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My Mother’s Best Friend (chapter 2)

You must read the first chapter to understand this chapter.

My mother had just come back from her class reunion a few days ago. “How was your trip mom?” “It was fun. Did you enjoy having the house to yourself?” “Yes I did. ” With that I kissed her cheek and went to work. The day was like any other day. So I did what was assigned to me.

On my way home from work I kept thinking about my time with Marilyn. When I got home Marilyn’s car was parked in front of the house. She and mom was at the table talking. “hi mom, Mrs. R. ” “hello Raymond I’ll start dinner shortly. ” “Don’t worry about that mom dinner should be here anytime now. ” “I’ll be going now Julia. ” Marilyn said. “Night Mrs. R. ” A few minutes after Marilyn left.

Mom and I enjoyed dinner and she told me about her class reunion and how much fun she had catching up with her old friends. It was at that time the phone rang and mom answered it. She talked for a few minutes. “Raymond Marilyn needs your help with something. ” “okay mom tell her I’ll be there shortly. ” “alright then. ” I got on my motorcycle and went to Marilyn’s house. She was waiting by the window when I arrived.

She answered the door in her robe. “hello my king. ” “hello Marilyn. Mom said you needed me to help you with something. ” “I need you to scratch my itch my king. ” “is that so?” “it is my king. ” after saying that she fell to her knees and started to suck my dick. “I pledge allegiance to your dick my king. I’d like for you to meet someone. ” “who might that be?” she motioned for someone to come in the room.

“my king this is Nicolette. ” “it’s a pleasure to meet you Nicolette. ” “the pleasure is mine my king. ” Nicolette said looking at my dick. “may I assist Marilyn in sucking your dick?” “yes you may but first you must strip. ” “at once my king. ” the only difference between Marilyn and Nicolette was the amount of hair on their pussies. Nicolette’s pussy was completely bald. They took turns sucking my dick and swallowed every drop of cum that came out of it.

I had them lay down and then I started nibbling on their clits. They came when I slid my tongue into their dripping wet holes. “fuck me my king. ” Nicolette said. She got down on her hands and knees so I could take her from behind. I slowly slid my dick deep inside her dripping wet hole. “OH MY FUCKING GOD IT’S TOO BIG MY KING IT’S TOO BIG!” she squealed as I pounded her tight dripping wet pussy.

“YOU’RE STRETCHING MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY MY KING! I GIVE MY BODY TO YOU MY KING TO DO WITH AS YOU PLEASE! I AM YOUR SLAVE, YOUR SERVANT, YOUR WHORE,YOUR SLUT! ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO BE!” as she said that I began to cum. I came until her pussy was overflowing with my cum. “Marilyn lick the cum from Nicolette’s pussy. ” “as you wish my king. ” as she did that I slid my dick deep inside Marilyn’s dripping wet hole.

“OH YES MY KING! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME,FUCK ME!” Marilyn and I came at the same time. Her pussy was overflowing with cum. “Nicolette lick the cum from Marilyn’s pussy. ” “as you command my king. ” I slid my dick deep inside Nicolette’s asshole. “OH FUCK YEAH MY KING, FUCK YEAH! WEAR MY ASSHOLE OUT MY KING! WEAR IT OUT, WEAR IT OUT, WEAR IT OUT MY KING!” I stretched her asshole with each stroke.

Then I came until her asshole was overflowing with my cum. “Marilyn lick the cum from Nicolette’s asshole. ” “as you wish my king. ” I slid my dick deep inside Marilyn’s asshole. “YES MY KING YES FUCK ME IN MY ASS,FUCK ME IN MY ASS, FUCK ME IN MY ASS!” at that moment I came until her asshole was overflowing with my cum. Nicolette lick the cum from Marilyn’s asshole. ” “yes my king.

” when she finished we fell asleep with my dick in Marilyn’s mouth and my balls in Nicolette’s mouth.

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