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My movie world

After getting a lot of experience in watching the porn movie, I thought of making my own movie. This thinking was looking simple but when I get started planning on the same then everything really kept me busy and finally I drafted a plan to make the movie. There were many wrong ways to make such things but I had no such ideas or plan to get into the negative side. As I wanted my actors to behave properly with smile as many of the western porn movies have.

I had searched for the good looking girls and with the help of my friend from north region of India I came to know about a place where I can get attractive girls.

The next task was to persuade them to act in the movie. It was really a tizzy thing but my confidence was also not lower. I too was a good looking man and had sex with many hot girls.

I went to that place and there I really was amazed with the beauty of the girls as they were really amazingly beautiful. I targeted a restaurant there which was operated by a woman. I started my lunch and dinner from her restaurant only.

Soon I came closer to her but she was not the real target of mine as she was around 50 years of her age. She had a girl who was 23 and being close to her mom I was able to get introduced to her.

Soon that woman found that I’m looking interested in her daughter then she asked me about the same. She and her daughter were only in the family. I accepted but I also told my clear views that I want them to get popular as this could really turn the things on your better way.

I gave them the best time to think and after taking 15 days that lady confirmed me to work in a movie.

But she was not at all ready to show the face of her. I agreed to her statement and then I started the role plays. Firstly, I showed them the porn movies from the western world and tell them that they too need to do such things. They were looking comfortable to that as they had been doing this with many of the customers as they used to get some money through that. The first role play included me and her sexy daughter who has the real perfect figure.

I made the things very effective with the national language which contained everything that attracts men to watch it many times. It has the lustrous pussy fucking of mine to her and she played extremely well with me and my cock. I wanted them to see the profits through that and when that movie started selling higher in the market then her mother got the better confidence. Now she came to get the deal with me.

I agreed to her thinking and then we get onto make different movies where I had finally got two males also to work in that. The movie market got the real jerk here as we started to earn good money. I had earned that much amount that I planned to take them away to another nation where I can do the things more freely. They came with me and their bank accounts were very bigger now as they had made good money from it.

There I hired a few Indian people who can speak in their national language.

It looked all set and we scripted the whole story of the movie in a more attractive manner. We started where a mother was having the sex with a neighbour boy and she used to have him every afternoon when her daughter used to be out. She likes her dick very much and takes the whole thing inside her hot pussy.

This really did not took a right turn as that boy fall in love with her daughter who too used to fuck him out of home when she used to move along with her in the car or even in some park.

We made the whole thing attractive in the movie. Soon I found that I have a better crush on her daughter who has been performing her task in a very happy way.

I started having life with her but when it comes to the culture of the India then I used to feel different. One night I had the lovable interaction with her when she was bathing naked and I got my penis hard and went inside where she happily hugged me and gave me her sweet pussy. She was so sweet girl that I really fucked her like I could have done this with my wife.

I started having sex every night with her.

As the time passed I spoke to her mother to marry her daughter which she agreed happily. I was of the humanity view that men wants their girls to behave like a bitch but when it comes to marry a prostitute then many men feels bad as she is not pure. This is not the humanity as sex is like a hunger which gets feed by the opposite sex person.

I too accepted her as my wife and now it is up to her to work for me in any movie. She does that but ask me to be on her opposite side.

In the movie I enjoy the real sex with her. She too had started taking my dick in a more impressive manner as she finds it very personal and opens her everything for me to fuck. She gives me the best poses which she knows that I like.

It has really made the things better for me and daily sex with that small town girl has finally made me millionaire as our sexual movies have made many people to get impressed and they look for our next movie to come. It has now gone into the better way as we couple has got a baby son and we have stopped working and making of such movies. Now we make the social one where we are happily living our lives.


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