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My lust for younger women.

It has been a long time fantasy of mine to be with a woman who is at least 20 years younger than myself. My last experience was when I was living on Maui, Hawaii. I lived there for 7 years and single. I posted a note in the local paper, and met a beautiful young woman from the Philippines who was a residence of the island. Before meeting in person, I told her I was 58 years old and was looking for a woman that was opened minded, willing to learn and wanted to spend time with someone that enjoyed casual sex.

She told me she was 23 years old, attractive and was willing to meet me. After meeting her and talking for about 30 minutes, we got the feel for each other and it was good. I told her that when she had time, we could have a second meeting, this time at my place. A few days later, she called me and I invited her to my house for dinner.

She arrived in the early evening, looking very nice and dressed very casually.

We greeted each other with a warm hug, went to the couch and continued our conversation from the last time we met. As the evening progressed, we talked about more intimate things, and before too long, we were kissing and touching each other like it was all understood. She knew what she was there for, and she knew what I wanted. Half hour has passed now, and she mentioned to me that she came here straight from work and would like to freshen up a little.

She reached into her bag and brought out some shorts and a blouse. Is it okay if I take a shower and freshen up? Yes, I said, and began to lead her to the shower attached to my bedroom. I laid on my bed, watching t. v. , as she proceeded to close the bathroom door and get into the shower.

After about 10 minutes in the shower, I heard the shower turn off.

I was a little nervous and was wondering what would happen next. I had to decide how this was going to unfold. To my surprise, she exited the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her, holding her shorts and blouse in her hand.
I got up from the bed, walked a short step or two towards her, and gave her a warm and wet kiss on the lips. This went on for a minute or two.

She threw her clothing on the bed, as we continued embracing and kissing each other. She then hopped in the bed, and made herself comfortable. I told her I was going to take a shower, and entertained her by putting an adult DVD on for her to watch.
After I was done showering, I came out wearing just my underwear, and joined her on the bed. We continued watching the movie together. She was really enjoying the movie, and I added a little something to enhance her viewing pleasure.

I reached into my nightstand, and brought out an 8 inch rubber dildo, shaped like a penis. I turned it on to vibrate, and handed it to her.

I asked her if she had her own dildo. She replied yes, but it is not so big. I asked her to try it out and told her she would like it. I laid beside her, kissing her and running my hands down the side of her body.

As she was getting more aroused, she brought the tip of the dildo down to her waist, and then down between her legs. I could tell she was a little shy and was probably waiting for a little guidance from me. Five minutes had passed when she asked me what was the best way to use this dildo. I told her that it needed a little lubrication, and saliva was something that would work well.

I asked her to build up some saliva in her mouth and begin sucking on the tip of the dildo to get it wet. She did as I asked, and got it nice and wet. I then held her hand with the dildo in it, and guided the head of the penis to her vagina. Not to my surprise, she was stimulating her clitoris with it.

I saw that the head of the penis was getting dry, so I got down, removed the dildo from her vigina, and began licking her clit and wetting the entry of her vagina with my saliva.

I could tell that she was really enjoying it, so I continued for a few minutes. By now, she was producing her own lubrication and was ready for the dildo. I got back up, faced her, and continued giving her wet french kisses. We were now both very aroused. I took the dildo, put it in her hands, and guided it back to her vagina. As she slipped the head of the penis into her, I started to stimulate her clitoris with my finger.

We were both enjoying this very much. She was getting wetter by the minute, and I encouraged her to go deeper with the dildo…… she did, and started to roll and plunge her hips, up and down, while pushing the 8 inch cock in and out of her vagina.

As she continued this beautiful motion of rolling and thrusting and heavy breathing, I continued my touching, rubbing and kissing her all over her young body.

This went on for over 60 minutes as we both experienced the joy of lovemaking. By now, she needed no guidance or encouraging. She was in full control of pleasuring herself. I was there to enhance and heighten her pleasure, and at the same time, get myself aroused with all that was going on. After a while, I stood up along side the bed, asking her to continue what she was doing. I just wanted to take a minute and watch her making love to herself with the vibrating cock dildo.

She was really getting the hang of it, and enjoying every in and out thrust of the 8″ dick.

I told her one of my favorite positions is doggy style. She looked at me as if she did not know what I meant. I said to her…….. I’ll show you. I asked her to get on her knees and face away from me. She did it. I then took the dildo from her, and started to lick her vagina, getting it all wet and moist again.

When I knew she was ready, I gently inserted the tip of the vibrating cock in her, and slowly inserted it in and out, going deeper each time. The slow in and out motion was driving her crazy. The doggy style position was really getting her aroused, as it was me. I could almost feel my hard erection about to explode.

After this was going on for a while, I told her that the time for her to reach an orgasm was near.

I asked her to let me know when she was ready, so I could adjust the intensity of the depth and speed of which I was working the dildo. I wanted her orgasm to explode with intensity.
I wanted her to cum first. I asked her if it was okay that, after she reaches her orgasm, that I would reach mine while she gives me head. She agreed to have my cum in her mouth.

When the time came, she actually had two orgasms, a few minutes apart. She then got on her knees, and began sucking my erect penis until I finally came deep in her mouth. Wow… what an experience for the both of us that was.

After that, we were both exhausted and just laid on the bed catching our breathe. We kissed and just relived that great experience with each other.

Shortly after, we both got up and took a shower together. As we were almost done with the shower, I had to let her experience another one of my favorite ways to masturbate. I took the shower head in my hands, turned the spray mode to pulsate, and started to masturbate her once again, by spraying the jet stream on her clit.

I told her this was the only way I masturbate, and I do it every time I take a shower.

She said she has tried it before, but rarely was able to reach an orgasm. I told her to relax, lean back, lift her right leg, and let me take it from there. I told her to close her eyes, lean back and let her imagination roll, as I concentrate the spray of water on her clitoris. Believe it or not, I had her asking for more, after she reached an orgasm in only 4 minutes.

After that, she told me she would practice shower masturbation more, until she gets it right.

I am so happy to share this experience with you folks. She came over at least 2-3 times a week, and it was very fulfilling and enjoyable for the both of us. This was only one of many encounters we had during that year.

Cheers…………. Frank.

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