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My Husband’s Fantasy Makes Me Excited

Hi friends I am Sindhu from Bangalore. I am a regular reader because of my husband makes me a habit of it. Here describes about us I am 28 yrs old fair and good structure 36-30-36 and my hubby 30yrs old good looking handsome guy. We have been married since 2 yrs.

We both are very happy in our marriage life especially on bed we both are very excited and we use to watch bf regularly.

Mostly we use to watch group sex blue films while watching we tried to do same positions in reality too.

One day while we are in fucking session my hubby asked about any fantasy in sex I said “satisfying my husband is my big fantasy” he smiled and gave me a lip kiss continuing in our session. After sometime I asked my hubby what is your fantasy he said ‘ I want to watch a milk boy r watchman r auto driver is fucking my beautiful wife ‘.

I was shocked for a while and said “no I can’t do that”. He also said I was just joking for that moment. And days are passing again one day my hubby asked me did you think about my fantasy. I was bit serious this time I said no. He tried to convince me but I was not agreed. After some time he said I spoke with our milkman (age 42 black and strength man) regarding on this; he is ready for this show.

I got angry and shouted on him how can you thought about your wife sleeping with other man. He said “it was his childhood dream; pls agree for it “. He pleased me; I said no.

The very next morning I was in kitchen and doing my work I feel someone watching me from behind. I turned back I see my milkman and smiling by seeing me. I shouted on him how can you come into my house get out from here.

I saw my husband was behind him and saying something. I turned back and turned off the cooker in the kitchen and turned back. Milkman came near to me and pleasing me to agree for session and slowly he opened his cock out and showed to me. I was scared very much; that time ran into bed room and closed the door. I was in bedroom for almost 3hrs after that I came out and see no one is there my hubby went office.

On that evening my hubby came to home very late night. I slept by that time he has spare key so he came inside and slept beside me.

Next day very early morning I hear a door bell my hubby went to open I was not suppose to open my eyes also very deep sleep. After few minutes someone slept on me started kissing on my lips and pressing my boobs hardly I thought my hubby in my mind I was enjoying the moves and slowly my hands move down and hold cock; then I felt different with regular.

suddenly I opened my eyes. I saw my milkman on me I pushed him away I saw my hubby on the other side enjoying this moment. Again milkman coming towards me and on me forcing me to remove my nightie; my hubby is helping him. Now both are tearing my nightie. Now I am in panty I didn’t wear bra that time. I was crying and pleasing them to leave me my hubby holding my hands and milkman removed my panty.

Now I am in nude. He slowly inserted his cock in me and kissing on my lips my hubby pressing my boobs. I slowly started moaning and surrendering to him.

Now my hubby went away. Now I was completely under milkman enjoying his moves. I slowly called my husband and said “thank you and said love u you know what I want thanks for arranging this “. My hubby said love u too I know what u want just enjoy the moment “now milkman pulled me towards him completely and kissing hardly now even responding for his kiss.

I was holding his hair tightly and pushing him towards me and he increased his speed in fucking and I also moaning loudly and encouraging him to fuck me hard. He was riding on me hardly. Now I pushed him on down and I am on him kissing on his hairy chest and pulling hair on chest. By seeing all this from beside my hubby started rubbing his cock. Now I took his cock into my hand and I kept into my pussy and riding on him slowly and he is pressing my boobs hardly I slowly increased my speed and going on.

I was moaning loudly we both are enjoying in peeks. Now I bend down he inserted his cock into my back hole and I moaned loudly it was paining but enjoying more he hold my hair tightly but pulling me back hardly and we carried this position in max time. Now we both sleep beside on bed and now he moved down towards my pussy started licking and kept his two fingers in my pussy.

I was in heaven that time shouting like fuck me fuck me hard ahhhhhh. He was started my back hole in the same while. Now he came up and slept beside me now it’s my turn I went down hold his cock and it giving very bad smell but I am enjoying the smell I kissed it first now slowly I am taking completely his cock it’s taste was good in the same time I am pressing his balls slowly and pulling his pubic hair.

He is enjoying my moves. I feel that made me excited more.

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