to support them. And we’re not moving until we have your word on that!”

They looked at me with expressions that I wouldn’t say were defiant, but clearly determined.

“That’s more than fair. ” I assured them. “You have my word I’ll do whatever I have to, and I’ll message you both as soon it’s finished. Are you ok with that?”

The glanced at each other and nodded. “Thanks Tony. ” Tiff replied. “Don’t forget to message us!” They headed off to the bus stop and I smiled and shook my head. I had a pair of determined, protective young women to contend with on top of everything else, though I did admire their spirit!

We drove into town and met the Sherriff, and he took us into his office and introduced us to Jeff, who was the prosecutor assigned to Bill’s case.

Jeff asked if we had been involved in a court trail before, and when we all gave negative replies he patiently explained the process. He took us through opening arguments, jury selection, and how the charges would be read out and Bill would have to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty for each charge.

“Don’t we already know Bill is pleading not guilty?” Cyn asked.

Jeff nodded.

“Yes we do, but he still has to formally respond to each charge so that it is recorded in the court transcripts. ”

“Seems a waste of time to me!” Cyn replied.

Jeff smiled. “To be honest I agree completely!” He went on the explain how our statements and the police reports would be entered into evidence, and the attending Police officers would testify as to what they found, and any statements Bill or we had made at the time.

He gave us a rueful smile. “Then it will be your turn. I don’t want to alarm you, but I do need to prepare you for your turn in the witness box. Unfortunately Victoria Sommers is the court-appointed public defender, and she is an aggressive attorney trying to build a reputation by taking on difficult cases, and winning some of them! There are no guarantees at trial, but this case is as close to a slam-dunk as they get.

Her tactics will be to discredit the evidence or find a procedural error somewhere, or to pressure you into changing your testimony under cross-examination. ”

We must have all looked concerned at that piece of information, and he gave us a reassuring smile.

“I can’t predict exactly what her tactics will be, but there are some that you can use yourselves. Do not allow her to pressure you or bully you into changing your testimony.

If she asks the same questions, just wording them differently, you just keep on giving the same answer. The judge understands that many witnesses have never been in court before, and he will be sympathetic, so if an attorney crosses the line or pushes too hard he’ll instruct them to back off or move on. Judge Jensen is one of the best I have ever seen, and he will ensure Bill gets a fair trial, but he won’t allow witnesses to be pushed too far by the defense or the prosecution! Another tactic you can use is time, so if you need a moment or two to get your thoughts together, then you should take it.

If you want a sip of water before you give an answer then that’s fine too. The judge won’t allow you to waste time, but he won’t condone attorney pressure to try and trip you up, ok?”

We all nodded, but I was sure we didn’t look particularly convincing.

“Just remember that you are not on trial here. ” Jeff went on. “We are here to hopefully close an unfortunate period in your lives, and I have the greatest respect for what you went through, and that you’ve come here today to see that justice is done.

You have my word that I’ll do everything I can to make tomorrow the first day of a better life for you all. ”

There was nothing more to say, so we headed for the courthouse. We were shown to our seats and Bill was led in with handcuffs around his wrists. When he was seated the court officer removed his cuffs, and Bill rubbed his wrists as he conferred with a woman who must have been his attorney.

A court officer announced Judge Jensen, and he came through a side door as we all stood, taking our seats when he had taken his place on the bench. The proceedings got underway much as Jeff had told us, and I was interested to see that Victoria used all of her jury challenges to remove as many women as possible until she had exhausted her allocation.

Reading the charges took quite some time, and Bill and Victoria stood as they were read out, Bill pleading not guilty to each charge.

The statements and police reports were entered, and all too soon it was my time to take the stand. I swore my oath and took my seat, and I’d be the first to admit I was perspiring freely.

Things started off easily enough, as Jeff took me through my testimony and the events of that fateful night. He was clearly a very capable attorney, and his questions were framed to paint a very graphic picture for the members of the jury.

When I glanced across I could see them leaning forward, listening intently to my answers. When he finished I felt things were going well, and then Victoria commenced her cross-examination.

“Mr. Allen, I see you’re very experienced in martial arts. Tell me, why would an average, middle-aged man devote so much time to improve his skills in such an anti-social, aggressive activity?”

I took a deep breath, remembering Jeff’s words about dealing with f***eful attorneys.

“That is nothing more than a common misconception. ” I replied, keeping an even tone in my voice. “There are many different forms of martial arts. The majority, including the discipline I follow, have three points of focus. They are mental discipline, physical fitness, and the ability to defend yourself. ”

She smiled at the jury and then looked back at me. “That sounds like a line from a PR flyer! You say the discipline you follow teaches self-defense, and yet you went over to the Weston house, kicked the front door in, and attacked four men, breaking the leg of one man in three places! I would hardly define that as self-defense Sir! I put it to you that you were the aggressor, and you entered private property with the intention of inflicting as much damage as you could!”

Ok, now I knew where she was going and my bleed pressure was increasing.

If she was going to portray me as the aggressor I was determined to take that approach out of play. I took a slow sip of water from my glass and a couple of deep breaths…..and then I smiled back at her. “To be candid I’ve never read a PR flyer for a martial arts school so I can’t comment on what they say. To address your specific points, I heard a disturbance at the Weston’s house and went over to investigate; when I heard screams coming from inside the house I attempted to open the door, found it was locked, so I fucked it open.

When I entered the house I saw one man with his penis in Katrina’s vagina, and another attempting to put his penis into Katrina’s mouth. I apologize if the way I’m describing this makes anyone feel uncomfortable, but that is precisely what I saw. I told the men they should leave, they refused. They came at me so I dealt with them. I categorically refute your suggestion that I was the aggressor, as that is simply not the case.

I believe I did break the leg of one man, but I assure you that was not my intention and only occurred due to his aggression. As I dealt with each man and determined they were no longer a threat I took no further action against them. With Katrina’s help I secured them and called the police. You seem to have conveniently overlooked that it was four against one, and my primary concern was to ensure I didn’t go down.

Had I done so, the consequences for the Cynthia and her daughters would have been extremely serious. ”

She seemed unconcerned about my response. “Tell me Mr. Allen. Do you enjoy other physical contact sports? Do you watch boxing, cage fighting, or any other forms of male combat?”

“Not only do I not watch them or participate in them, I find them offensive. ” I replied. “The idea that men, or women, would attempt to render an opponent u*********s to win money, or for television ratings, is simply deplorable.

She tried a few other lines of questioning which I managed to deal with, until she told the judge she had no further questions. Jeff gave me a smile and subtle thumbs-up as I walked back to my seat, and then Cyn was called.

Once again Jeff led her through events, and then Victoria took her turn. If I thought she’d given me a hard time it was nothing compared to way she attacked Cyn, and it was all I could do to stay in my seat, and not leap the wooden railing and wrap my hands around her throat.

Her approach was to insist Cyn was an incapable mother, who had knowingly allowed things to continue and even condoned Bill’s actions. Again and again she asked Cyn why she had not called the Police, child Services or any other agency. Cyn was trembling and her face was white, but she held her nerve and told the court how Bill had repeatedly assaulted her and girls, and threatened to hunt them down and kill them if they ever tried to leave.

She explained that they had no money to fund an escape, nor did she have relatives she could call on for support.

I didn’t know how much more Cyn could take, when Judge Jensen intervened. “Councilor!” He said firmly. “I’ve given you more than enough latitude with this line of questioning, move on!”

Victoria wasn’t done, and I grudgingly acknowledged she wasn’t short of courage. “You honor, I feel this is a critical factor in this case, and I haven’t completed this line of questioning.

This may give me grounds for appeal if I’m not permitted to follow through. ”

Judge Jensen’s face clearly conveyed that she had crossed the line. “Approach the bench!” He snapped, and Victoria finally realized she had gone too far as she hesitantly walked over. Surprisingly the judge made no attempt to cover his microphone, so the court heard every detail of a brief but direct one-sided discussion. “Councilor, you have questioned my direct instructions, and then threatened me with an appeal.

Unless you withdraw that inference immediately I will hold you in contempt, and give you a night in the cells to reconsider your position. I will also lodge a report with the Bar Association about your unprofessional conduct in my court!”

Victoria’s face was ashen, and she appeared to be shaking. “My apologies your honor, I withdraw my remark and sincerely regret making it. Ummm…..I have no further questions for this witness.

The Judge told her she could step back, and then smiled at Cyn. “The witness is excused; you may return to your seat…. and the court thanks you for your tolerance. ”

There were no further witnesses so the Judge called for closing arguments. Jeff stood in front of the jury box and presented what I felt was a very strong close, making eye contact with each juror as he referred to the strength of the evidence, the testimony provided, and the nature of the brutal crimes Bill was accused of committing.

By comparison Victoria didn’t seem to connect with the jury, but nonetheless did her best to create an element of reasonable doubt, referring again to my supposed aggression and Cyn’s failure to look for outside help, citing a variety of agencies that, she claimed, could have intervened.

When she had finished the Judge looked at Cyn and Kat. “Mrs. Weston, Katrina, before the jury retires to consider their verdict, you have the opportunity to provide the court with a Victim Impact Statement.

Has this been explained to you, and do understand you are under no obligation to do so?”

They both stood and nodded. “Yes your honor. ”

“Mrs. Weston, do you wish to make a statement to the court?” He asked in a kindly tone.

Cyn and I had discussed this, and while she could see the potential benefit she was very unsure she could make it through without breaking down, and had finally decided against it.

“No, your honor, but thank you. ” She replied, and he smiled and nodded.

“Katrina, would you like to make a statement to the court?”

“Yes please your honor. ” She said softly.

A court officer led her to the witness box and poured a clean glass of water. Judge Jensen gave her a kindly smile before looking at Bill. “The defendant will rise and face his daughter.

Katrina, in your own time, and whenever you’re ready. ”

Bill stood but couldn’t make eye contact with Kat, and I could feel Cyn’s fingernails digging into the palm of my hand as she squeezed, her eyes locked on her daughter. Kat unfolded a slip of paper from her purse, took a steadying sip of water, and looked at her father.

“Dad. You brought me into the world and for many years you were my hero.

You were the man who disciplined me when I did something wrong, and praised me when I did something right. You came to my open days at school, you cheered me on at sports, and you and Mom taught me values that I’m only just coming to appreciate. You taught me right from wrong, good from bad, the value of kindness and consideration, and how to stand up for myself and my sisters. ”

She paused for another sip of water, and looked at Cyn and I with misty eyes before looking back at Bill.

“But lately you’ve taught me other things; things that have hurt me and caused me to lie awake at night, wondering…. why…. you would do these things to me. ” She paused for a second, and before she continued I realized that I couldn’t hear a sound, this room full of people was absolutely and totally silent. “You’ve taught me about fear and about pain, and the sting of your hand across my face and my body.

You’ve taught me that alcohol can turn a person I’ve known all my life into a beast that I just want to run from, and keep running until my legs give out. You’ve taught me what it feels like to be truly helpless, as I’ve watched you take out your rage on my mother, my sisters, and me. ” She paused again, and I could see tears streaming down her face. Once again I wanted to jump the railing, but this time for an entirely different reason.

Cyn was sobbing quietly, and I put my arm around her shoulders in an attempt to comfort her. In the meantime Kat took a trembling breath and kept going. “You taught me about degradation, how it feels to be treated like a worthless piece of flesh, and sold to strangers as if I were a common prostitute. But worst of all, you took my virginity, my once-in-a-lifetime gift from God. The one thing you and Mom told me to hang onto for as long as I could, and give as a gift to a person I believed genuinely loved me.

You took this as though it meant nothing, and then you took my sisters’ as well!”

She lifted her head, dropping her piece of paper, her lips trembling as she looked at Bill, who was quietly sobbing and incapable of meeting her gaze.

“I cannot forgive you for what you have done, and I want you to know I no longer have a father. I will not write to you, I will not visit you, and I will NEVER have any contact with you for as long as you live.

I hope one day I will fall in love and marry a decent man, as I now know what that quality is. I hope to have children, but for as long as there is breath in my body they will never be exposed to someone like you. Goodbye Dad, Goodbye forever. ”

Kat stood there, tears streaming down her cheeks, looking at her father as he sobbed uncontrollably. I was no better, tears rolling from my eyes, and when I looked around the courtroom there were men and women openly crying, or dabbing their eyes with tissues.

Even Judge Jensen looked be having difficulty retaining his composure, and he briefly banged his gavel. “Ah…thank you Katrina…..I think it’s appropriate if we have a ten minute recess. ” He said as he stood, and he left the courtroom before the bailiff had time to tell us to stand.

Kat came over and hugged us as we cried, and we stood holding each other until we started to regain some semblance of control.

We went out into the hallway and sat on a bench, feeling completely numb from our ordeal, and while there were so many things I wanted to say, I couldn’t find the words. I was sitting between them and put arm around each, drawing as much comfort from having them close and I hoped they were getting from me. I felt drained, completely inadequate, as though I had let them down in the worst possible way, so we sat in silence until the bailiff came out and told us the Judge would be back in a minute.

We took our seats, praying this was almost over, and the bailiff called “All rise!” as Judge Jensen returned to his place on the bench.

Before he could speak Victoria stood and looked to the Judge. “Your honor, if it pleases the court, my client would like to change his plea, and enter a plea of guilty on all charges. I would ask that it be recorded that this is against the advice of counsel, but my client is insistent.

The Judge glared at Victoria and Bill. “The defendant will stand. ” Bill got slowly to his feet. “This is highly irregular, particularly in view of what your family has endured today through your original plea of not-guilty. Are you now certain you want me to record a change of plea to guilty on all charges?”

Bill nodded. “Yes your honor. ”

“Very well. Mrs. Weston, Katrina, Mr.

Allen, would you stand please?” We took our feet, wondering what was about to happen. Judge Jensen smiled at us before looking directly at Kat. “Katrina, I have served on the bench for more years than I care to remember, and I am also a father, though my daughters are somewhat older than you. However, I have never heard a more moving, eloquent statement than the one you delivered today, and I have no doubt what motivated your father to change his plea.

I hold your conduct today in the highest regard, and you have my personal respect for the way you have conducted yourself under extremely difficult circumstances. You are fine young woman, and you have my sincere best wishes for the future. ”

“Thank you your honor, it means a great deal to hear you say that!” Kat replied.

The Judge smiled at her again and looked at Cyn. “Mrs.

Weston, you don’t need me to tell you what a fine young woman your daughter is, in fact I’m sure you’d happily tell me all about her. However, what I do wish to convey is that, regardless of what may have been suggested in this court room today…. ” He paused for a brief but pointed stare at Victoria before he continued “young people like Katrina are the result of consistent, quality parenting. It is clear that you had no opportunity to change or minimize the events that have brought you before me today, but my wish for you is that you leave with no doubts regarding your capacity to raise and protect your family.

The only proof you should require is standing beside you. ”

“Thank you your honor. My family and I are very grateful. ” She said quietly.

“You’re most welcome, which brings me to you Mr. Allen. Your actions typify all that is right and wrong with our nation today. This nation was founded by people who believed in the values of community, and being prepared to help their neighbors in times of adversity.

Sadly these values are often forgotten or ignored, particularly in our cities. My views may be seen as old-fashioned, but I like to think that those of us in smaller communities still believe these are qualities worth keeping, and passing to our children. You put yourself in a position of great personal danger to help your neighbors, to the extent you were wounded in doing so. If not for your intervention the outcome would have been far worse, and your selfless actions do you great credit.

You have the thanks of this court, and deserve the same from this community Sir. ”

“Thank you honor. If I may say Sir, being here today has restored my faith in our system of justice. ”

He gave me a smile but didn’t respond. “You may be seated. ” He said to us before turning to Bill who was still standing, and Victoria now stood up beside him.

“Mr. Weston, the crimes to which you have pleaded guilty are the most heinous, reprehensible crimes that could be committed under the law. You occupy a position of trust under God and the law as a father, husband, and member of this community. You have violated that trust by your conduct against the very people you are supposed to protect against this form of abuse. You have systematically victimized people who do not have the physical strength to resist you, and are guilty of offering your own children, including two under the age of consent, for the purposes of prostitution.

There is no plausible justification for your actions. The maximum sentence I can impose for these crimes is twenty years with hard labor, and that is the sentence of this court. I am required to set a non-parole period despite my reluctance to do so; therefore you will be eligible for parole in not less than eighteen years and six months. Bailiff, you may remove the prisoner. ”

As the bailiff moved over to e****t Bill away, the Judge thanked and discharged the jury, before he banged his gavel and announced that court was adjourned.

The courtroom erupted as the Judge left, and I hadn’t realized how many people were in the public gallery. They were all standing, applauding and cheering, as were the members of the jury! Bill went as white as a ghost and Victoria appeared horrified at the length of the sentence the Judge had handed down. The bailiff replaced Bill’s handcuffs before firmly leading him away, and Cyn, Kat and I slumped in our chairs, unable to comprehend that it was finally over.

Jeff and the Sherriff were grinning and shaking hands before they came over to us. They shook hands with each of us before Jeff spoke. “Feel like you’ve been ten rounds with Mike Tyson?”

We all nodded. “I’m not sure what to feel!” Cyn replied. “But I cannot tell you how good it is to know that it’s over now!”

The Sherriff gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder.

“It’ll take a few days to settle down, but you all did an amazing job. I can’t believe how well you held up to Sommers’ cross examination. Most of the team in the prosecutor’s office call her The Terrier, because she sinks her teeth in and won’t let go!”

At that point we heard a pronounced cough, and looked to see Victoria standing there, apparently not the least embarrassed by the Sherriff’s comment.

She pushed past the Sherriff and Jeff without so much as an “excuse me” until she was standing in front of us, and it was clear Cyn was not happy to see her. “Look, I just wanted to come over and say congratulations. ” She said directly. “I hope I wasn’t too hard on you, but I’m just doing my job, ok? Everyone’s entitled to a fair trial. ” She extended her hand, inviting me to shake with her.

I put a protective arm around Cyn and ignored Victoria’s extended hand. “Really? Just doing your job? I was wondering how you sleep at night!” I sneered. She looked ready to launch a counter-attack but I held up my hand. “Let me guess, you’re not married and you don’t you have children do you?”

“Well I don’t see what that has to with anything, but no, I’m not married, and I don’t have children.

” She responded brusquely.

“It figures. ” I replied. “I’m sure that one day you’ll fall in love, get married and have kids. When you do, I want you to think back to today. I want you to remember how you attacked a woman you have never met, and publicly questioned her capacity as a mother, because you were just doing your job. And then I want you to think about how you went after me, because I didn’t want to see my neighbors been abused in the worst possible way, because you were just doing your job.

I have just one thing to say to you. ”

“And what would that be?” She enquired, confidently standing her ground.


She recoiled as though I had slapped her face, her color draining as we watched, and she spun on her heel and pushed past Jeff and the Sherriff and ran through the doors.

I turned to the girls, still shaking in anger but horrified at what I had done. “I’m so sorry, that was unforgivable! Oh God, I don’t know what came over me! I never use language like that in public!”

Cyn squeezed my hand. “I don’t have a problem with anything you said Tony! Kat, are you ok with that?”

“Apart from being sorry I didn’t think of it first, I’m cool with it.

” She said, smiling as though she’d just won the lottery.

I turned to Jeff and the Sherriff, but they were smiling as well. The bailiff came over and gave the Sherriff a curious look. “Everything ok here Sherriff? I just saw Miss Sommers race out of here, and I swear she was crying. I’ve seen her angry about losing a case before, but I’ve never seen her cry about it!”

The bailiff was a large man by any measure, and the Sherriff actually had to beckon to him to bend down so he could whisper in his ear.

As he did, the bailiffs eyes went wide and he looked at me in amazement. “No Way! No Fucking Way! Sorry! Begging your pardon ladies!”

Then he looked at Jeff who grinned and nodded, before he came over and extended his huge hand to me. I shook with him and he nearly crushed my fingers in his grip, and then he slapped me on the shoulder, coming very close to dislocating it.

“Sir, let me shake you by the hand! If you are ever down at Danny’s Bar on a Friday night, I promise you, you won’t pay for a drink all night. Wait till I tell the boys about this, someone actually called Sommers a ….. and got away with it! Never thought I’d see the day!” He said as he walked away, still shaking his head.

We went out into the sunshine, Cyn on one side of me and Kat on the other, linking arms with me as we walked down the stairs.

Both were laughing and smiling, still highly amused that I’d dropped the C-Bomb on Bill’s defense lawyer. Cyn looked up at me with sparkling eyes. “I don’t think anyone has ever stood up for me like that before!”

I was still embarrassed, and somewhat shocked that I’d lost control to that extent. “Oh God, I really am sorry! I just lost it. I still can’t believe I said that!”

She stroked my arm in gesture of reassurance, still smiling broadly.

“To be honest I’ve never been a fan of the c-word outside the bedroom, but somehow that just seemed…. perfectly appropriate!”

Thankfully, Kat wasn’t fazed either. “I’d call that karma Tony. Did you see the look on her face when you told her get out of your effing sight? That was the best case of shot-down, crashed and burned I’ve ever seen!” She laughed.

I certainly hadn’t planned it that way, but it seemed that brief exchange had blown away all the stress, tension and anxiety like a warm evening breeze.

Two minutes before I felt like a prize-fighter’s punching bag, and the girls had probably felt even worse. Now we felt relieved and just a little relaxed, and I suggested a coffee and a bite to eat before we headed home.

We found a cafe and the waitress took our order, and I pulled my cell from my pocket. Kat asked what I was doing and I told her I’d promised to message Tiff and Shannon when we finished in court.

She reached over and took my phone, before her fingers flew across the screen. As she messaged, she gave me a smile. “You old people are so slow at texting that it’s actually painful to watch! There, done!”

“Hey you!” Cyn laughingly objected. “Watch the old people stuff!”

Kat gave us both a cheeky smile and blew Cyn a kiss as our coffees arrived. There were things we could and probably should have talked about, but there was no pressing need to do it right that second.

So we sat quietly as we processed the range of emotions we had experienced, and I was certainly thankful the ordeal was over. It had been my first time in a courtroom, and I was in no hurry to repeat the experience.

It was almost time for Tiff and Shannon to get out of school, so I suggested we swing by and save them having to catch the bus home. We timed it just right, pulling up as hordes of kids streamed out the gates.

Cyn spotted the twins first and ran over to greet them, getting two of the largest hugs I’d seen for a while. They slid into the car and we headed home.

Shannon leaned forward and tapped my shoulder, and I could see her eyes shining in the rear view mirror. “Tony, did you REALLY drop the C-Bomb on Dad’s defense attorney?”

Kat replied before I had the chance to figure out what to say.

“Not only did he C-Bomb her, then he stood there with the Sherriff beside us and told her to get out his fucking sight! Even the court bailiff thought it was awesome!”

Shannon whistled. “I would have so loved to see that!”

Cyn smiled at me and then turned to the girls. “It really was one of those classic moments, girls. Tony certainly put her in her place!”

I just shrugged, realizing it would take a while for me to live down my brain-snap.

We arrived at Cyn’s place and she brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and we sat and talked for a while. I took off my jacket and tie and finally started to relax, and looked at Cyn who was stifling a yawn. “I’m sorry, am I boring you?” I smiled.

She gave me an apologetic smile. “Never, but I feel really rung-out, just kind of exhausted. That was such a draining experience; I think I need to lie down for a while!”

I realized I was in a similar state.

“I haven’t had an afternoon nap in ages but I could use one right now, can I come too?”

She stood and extended her hand. “Aren’t we the life of the party?” She laughed. “Come on then!”

Tiff was watching TV and glanced over as we got to our feet. “So where do you two think you’re going?”

The oldies are going for a nap honey, is that ok with you?” Cyn replied.

She grinned at us. “Just leave the door open, we can’t have you getting up to any funny business!”

Cyn threw a cushion which she dodged easily. “kids!” She moaned as she led me away.

We got to her room and yes, we did leave the door open, just having the energy to take off our shoes before we flopped onto the bed. She stroked my face and kissed my cheek softly.

“I can’t thank you enough for today. ” She whispered. “I don’t think we could have got through that without you. ”

“I didn’t think I did that much, in fact I felt pretty helpless when that bitch was grilling you. ” I replied honestly.

“You were there for us, and I could see how much you cared written all over your face. That’s what got me through!” She murmured, and we drifted off the sleep with the sun streaming through the window.

I woke, or rather struggled to, feeling a pair of soft lips on mine. The room was dark and the lips moved to my ear, and I could feel gentle breathing. “It’s time to wake up Tony. ” Kat’s quiet voice filtered through the vanishing shrouds of sleep. “If we let you sleep any longer you’ll be awake at three am wondering what to do with yourself!”

“How long have we been asleep honey?” I groaned as consciousness slowly returned and I managed to pry my eyes open.

Kat was crouching beside the bed, smiling at us. “You two have been dead to the world for three hours, so the twins and I have made dinner for you. I hope you don’t mind, but I went over to your place and brought some wine over. ”

“You have thought of everything haven’t you?” I laughed as Cyn stirred beside us. I checked the doorway to make sure the twins weren’t around, before I took Kat’s face in my hands, kissed her lips, and gazed into her eyes.

“I was so incredibly proud of you today. Your statement was so amazing I can’t describe it; you even had the judge close to tears! That took so much courage and I was…..I felt……it was just…. a privilege to be there and hear you speak like that. I have nothing but admiration for your strength and, whatever happens between us, that is a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life. ”

She was blushing but she never dropped her gaze.

“Ummm…. I don’t know what to say to that!”

“You don’t have to say a thing. ” I reassured her. “But you should know you touched every single person in that courtroom today!”

Cyn had finally regained consciousness. “I couldn’t agree more honey! My God, is it dark already?”

Kat laughed. “Come on sleepy-heads, dinner will be ruined if I don’t get you downstairs!”

The girls had done a great job with dinner, and I could see Cyn really appreciated not having to worry about domestic chores for once.

As it was Friday night she even allowed the twins to have a half glass of wine each, as we celebrated the chance to move on with our lives.

Tiff reminded us she and Shannon were going to a friend’s birthday party tomorrow, something we’d completely forgotten, and they would be staying over for the night. Cyn squeezed my thigh under the table, her intentions arousingly obvious. “What have you got planned for tomorrow?” She asked me.

I thought about that for a second, as I hadn’t really planned anything beyond getting through today in one piece. “I’m thinking tomorrow morning will be a knock-out, smack-down fight to the death!” I announced.

Everyone looked curious so I explained. “Me and my trusty lawnmower, versus the last section of your jungle!”

Kat laughed so hard she almost fell from her chair. “Well, whatever you do, wear coveralls or something, please! I don’t think I could cope with another crazy dash to your place with you scratching like a monkey!”

That had all the girls laughing heartily at my expense, and I had to admit I could see the funny side.

“Ok Kat, OK!” I laughed. “Coveralls, boots, and I’ll even wear a hat!”

“Hopefully, that’ll do it!” She grinned at me.

We finished dinner and the girls insisted on clearing up, and then we all headed for bed, exhausted after a very emotionally draining day.

I woke the next morning to the sensational smell of coffee and bagels, as Cyn carefully placed a tray on the bottom of the bed.

She gave me a hug and a kiss, and there was some intangible change about her that I couldn’t quite pin down. We chatted away and I watched her move around the room, but I still couldn’t put my finger on it.

She sipped her coffee and smiled at me over the rim over her mug. “You know how Tiff and Shannon are sleeping over at Kayla’s place tonight?” She said, almost breathlessly.

I nodded. “Kat and I thought we could organize a special night for you, and then…. we could…. show you how grateful we are for everything you’ve done for us this last week!”

“Now you’ve got my attention honey! Go on. ” I assured her.

She gave me one of sexiest, teasing smiles. “I thought Kat and I could go shopping this morning, maybe pick up some interesting new outfits we could wear for you, something extra-special for dinner, and maybe a couple of bottles of champagne? Just to get things started off on the right foot?”

My cock was reacting as any red-bleeded male would expect, and I was wondering if the girls would let me get away with an hour or so of quality time with their mother.

“Probably not!” was the regrettable conclusion, which only made me more interested in Cyn’s seductive suggestion.

“We’ll have the house to ourselves for the whole night, so we could take things nice and slow!” She went on.

I groaned. “Ok, I’m not dead, so your proposal is having a reaction which I’m sure I don’t have to spell out for you. You’re going to have stop teasing me now or lock the door for a while! Would it be appropriate if I asked if you’d like some funding for your planned….


She moved up my body slowly, like a cat stalking a bird, her hands tracing circles on my chest. “Well…. that would be helpful, if that’s ok with you. ” She purred.

She had me hooked, and the smile on her face told me she knew it. “Would five hundred be enough, or am I hopelessly out of touch?” I groaned, unable to take much more and wondering how I could spend half a day mowing the grass with a hard-on.

“Five hundred would be very generous, thanks! You can tell me this time tomorrow if you think you got your money’s worth, ok?”

“And if I feel I haven’t?” I attempted to tease her back.

“Oh, you will, trust me, you will!” She laughed, and kissed me passionately before she headed out the door.

I hungrily ate my bagels and washed them down with the coffee when Cyn and Kat came back, with my wallet.

They were dressed and clearly keen to get their shopping trip underway, and I was wondering what they had in store but knew it was pointless to ask. I peeled off five hundred, then added another hundred for insurance, and sent them on their way. Cyn paused at the door. “Tiff and Shannon are doing their homework and then they’ll get ready. I’ve got to drop them off after lunch so we’ll be back before then.

“Don’t do too much today Tony!” Kat teased. “We don’t want you falling asleep too early tonight!” She winked and they breezed out, clearly looking forward to whatever it was they were planning.

I got dressed, including my coveralls that I’d promised Kat I’d wear to avoid another hurried trip to the shower, and headed outside. I filled the gas tank on the mower as I ruefully surveyed the remaining section of tall grass, and got started.

The sun climbed higher as I slowly pushed the mower around, pausing every few minutes to empty the grass catcher into the barrow, but at least I could see the end in sight. Finally it was done, and I shut the mower down with the largest sigh of relief I’d breathed in some time! Shannon must have realized the lack of noise meant I was taking a break and came out with cool drinks.

“Wow, that looks so much better Tony. It actually looks like someone lives here now!” She laughed.

I looked around at the neatly trimmed lawn, and while it looked one hundred percent better, the garden beds were still overgrown with weeds. “It sure does Shannon, but there’s still plenty to do. I’ll bet you and Tiff are looking forward to your party tonight?”

She nodded as she sipped on her drink, and I had a brief mental flashback to a similar discussion with Kat last Saturday, before the chain of events started that had such a profound effect on all of us.

I was very thankful there was no chance of that happening again.

“Kayla’s parents are really cool, so I think it will be a great party!” She replied enthusiastically.

“How much sleep do you think you’ll get tonight?” I chuckled.

She laughed and smiled, her face lighting up. “I have no idea why they call them sleepover! We normally sit around listening to music and talking until someone notices the sun is coming up.

I’ll bet we sleep well tomorrow night!”

“So they haven’t changed since I was a k**. ” I smiled.

“I guess not. Look…umm…I want to apologize for yesterday. ” I gave her a curious look, as I had no idea what she had to apologize for. When she saw my expression she explained. “Tiff and I gave you a pretty hard time about looking after Mom and Kat yesterday, and I thought about it at school and realized you must have had a lot on your mind without us adding to it.

We should have known you’d take care of them without us getting on your case. But I’m still sorry I missed you drop the C-Bomb!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You don’t have to apologize to me for caring about your family. If I were in your position I probably would have done exactly the same thing. ” I reassured her.

“We do care about each other. ” She agreed.

“I guess with everything that’s happened over the last few months we had no choice. ”

I shook my head. “No choice at all. Is this something you want to talk about honey? I know it’s a half-dumb question, but are you ok with everything that’s happened?”

She gave me a rueful smile. “I don’t really know how I feel about it just yet. It’s all kind of surreal. I have trouble believing Dad won’t be around anymore, and a part of me is sad about that, because it wasn’t until he lost his job that he started drinking and treating us the way he did.

” A tremor rippled through her body as she went on. “Then I remember some of things he did to us, and how scared we were when he got really angry, and I’m just thankful he can’t hurt us anymore!”

“He’ll never do that to you again, Shannon. You have my word on that!” I assured her, surprised at the passion in my voice.

“I believe that, I really do!” She smiled at me.

“So…. how are things going with you and Mom? Does it bother you that you’re seeing a woman with teenage kids?”

She certainly had a very direct way of putting me on the spot! “Ummm…. I think things are great, but it’s only been a week so we need to give it some time. You said things have been a bit surreal for you, and I feel the same way. I mean….

who would have thought we’d be here like this after I kicked your door in last Saturday; things have happened so fast! But I am curious why you’d ask if it bothered me that Cyn had kids? If I was concerned about that surely I wouldn’t have allowed things to start in the first place?”

She took a deep breath, I guess a little uncertain how to proceed, and not wanting to jeopardize her Mom’s new relationship.

“Well, there are plenty of kids at school whose parents have divorced, and sometimes their mom will meet a new guy, but he runs a mile when he finds out kids are involved. ”

Ok, now I had an idea what was on her mind, so I gave her my best reassuring smile. “Shannon, how long have I known you girls? Julie and I used to look after you when your Mom and Dad wanted some private time, and then you’d come over when your Mom started working, so I think I know you reasonably well.

“I guess so?” She said quietly.

“I enjoy spending time with all of you, not just with your Mom, ok? And I think I know what I’m getting into if things go well between us. Now let me ask you a question. How do you feel about your Mom and me? It must be pretty strange for you, with me coming on the scene so soon?”

She looked thoughtful, and I took that as a positive sign because she wasn’t rushing to assure me everything was fine, when perhaps it wasn’t.

“I’m cool with it, I guess because we have known you for so long, and it’s not like Mom has come home with a new guy we’ve never met before. You’ve been really good to us for ages, but even last weekend you wanted to take us all up to the lake, you didn’t just want to take Mom out somewhere. Even after your wife died, I always felt… with you? I never saw you checking us out, or doing anything weird, so as long as Mom’s happy then I’m ok too.

“I appreciate you saying that. ” I replied. “The last thing I want to do is go somewhere I’m not welcome. ”

She smiled. “You might have to watch out for Kat though!”

Those bloody alarm bells started ringing again, and I tried hard not to show my reaction and keep my cool. “Really? How so?” I asked, as nonchalantly as possible.

“If you haven’t seen the way she looks at you, then you must be blind!” She laughed, and then thankfully headed inside.

“I have to get ready to go, see ya later!”

Beads of sweat had popped out on my forehead, and it had nothing to do with the temperature. I was going to have to have a quiet talk with Kat about being a little more discreet!

I figured I still had some time as Cyn and Kat hadn’t come back from shopping yet, so I may as well attack the lawn again.

Yesterday I’d set the mower as high as it would go to make it easier to chop through the overgrowth. With that done it looked ok, but it was still pretty high and I knew one shower of rain and it would grow like crazy, so I dropped the mower down to normal height and started out front again. Thankfully this trip around the lawn was far easier, but I still added four or five barrows of clippings to the mountain against the back fence.

I was just finishing when the girls got back from town, and I watched them hurry inside with armfuls of shopping bags. Cyn was back outside with the twins in a few minutes, and gave me an apologetic smile as she tapped her watch and they got in the car. I waved goodbye and she took the girls off to their party, and I wheeled the mower back over to my place and returned with the edge-trimmer and blower.

Another hour saw the edges neatly trimmed and the driveway and sidewalk cleared of cuttings, and I was satisfied that job was finally done!

I stowed my gear back in the garage, mentally noting I’d be happy to leave them sitting there for a couple of weeks, and went inside. I hadn’t realized Kat was in my kitchen, and she squealed when I walked in and told me in no uncertain terms my kitchen was off-limits for the rest of the day.

“I’m dying of thirst here honey!” I protested.

“No problem!” She assured me. “Do you want a soda or a coffee?”

“Actually, can I have one of each please?” I asked. “The soda will quench my thirst and then I can enjoy a coffee. ”

“Coming right up, but you just stay there!” She warned, with a hint of laughter in her voice. She came right out with my soda, and I drained the glass as she watched.

She took it from me and headed back into the kitchen, and was back a few minutes later with my coffee.

“You’re not joining me?” I asked.

“Too much to do baby!” She laughed as she headed back.

“How was your shopping trip? Did you get everything you wanted?” I called out.

“Oh God! It was so much fun!” Her voice came from the kitchen.

“I’d forgotten how nice it is to go shopping with Mom and buy nice things, and not have to look for something on a clearance rack because it’s all we could afford. ” Her head popped around the corner. “And I need to say thank you for that too, Mister Generous!”

I gave her a broad smile. “As long as my girls had a great time then it was worth every cent!” I assured her.

“Your girls?” She smiled, picking up my little slip. “Do I detect a tiny sense of connection here?”

“Your Mom says ‘the connection’ is happening later!” I teased, hoping she’d give me a hint about their plans for later.

Sadly she didn’t fall for my unsubtle hint, but gave me a look of mock disdain. “Men! All you think about is sex, sex, and more sex!”

“No fair!” I protested.

“With two hot ladies parading around all day, what’s a guy supposed to think about?”

I heard her laugh, enjoying the open and relaxed feeling between us. “I’ve got things to do lover, unless you want cheese on toast for dinner! Why don’t you go have a cold shower? That might keep things under control until later!”

I thought about that for a moment. “I not that keen on a cold shower, so I’m going for a swim.

Come and join me if you get time. ”

“No promises, but it sounds pretty good, so we’ll see!” She laughed back.

I went outside and pulled a towel from the outdoor storage cupboard, contemplated whether to slip a pair of trunks on, and decided I couldn’t be bothered. I stripped off and dove into the pool, loving the feeling of the water against my skin. I realized I hadn’t had time to work out for a couple of days and I was feeling a little soft from the lack of exercise, so I started swimming laps, easing into a steady rhythm that had me breathing deeply as I worked my muscles steadily.

My mind drifted away as I swam up and back, moving easily into tumble-turns as I approached each end of the pool. A ripple through the water brought my mind back, and I looked over the see Kat surface from her dive and start swimming beside me. She smiled and dipped her face in the water, stroking strongly as she set off for the far end. If it was a race she wanted then that’s what she’d get, and I put on the power to catch her.

I was surprised what a strong swimmer she was, as it took me several laps to finally peg her back until we were swimming side by side. She kept going and I went with her, but I had to put the effort in or she would have left me in her wake. Finally she eased off, rolling over into a gentle backstroke until she reached the end of the pool. It wasn’t until then that I realized she was as naked as I was.

She smiled and sensuously eased her hair back from her angelic face, and then stroked over to me and slid her arms around my neck. Her body molded to mine, and felt her legs wrap around my waist, just as they had in my shower the last time we’d enjoyed each other. We kissed, slowly at first, but building intensity until our tongues were dueling, neither of us wanting to be the first to break for breath.

I finally lost, and she smiled with a sparkle in her brilliant blue eyes. “You’re a bastard!” She said simply.

I half choked, expecting anything but that. “Ummm…. I beg your pardon?”

She smiled again. “I said…you’re a bastard! I’m in the kitchen happily working away, and what do you do? You drop your pants and parade that killer body to me as you swim up and down your pool! What chance does a girl have?”

“Does this mean its cheese on toast for dinner?” I laughed.

“Could be!” She laughed back at me.

I kissed her again and held her tightly against me. “Well if that’s what it means to have you in my arms, then that’s a fair trade!” I whispered and kissed her again.

A pronounced “Hmmm!!” interrupted our moment, and we looked up to see Cyn standing on the pool edge, hands on hips but a smile on her face.

“I go away for half an hour and come back to find you corrupting my daughter. I think we need to have a serious discussion Tony!”

“Excuse me!” I protested. “I think your daughter is doing the corrupting here! I was told to take a cold shower, so I decided to have a quiet swim instead. Next thing I knew this little vixen is naked in my pool!”

Cyn was easing her clothes off, displaying her fabulous body in a completely natural, uninhibited manner.

“Oh well!” She sighed as she stood on the edge. “If you can’t beat them…..” She didn’t bother to complete her sentence as she dove in smoothly.

We swam for a while, and then lay back on the outdoor lounges without even bothering to towel dry. I slipped inside for a bottle of wine and some glasses, and poured one for each of us as we felt the sun’s warm rays slowly dry us off.

It was a perfect day, and hopefully a sign of things to come after everything we had been through over the past week.

Cyn finally propped herself up and looked around the outdoor area. “You’ve got the table and chairs out here; if we wanted to have dinner outside, what would you do for light?” She asked me.

“I’ve got the floodlights under the eaves. ” I said, pointing them out to her.

She shook her head. “They’d be great for a party, but I think they’d be too bright for an intimate dinner. ”

“I’ve got some Tiki-torches, and I think I may still have a bottle of citronella oil somewhere. ” I suggested.

“What are Tiki-torches?” Kat asked.

Rather than try to explain, I went and fetched one from the storage shed. It was basically a six foot section of lacquered bamboo, with a flared top that held a small metal canister with a wick on top.

You filled the canister with citronella oil, slid the wick down so that it soaked up the oil, and then lit it. It gave a soft flickering light like an outdoor candle, and the citronella kept the insects away, plus it took a very strong wind to blow it out.

“Perfect!” Cyn smiled. “Could you set these up for us? What do you think Kat? Dinner out here tonight?”

She smiled.

“Great idea Mom. It looks like it will be a perfect night!”

“Ok, the sun is going down so I guess we’d better get started. ” Cyn told us.

“Once I set up the torches, what would you like me to do?” I asked her.

She came over and stroked my face. “A shower and a shave could be nice, but take your time. ” She whispered.

“And what should I wear to this dinner party?”

Cyn looked at Kat, who gave me a sexy smile. “Anything more than a robe and you’ll be overdressed lover!”

The girls headed inside and I went back to the shed and collected the torches. I found a gallon bottle of oil and carefully filled the canisters, before I slid the wicks in, figuring they would be ready to light by the time I’d showered and shaved.

I found some outdoor candles in glass lanterns to prevent a gust of wind blowing them out, so I placed them on the table as well. With the lighting covered I went up to my bathroom and enjoyed a long, soothing shower. I dried off and shaved carefully, making sure my stubble was cut back and my face was completely smooth. My cock was half-hard in anticipation of what was to come, and it occurred to me that, as my wanton ladies were keeping their pussies shaved, I should go some way to keeping myself tidy as well.

My pubic hair was thick and wiry, and while I couldn’t bring myself to shave it all off, I grabbed my rechargeable clippers and trimmed it back to a short, manageable length. It looked a little strange when I’d finished, having been used to going as nature intended for so many years, but it felt amazing! I rubbed aftershave balm on face, slid my robe on, and headed downstairs.

I could hear Kat and Cyn’s voices in the kitchen, but didn’t want to intrude for fear of being promptly thrown out, so I called out from the den.

Cyn’s head appeared in the doorway, and I couldn’t help but notice she was making sure I couldn’t see anything from her slender neck down. “We’ll be with you a minute Tony. Would you like to go outside and pour some champagne?”

“You bet. ” I replied enthusiastically. “Don’t be long!”

I went outside and was amazed with what they’d achieved in a short space of time. The torches and candles were flickering away, providing a sensual mood as the last rays of sunlight disappeared.

Soft music was coming from an iPod dock, and my long outdoor table was set to perfection. They had found a fresh linen tablecloth, and three places were set to restaurant perfection. Two bottles of champagne were chilling in ice buckets, and I took one and popped the cork carefully, not wanting to waste a drop. I slowly poured three glasses, tilting them to minimize the frothy head, and sat back and waited for the girls to join me, thinking life didn’t get any better than this.

I sipped my champagne and stared into space, my mind coming back as I heard heels clicking on the pavers. I looked across and smiled as they approached, looking absolutely amazing. They were dressed identically, and could easily have passed for sisters, rather than mother and daughter. Hair down loose but brushed and shining, incredibly sexy make up and lip gloss, short matching violet silk robes loosely tied around their waists, and soft mauve stay-up stockings with darker indigo high heels.

Their choice of color was a stunning contrast to their milky skin and shining blonde hair, and I was looking at subtle, sexy perfection. They carried serving plates gracefully, and set them on the table before I handed them their glasses.

I raised my glass to them. “A toast to you both! Now I completely understand where the expression “drop-dead gorgeous” comes from, because it’s standing right in front of me!”

They smiled and sipped their champagne, and we sat down for the first course.

The entrée was simply superb, with shrimp wrapped in strips of lightly fried bacon and resting on a bed of white rice. They had prepared a dipping sauce which had the slightest hint of garlic, and complimented the dish perfectly. As we enjoyed our food I realized I was absolutely starving and I started laughing, which had Cyn and Kat looking at me strangely.

“I’ve just realized this is the first thing I’ve eaten since breakfast! No wonder I’m starving, and my compliments, this is fantastic.

I’d never have thought of wrapping shrimp in bacon, but it tastes sensational!”

Cyn smiled over the rim of her glass. “We hoped you’d like it! We found the recipe on the internet, so thank God for Google!” She laughed.

Despite them giving me a noticeably larger serving I finished first, and stood to gather the plates when they were done. “No you don’t!” Kat laughed. “No sneak-peek trips to kitchen for you tonight!” She said as she took the plates from me and carried them inside.

As she walked back she looked at me and slowly undid the tie on her robe. “It’s quite hot out here!” She murmured as she stood in front me, sliding the robe from her shoulders and letting it drop gracefully, revealing the delights concealed up until now. She was wearing an indigo quarter-cup bra that supported her firm breasts but provided an unobstructed view of her hard nipples. My gaze followed the slow movement of her hands downward, to a matching pair of panties that were so tiny they may as well have not been there at all, but I was so glad they were! The tiny front section was a lacy butterfly motif, with filmy lace forming the wings.

Two spaghetti-thin straps threaded between her legs, carefully positioned outside of her labia to push them together and outward, like two smooth mounds that concealed the entrance to her inner treasures.

“It is a little hot!” Cyn agreed, sliding her robe free to display underwear that, once again, matched in every detail. I didn’t know where to look first, but my cock had no doubts and found the join in my robe as it rose to hardness in the fresh evening air, gently oozing lubricant without the slightest touch.

Kat was slowly stroking one slender finger up and down her glistening labia. “Oh my goodness…. Mom! We’ve been so busy getting things ready, I completely forgot to shave my cunt!”

Cyn was stroking her own sweet pussy. “Really honey?” She purred. “Now that you mention it, I forgot to shave my pussy as well!”

Kat walked over and stroked my face, and I was starting to smell a setup.

“Mom, Tony has shaved really smooth. We can’t expect him to kiss and tongue our pussies when they’re like this, we might scratch him! What are we going to do?”

Cyn was sliding a finger into her pussy easily, her eyes half-closed as she enjoyed the sensations rippling through her body. “You’re absolutely right baby. Asking Tony to do that is completely unfair. I guess we’ll have to shave each other!”

Kat was playing her part to perfection.

“But Mom…look at Tony’s cock!” She crouched down and slid her had around my shaft, pumping a thick bead of pre-cum from the tip as she slowly stroked me. “It’s so red, and hard, and…angry looking. We can’t leave him like this!”

Cyn walked slowly over, picking up two of the chair cushions as moved around the table. “I guess you’re right honey, we can’t leave him sitting there like that while we shave each other!” She placed the cushions on the ground and knelt on one, and Kat knelt beside her.

They both smiled up at me, eyes shining. “I think you know how this works lover!” Cyn whispered, opening her mouth for me.

I smiled broadly, this was already turning into an unbelievable night! I eased my dripping cock past her expectant lips and slid easily into her throat, slowly fucking her face until Kat stroked my leg. I pulled back from Cyn’s mouth and moved over, sliding slowly into Kat’s hot mouth, but being very careful not to push too far.

Her tongue worked over me, sliding hotly around and flicking over the head as I rocked steadily. I felt her hands on my butt-cheeks and paused, my cock-head just nudging against the entrance to her throat. Her hands gripped me firmly and she used them to pull herself forward, my head sliding into her tight throat, the sensation of pressure sending all manner of exquisite signals through my body. I held my breath, waiting for her gag-reflex to kick in as it had the last time, and hoping it wouldn’t spoil the moment for her, but it never happened!

She held me there for a few seconds, before she pulled back a little, and then used her hands to pull me forward again, taking a little more of me into a warm, welcoming place I’d never been before.

She was actually taking me into her throat, and I looked at Cyn who was smiling at us. Kat eased back again, and then took a little more of me, slowly stretching her throat and taking a little more until she finally had my tight balls touching her chin.

I was amazed at how she had managed this, given what had happened on her last attempt, but I didn’t spend too much time wondering, as my aching balls were losing the fight to hold back.

I was mesmerized as I watched her head slide back and forth, now comfortably taking my full length on every thrust. “Oh Kat, you are one fucking amazing cock-sucker. Uhh…UHHH…. I’M CUMMING!!!!”

Sliding free from her sweet mouth was the hardest thing I’d ever done, but I hadn’t enjoyed a release for days and there was a real danger I’d drown her in cum. I just managed to pull back from her lips as the first rope of viscous liquid fired from my cock, spattering over her lips and cheeks.

My hand was flying, stoking as fast as I possibly could, drawing one shot after another from my shaft. Her face was covered in thick, white cream and I shifted my aim, drenching Cyn as she squealed encouragement. Oh Yes…FUCKING YES!! Paint us! COVER US IN CUM!!!”

I was still pumping hard, my hand starting to ache from the effort, dropping my aim to cover Cyn’s tits and then watching as my thick fluid coated Kat’s nipples and ran down from her breasts.

Cyn’s eyes were wide in amazement, unable to believe how much cum I was spraying, and I jammed my cock back in her mouth, feeling her cheeks suck inward as she worked to draw out every single drop. I had never, ever, experienced feelings so intense, and I was totally, completely, caught up in fuck-lust.

I dropped to my knees, taking Kat’s cum-covered face my hands. “DON’T MOVE!” I half-shouted, and started kissing, licking, and sucking my cream from her face.

Cyn was on the other side, her face mirroring mine with her lustful expression, and she followed my lead, cleaning every trace of my oozing fluids from her daughter. When Kat’s face was clear we headed down, attacking her breasts in a sexual frenzy.

Kat was writhing and squealing, her chest heaving beneath us. “Oh God! Oh Fuck! Oh Yes! SUCK MY FUCKING TITS!!! I…CANT…BELIEVE…I’M…. CUMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!” I bit her nipple firmly and she writhed against us, cum spattering from her slick pussy and pooling on the cushion beneath her.

Cyn and I kept working on her cum coated breasts, and she kept on gushing, her breath coming in gasps as her sweet nectar dribbled down her thighs. We stopped before she collapsed, satisfied we had cleaned her as thoroughly as we could.

Cyn and I exchanged knowing smiles, looking at Kat as she gently rocked back and forth, her eyes clenched shut and a dreamy smile on her face. Cyn was a picture of cock-hardening lust, with thick beads of creamy cum on her face, her breasts, and trailing down her firm body.

I moved to her, and she closed her eyes expectantly as I set about cleaning the mess she has so willingly helped me create. I didn’t fully understand why this turned her on in such a powerful manner, but I was going to ensure she enjoyed this time as much as the last, if not more.

Her breathing deepened as I carefully cleaned her face, starting with her forehead and working down, kissing and licking my juices away.

I worked across her cheeks and lips, and licked a long trail that was hanging from the point of her chin. I was just about to dip down to her creamy breasts when Kat appeared. “I want to taste this!” She hissed, and I moved to one side and she slid in the other. Cyn’s hands were running through her hair as though she was unsure what to do with them, and I squeezed her breast to bring her nipple closer as my other hand roamed downward, delighting in finding her pussy slick in anticipation, before I slipped two fingers easily inside her.

She wasn’t just wet, she was saturated; the heady smell of her juices wafting across my nostrils like an aphrodisiac perfume. I kept working over her breast with my mouth, and paused to carefully take her nipple between my teeth, and bite down as I thrust my fingers as deep as I could. She squealed in my ear, and I felt her cum spray over my hand, and then another spurt, and another.

Kat was watching me, and took Cyn’s other nipple between her teeth, and I gave the slightest nod and we clamped down together, bringing yet another explosion of cum gushing from Cyn’s now-drenched pussy. She was trembling, and her body started shaking right down to her feet. She gripped my head and held me hard against her chest, and I realized she would have collapsed if she hadn’t, so I gently eased my soaking hand free, and held her until the tremors finally subsided.

Our bodies slowly recovered, pulse rates falling and breathing returning to more normal levels. We were a disheveled mess, the girls in particular with their previously perfect makeup smeared and smudged, and I felt my hair was all over the place and streaks of drying cum on my skin and my face. It was no surprise that Kat recovered first, as we had both attacked Cyn after working on her with our mouths and hands.

“What was that?” She whispered, her eyes glistening in the flickering light. “My God! That was incredible! I…. I…. can’t begin to describe how…..unbelievable that was!”

Cyn was still coming down from a dreamy high. “Ummmm!! I think I died and I’m in heaven now! It feels really nice here!”

I looked at Kat, still amazed at the way she taken me in her mouth. “Have you been keeping secrets from me honey? How did you do that? How did you take me in your throat so easily, when last time you tried you had so much trouble?”

She gave me a coy smile.

“Was it good? Did you like the way I could swallow your hot cock?”

“No, it wasn’t good, it was fucking awesome! I…it was…. oh fuck it! There are no superlatives that can explain what it was like, but it was sooo good!” I assured her.

“I’ve been…practicing, and Mom has been helping me. ” She explained, which asked more questions than it answered! I was getting very confused, and looked at Cyn, who was smiling at Kat, so I looked back at her.

“What do you mean practicing?” Should I be jealous?” I questioned Kat.

“Relax silly!” She assured me. “There’s only one real cock I’m interested in having between my lips. Mom bought me…. a dildo, very close to your size, and I’ve been practicing…with that!”

I turned to Cyn. “So, did you wait until I was asleep and run a tape measure over me?”

She laughed at that idea.

“Why would I need to do that lover? I think I know every bump, ridge and groove on that piece of equipment!”

I put up my hands in a gesture of defeat. “I’ve got no chance with the two of you working together, have I?”

“None at all Tony, and it’s great to find a man who accepts defeat so graciously!” Cyn giggled. “Now, Kat and I need to freshen up, as I’m sure we look like a couple train wrecks, and then we’ll be back with the main course before it’s completely ruined, ok?”

“Does that mean I miss out on watching you shave each other?” I asked, with more than a tinge of regret in my voice.

Kat walked over and stroked my face. “Patience Tony, the night is young!” She took Cyn’s hand and they went inside, leaving me to my own lustful thoughts.

I tidied up a little, replacing the cum-covered cushions with fresh ones, and switched the music to something with a touch more back-beat. I slipped inside and freshened up myself, washing my face and running a comb through my hair.

I’d just topped up our glasses when they returned, looking just as fabulous as their first entrance. They were carrying plates again, but this time they were enormous, and when they set them down three lobsters coated in a creamy mornay sauce were waiting for us.

Kat smiled at me and nodded at our meals. “Is it my imagination, or does everything we’re eating look like it’s covered in cum!”

I shook my head and smiled.

“And they say men think about nothing but sex!”

The trouble they had gone to in making this a special night was beyond anything I had ever experienced before, and it was flattering and perhaps a little humbling at the same time. I knew I was a lucky man to have these two amazing women sharing this night with me. I wrapped my arms around them both and gave each of them a slow, gentle kiss.

“You two are spoiling me far too much, I feel as though it must be my birthday! You’ve gone to so much trouble, and it’s been so long since anyone has done this for me……you’re really making me wonder why I locked myself away for so long!”

Cyn smiled up at me. “You were waiting for us honey, for the chance for us to be together; it’s just that none of us knew it at the time.

Now, please sit down and eat; I doubt cold lobster would reheat very well. “

We got started and I savored the first mouthful, delighted to find it was every bit as good as the restaurant lobsters we had enjoyed the previous weekend.

“Oh wow, this is fabulous! Where did you get these?” I asked, as I didn’t know anyone in town that sold fresh lobster.

Cyn and Kat exchanged knowing looks.

“We managed to convince your friend Karl at the restaurant to sell them to us, but he made us promise we’d bring you back for dinner real soon!”

“That’d be Karl!” I chuckled. “He’s always been a bit of a horse-trader. I still can’t believe he sold them to you!”

“He took a little convincing. ” Kat laughed. “I think we just wore him down!”

“Well I’m so glad you did.

We’ll go back there soon, and I’ll tell him your lobster is better than his!”

We savored our meal, enjoying every mouthful and sipping our champagne. This time we all finished at the same time, and relaxed in our chairs feeling completely satisfied. “Thank you so much. ” I said them both. “That was a fantastic meal, now Kat, can I clear these dishes for you, or will you tell me to sit down again?”

She gave me a nonchalant, cheeky grin.

“Knock yourself out Tony; I don’t think I’ll be able to move for few minutes!”

Cyn walked in with me, cheekily resting her hand on my butt as we stepped into the kitchen. She poured a jug of hot water and started taking shaving items from a bag. I walked up behind her after I put the plates in the dishwasher, and put an arm around her waist before I lifted her hair and kissed the back of her neck.

“You’ve certainly planned this well you cunning creature!”

She leaned back against me and ground her butt slowly against my cock. “I can’t take all the credit. I have a seriously devious daughter you know!’

I laughed heartily, thinking back to Kat’s merciless teasing when she washed my car last weekend. “Trust me; I’m quickly coming to realize that you’re both extremely devious!”

She reached back for my hand, and placed it firmly on her slick pussy, sliding my finger along her slit before she helped me slip it inside.

“Does that mean you’re not that interested in watching us shave each other?” She teased. “We thought it might get you pretty hot; did we get it wrong?”

I leaned down and gently nipped her earlobe, hearing a sharp intake of breath as she trembled against me. “You really are a first class tease, just like your daughter. ” I laughed.

“I know, but you haven’t answered my question lover.

Do you want to watch me shave my daughter’s sweet, tender little cunt, and then watch her use the razor on mine?”

“Yes!” I hissed. “There is nothing I’d like more than to watch you shave each other!”

“Well come on then, help me with these things and we’ll give you a show you’ll never forget!”

I wasn’t sure if Cyn was a little d***k on champagne, a little crazy with lust, or a little of both, but I was enjoying this wilder side of her immensely.

I helped her take her things outside, and we found Kat dreamily stoking her slit, smiling to herself as her fingers probed her oozing pussy.

“Take you panties off honey. ” Cyn whispered to her. “And get up on the table. ”

Kat stood and stretched, before sliding her filmy panties down and stepping clear. Her nipples were longer and harder than I’d ever seen them, and her breasts were rising and falling steadily.

She climbed up on the table, sitting just back from the edge, and spread her legs wide apart. Cyn dipped a wash cloth in the jug of hot water and slowly, softly rubbed it over Kat’s pussy, before she pumped some shaving foam into her hand and smeared it all over Kat’s glistening cunt. She picked up the razor and got to work.

Kat groaned as she felt the blade slide over her skin, and leaned back and closed her eyes.

My cock was hard again, oozing fluid as I watched this erotic scene, and I had to remind myself to breathe as I watched Cyn shave her daughter. The razor slid slowly but easily over her tender skin, and I couldn’t remain a simple spectator for a second longer. Cyn was standing, crouching forward, bending at the waist as she focused on her task. I moved behind her, placing my hands on her butt cheeks before I eased them apart, seeing the trails of fluid glistening on her pussy and down her inner thighs.

It appeared I wasn’t the only one getting hot! I took my hard shaft in my hand and lined up my cock-head with Cyn’s pussy, sliding in ever so slowly to avoid jolting her.

She groaned as she felt my cock spread her labia, and stretch her as I eased carefully inside. “Oh God! You feel so good in my cunt, but how can I concentrate on shaving this pussy when you’re fucking me like this?”

I laughed softly.

“You just do your job honey, and I’ll do mine!”

Kat opened her eyes, even wider when she me standing behind Cyn, who was a picture of concentration as she tried to ignore the sweet sensations radiating from her pussy as my cock slid slowly in and out.

“Oh Tony!” Kat hissed. “Are you fucking Mom’s pussy while she shaves me?” I nodded. “Are you stretching her tight, wet cunt with that bid, hard cock of yours?”

Kat’s hot talk was having the desired effect on all of us, and Cyn was moaning as I pushed further.

“You bet baby!” I hissed in response. “I swear this hot, dripping cunt is milking my cock!”

“Don’t cum!” She pleaded. “Don’t you dare cum! I want your juice in my tight little cunt!”

I groaned, talk about no pressure! Cyn had somehow managed to reach the wash cloth and was cleaning the last traces of foam from Kat’s smooth pussy. She dipped her head and started kissing and licking all over Kat’s freshly-shaved skin, before she slid her pointed tongue inside, her throat working as she lapped up her daughter’s steady flow.

I watched her steadily move faster, and matched my thrusting with her tongue, following her lead as Kat started moaning and breathing harder. “Oh God!” Kat squealed. “Oh…my…fucking…God! I don’t know which of you sucks pussy better, but…I’m…. CUUMMIIINNNGGG!!!” She screamed as her body shook, using her hands to pull Cyn’s face hard against her as her sweet cream erupted, splashing all over Cyn’s face and running down her chin. Cyn slowed down, slipping her tongue free with a final soft kiss as she straightened up, sliding one hand behind me to hold me firmly inside her.

“I hate to do this. ” She whispered to me. “But if you keep fucking me, I’ll be too sensitive to shave!”

I eased free with some reluctance, and Kat managed to slide from the table and smile at Cyn. “Your turn. ” She said simply.

Cyn smiled and took Kat’s place, laying back and spreading her legs as her daughter washed her down and spread the shaving foam.

My cock was rock-hard and screaming at me to find a warm, moist resting place, so I walked up until I was standing beside Cyn’s head. She smiled up at me and turned her head to face me, opening her mouth wide in lewd invitation. I slid my shaft deep into her throat as Kat started shaving her, and I felt her tongue softly bathe my shaft. As I slowly fucked her throat I watched Kat slide the razor across her Mom’s skin, clearing the tiny hairs with each stroke.

When I saw Kat was nearly finished I slid free of Cyn’s inviting mouth and moved behind her daughter.

I repeated my earlier movements, placing my hands on her perfect butt cheeks and pulling them slowly apart, exposing her saturated pussy and puckered rosebud. My cock slid in easily, her earlier orgasm ensuring she was more than ready. She groaned from somewhere deep in her throat as she felt me enter her, and she hurriedly wiped the final traces of foam from her mother’s bald cunt.

“Thank you honey. ” Cyn whispered to her daughter. “Would you like to kiss my smooth pussy baby? Would you like to slide your tongue deep into my hot cunt, and suck my juices while Tony fucks you? Can you suck me until I cum and I paint your face with my fuck juices?”

I was thrusting steadily, my cock hard and insistent, as Kat smiled at Cyn. “After you tongued me the way you did, I’d love to taste you Mom!” She dipped her head and spread Cyn’s labia wide apart, before thrusting her face into her dripping pussy.

I was close, so fucking close, and I thrust harder and deeper, gently nudging Kat’s face firmly against Cyn’s cunt every time my balls slapped against her skin.

“Get ready lover!” I warned her. “I’ve got so much cum you’ll be leaking for days! Ugh…Ugh…. ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!” My first spurt flew like water from an uncapped fire hydrant, and I was sure she actually flinched when she felt my cum spraying deep inside, covering every crevice and corner of her hot, welcoming fuck-hole.

I was thrusting furiously, my cock demanding a complete release after waiting for so long, and spurt after mind-blowing spurt pumped firmly up my shaft and mixed with Kat’s flowing juices.

She groaned into Cyn’s pussy as she added her release to mine, our juices combining in a boiling cocktail as she writhed and trembled beneath me. Cyn’s eyes were wide open and she screamed; her juices erupting and coating Kat’s face again and again.

I couldn’t believe we’d all managed to cum together, and screams and groans from trembling bodies filled the air, gradually subsiding into whispered sobs and gasping breaths. I finally finished cumming, completely and totally drained, and a tremor started around my knees before spreading to my thighs, and I eased free of Kat’s pussy and collapsed on the ground. My departure released a burst of thick, creamy juices, which sprayed from her ravaged pussy and ran down her thighs.

Cyn was lying back on the table, a satisfied smile on her face. Kat had slumped to her knees, fresh cum coating her face and running slowly down her legs, a wanton picture of freshly-fucked bliss. I was half-lying on the ground, my arms just managing to support my trembling weight as my cum-covered cock slowly softened. We stayed just like that for quite some time, each of us enjoying our own quiet sense of afterglow.

I finally managed to get to my feet, and walked unsteadily around the yard, capping the torches to extinguish the burning wicks, before blowing out the candles. I moved back to my amazing partners, helping each to their feet and holding them until I was sure they could stand.

I kissed each of them, gently and tenderly, and they smiled at me with sparking eyes. “Tomorrow I may be able to adequately tell you how fantastic tonight has been.

” I said quietly. “But at the moment I just can’t find the words. The one thing I do know is that I want you both in my arms, in my bed, right now!”

I took their hands and led them inside, knowing if I died in my sleep, I’d die a very happy man.

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