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One warm Saturday morning I was outside on my patio drinking coffee. Just enjoying the sun and warm breezes. When my neighbor came over she was smiling from ear to ear. I offer her a cup of coffee. So I had to ask her. Whats making you so happily this morning?
She raised hands to the sky,with a twinkle in her eyes. Told me that her husband will be gone for the next year over seas.

I know that they won’t getting alone. Over all the times her and I have talked. So I thought to myself no one knew this about my wife and I but we were x swingers. And still play around when the opportunely Aries. My neighbor and I are couple flirts. Never ever thinking i would get the chance to get into her panties. As we talked my wife joint us she set down besides us my neighbor was setting across from me.

It was getting hot and my balls were sticking to my legs so i got up to let them lose. When I set back down I open my legs up just to see if she would look at my cock. Not only did she look she stared for a while. Lucky for me my wife didn’t have anything plan for the day. We sat and talk the day away her k**s came over and played in the back yard.

Got to remember my wife know that i wanted to make it with our neighbor sense they all moved in a few years ago.
Later on that week my wife had a board meeting wouldn’t be home for few hours yet. I called the neighbor up and asks her if she wanted to join me on the patio for a glass of wine. Her mom lived with her so the k**s were taken care of.

(all N my plan) I had gotten ready for bed she replied. i told that OK I’m old enough to be her father and beside what can happen on a patio. i got together some cheese and apple on a plate. I had never seen her with just in her housecoat and grown, as she walked up to the patio i handed her an glass of wine and told that it her coming out party.

She smiled and said thanks for caring. This time i set in a chair letting her have the swing. We talk and drank another glass of wine i sat down beside her now as we talked i began to rub her inter thighs she put her hand on my knee. As I lightly rub her thighs she was opening them more for me to move closer to her. By this time I was getting a little hard knowing how receptive she was becoming to my fingers.

Being the gentlemen I am and not wanting to rush on turn her off to my advances. I let her make the next move on me as i rub her leg she began to rub my leg. I knew i had her when she ask if we could go inside.
Once inside she turn put her arms around my neck a kissing me very passionately feeling her nipples and pussy against me.

I could have picked her up and sat her down on the kitchen table right then and put my head between her long legs. In stead i took her to the couch in the f****y room. By this time she had open her house coat where I got my first look at those long hard tits with her nipple standing out for me. I bent down and began to suck and bite on them.

her hand was softly stocking my cock. As i was enjoying her hard firm tits i reach under her grown and began to play with her really wet clit she raised a bit so i could pull her pantie down. As I pulled them down i was kissing her on her belly and tonging out her bellybutton. I worked my way down in front of her I took her legs and put them over my shoulders and pull her forward to me.

As i was enjoy her sweet wet pussy i heard her moan with pleasure. she was getting close she put her hands on the back of my head and press my tongue deeper in her. She told me a long time ago that her husband won’t do anal and she always wanted to try it. so as i was eating her OMG pussy i raise her legs again to tongue fuck her asshole i put my nose inside her pussy so as she enjoyed my tongue she could ride my nose on her clit.

After about 10 minutes she arch her back and climax all over my face. The rest of the store next week It get hotter i promise[image][/image].

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