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My Naughty Gayatri Akka

Hello guys,

My name is Aditya and I’m 24 years old. I live in a small village near Bangalore. My family consists of me, father Ramegouda (name changed); mother Seema (name changed), my sister Gayatri and my uncle and aunt. Gayatri is 28 now and she is a hot and sexy unmarried woman in my home. My mom is also an attractive woman and she is 47 now.

I’m an i****t lover and I love i****t with both mom and sis.

First telling about my mom; she is an attractive woman with large boobs. Her fig is 38 34 40. Yeah my mom’s ass is big and those are like inverted melons; round and white. I have seen that ass when she was getting nailed by my dad. Not only with my dad but also with my uncle Krishnegouda (name changed). Yeah my mom had an affair with him. Not because dad won’t satisfy her.

She likes him that’s it.

First time I have seen my uncle having sex with my aunt in their bedroom. I was watching through the hole in the wooden wall which was in between my room and my uncle’s room. In my room I and my sister Gayatri stay together in different beds. That night at around 11 pm I heard husky noise coming out from my uncle’s room. I was interested because that was a moaning sound of my aunt.

I started to peep through that hole since it was near to my bed. I was shocked totally because I was seeing sex in real life that also of my uncle and my aunt. They were like hungry a****ls sucking each other’s face and private parts. My dick got erected so hard I could not even stand properly. Uncle was sucking aunt’s huge boobs and at the same time his cock was entering her clean shaved pussy.

She was trying to scream but she was holding her breath. After some stroke when he fully entered her pussy he locked her lips with his lips. I was unknowingly rubbing my dick by my hand. They enjoyed a lot finally cum. When they were going to finish it off I looked around and my Gayatri sister was standing across me in her tight blouse langa dawani.

G: what are you doing Adi?

Me: nothing akka just not got a nap

(She peeped through the hole as she was watching me for about 10 min.

She seen uncle and aunty kissing each other and aunty were licking his cock for his cum. )

G: this is what you are seeing ha?

Me: no akka. I was just sitting. That’s it.

She looked at me with little anger and went to bed. Even I also went to bed.

After many days my mom and was having sex in their bedroom. I was passing by their room and heard some creaky sound of woods.

So I thought someone must be having sex here and I looked around and confirmed that no one is present. So I started to peep through the key hole. It was so exciting moment for me when I saw that scene. My mom was on top of his dick facing back to him. She was going up down up down up down. My dad was enjoying that because her ass was touching his upper parts of cock and I think mom was not enjoying it.

Her facial expressions were normal. After some strokes she got up and made her sari neat. My papa was still erect and wanted some more fun. He was still holding his cock in his hand asking mom to do him a blowjob. Mom came up on him on the bed for his dick. She took his cock from his hand directly put it in her mouth like an ice candy. I was totally out of control and my dick was so tight in my underwear.

Suddenly I heard someone is coming and I ran away. That was Gayatri akka. She saw me once again peeping through the hole. She also looked in the hole and she understood what I was watching.

In the evening at around 7 pm she came to room. I said ‘‘hi”, she also said “hi”. She asked me ‘do you have girlfriend in your college?”. I said “no”.

G: why? No one is beautiful?

Me: not like that.

I don’t want to be in relationships.

G: why? Isn’t that good for you to find your own girl?

Me: no. I don’t trust any girls in my college. They will be with me today and after some days they will be someone else. They just want fun. Not a love.

G: nowadays it’s common. Have fun with them, what’s wrong?

Me: I mean fun; means sex akka.

G: why? You don’t like to have to sex? Are you impotent?

Me: no. I’m not impotent. I don’t like to have sex with them because they are not safer to be trusted.

G: see …don’t lie to me. I can understand your desire. For that you have to be frank with girls. Are you open with girls?

Me: no…i rarely speak to girls in my college.

G: you are interested in relationships right?

Me: yeah but

G: don’t worry.

I will guide you. So, tell me what do you like in girls?

Me: honesty, good behavior, and cultural.

G: ayyyooooo buddu. Not this; what do you like in girl’s body?

Me: body? Nothing

G: don’t hesitate. Tell openly. I’m your sister.

Me: nothing akka.

G: I know what you were watching today afternoon. So don’t try to hide anything from me. I’m your sister.

Me: I was just seeing what they were doing; nothing else I swear!!!!

G: I’m gonna tell mom and dad that you were peeping through the hole in uncle’s room.

Me: don’t tell anyone please. I beg you. I will do whatever you want.

G: Ha. Ha. Its OK doesn’t repeat it in the future.

Me: thanks akka. So we are good? Can I tell something?

G: yeah.

What’s that?

Me: when I was watching into dad’s room I seen dad squeezing and chewing mom’s boobs. Is that a normal thing? (I was asking this intentionally to see her reaction).

G: aaammmmm…… ya..And …. And…. And wh…what else they were doing? (She asked curiously)

Me: I don’t know; they were shaking. I don’t know why.

G: OK.

Me: akka. You have boyfriend right?

G: ya.


Me: and have you done such things with him?

G: why do you want that? You stupid, idiot

Me: sorry akka; really sorry.

(I sat my bed silently because she was little uncomfortable. After sometime, may be half an hour later she came to me and said)

G: so, you haven’t told what do you like in girls. Now tell me. What do you like?

Me: (I took up courage and said in very naughty voice) it depends on the girl.

G: oooooooo. Depends on what?

Me: depends on whether girl is coming or going away (dialogue of kya super cool hai hum)

G: ha? Stop copying dialogues from movies. Tell me.

Me: ass and boobs!!!(I said directly on her face).

G: really? Hmmmm; now you are becoming a boy; you like big boobs or small boobs?

Me: obviously big boobs akka. Big boobs like mom and aunt.

G: ooo!!!Then what about my boobs? They are not big enough?

Me: I have never seen that.

G: (in husky voice) do you wanna see it now? Mom and dad are out for shopping.

Me: yesssssssssss akka, why not? Sure.

G: naughty boy; hitting on your sister? Ha ha ha.

She was wearing a sari. She slowly opened it from the top. She was wearing a tight black blouse.

I could see the strip of her black bra inside that blouse. Slowly my cock started to rise up and my throat was drying by seeing that white cleavage in black blouse! It was pressed so tight that both were forming huge grove inside that blouse. She was watching at my erection and was smiling by her lips.

G: looks like someone is getting disturbed. Why don’t you free them?

M: lol.

Ha ha ha; sure akka. Even I’m disturbed by seeing your cleavage!!!!! It’s really big akka..

G: can I see your penis Adi..? Remove that chaddi completely.

Now, I got confirmation message from my akka and went near to her.

M: why don’t you remove it by yourself? (I asked her in very low voice and put my hand on her boobs!!!)

She touched my cock and put her hands directly inside my shorts!!!!!!!

Wow!!! What a moment that was.

I slowly went near her lips. She was giving me a naughty smile which was making aroused more. She has no bad feeling that her brother gonna nail her. First, I pressed my lips on hers. I started to press her boobs slowly by one hand and my other hand was trying unhooking her bra from backside inside the blouse.

To be continued.

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