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My girlfriend

This was around the first of October me and my girlfriend had got together and we’d been together for 1 month now and we had now made the relationship sexual, I went round hers to see her and she had the tightest shirt on you could see her 34 Es and those perfect nipples through the shirt, we went out for a walk and both me and her we’re getting Hornier and horniier eventually we got back to hers and we got to her bedroom and she starts grinding on me and my dick gets harder and harder starting to hurt because of the trousers , she whispers in my ear “I want it in me” at this point my dick felt like it was about to make a hole in the trousers aha, I turn for a second to get a condom out and turn to see that huge pair of perfect boobs completely naked and that tight little pussy dripping wet and i then start kissing her neck and slowly work my way to that tight little pink pussy spending over 20 minutes down there her eyes rolling in the back of her head at this point I stand up and she starts sucking my dick,it’s smashing her in the back of her throat although it’s only about a third in, I pull out of her mouth and rub the tip against her clit,I slide in and she lets out a moan and says she doesn’t want to do missionary because it’s too big , so I lay on my back and she puts her pussy on my tip and starts moving back and front and then with one huge moan sits on my dick, I can feel myself going deep inside her and she was riding gently, I asked her to lean forwards and hold on to the backboard and I started taking big strokes feeling her wetness dripping all Over me and then I speed up , she’s moaning like hell and at this point I start up like a machine ramming that tight pussy like there is no tommorrow I kept thrusting quick and deep over and over after every 10 thrusts I would pull out and rub my tip on her pussy lips and then go back to ramming she had her first orgasm 10 minutes in but asked me not to stop ,she collapsed as if out of energy but I just supported her on my chest and kept on pounding away I could feel her pussy open up and I could feel her slowly climaxing after 40 minutes of being pounded she was about to have her 4th orgasm , her pussy is starting to losen up so I thrust one last time sticking my whole dick in, she moans loudly and I start pounding extremely quick to keep the orgasm going, I feel as though I’m about to cum so I pull out and put it in her mouth and start fingering her and she starts sucking my dick and then I explode in her mouth filling it with cum and she just swallows it licks her lips I stick my dick in her mouth once more she sucks all remaining come from my shaft I slip another condom on but this time I rub the tip around her ass she whispers in my ear ” don’t be gentle ” but I didn’t want to hurt her I lubed up my dick and slid the tip in, she lets out a scream and then like just sits back on it I feel as though there is no more space to go and I look down and I see that it’s only half way in I start jerkin back and forth, I can feel my dick getting deeper and deeper and I pull out and with one thrust go balls deep ,her back arches she lets out a long moan and then starts shouting screaming the words ” oh yeah “.

And my name and all of a sudden I feel a spasm moving through her body and this is the moment I’ve been waiting for I blow my load I can feel her ass hole filling up with cum and her orgasm was tremendous I pulled out and started pounding her vagina again to keep it going, I could feel her limbs stiffening up and then she lets out a huge moan and then collapses on the bed I lay underneath her with my dick balls deep in her pussy just slowly rocking her up and down i pull out and I then notice she is asleep,so I cuddle up behind her spooning my dick laying in between her ass cheeks and I drift off to sleep with her.

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