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MY first time

Hello all sex lovers.
My story goes long way back. My father left India to go to UK to make more money. He left behind I sam then I was 8 year old and my sister was 4 year old. Mom was about 30. She is very sexy woman.
We had nice time growing up. Dad use to send money every month it made mom,s life easy.
I an my sis were very close to each other.

Mom looked after us very nicely. We both kids did not give mom any hard time. Mom had one lady in the village who use to visit mom. She was almost at our home every day. She goes home when we come home from school. She was bit older then our mom. Few times I found carrot in the bed. I did not knew what that was for on bed.
When I was 12 dad called us to UK to live with him.

Dad rented 2 bedroom flat. We stayed in that flat.
Live went on good for us brother and sister. One day dad was taking with mom about buying
a house. He said he do not have enough money to buy house. I was about 15 then and sister was about 11. I talked with mom if I could go to where my cousin live. He might get me job where he works.
I am not good at school.

Mom said no you should go to school and study so you can get better job.
I told mom that I am not good at study it be waist of time going to school. I kept on saying to mom every day. She talked with dad they both agree to let me go.

So I moved to my cousin,s place. He got me job in his work place. He was about year older then me.

He had girl friend white girl. She was not a serious girl friend. She use to come to our flat to have fun with my cousin. I use to go out when she come home to give them space for fun. After about 6 months that girl brought another girl with her. The girl who was with her was Indian. She was older then me but not that old. Judy my cousin,s GF introduce her to me and to my cousin.

Her name was Bero.
She was very nice girl. She was 5. 6” tall nice firm tits. Nice face and sexy lips. My cousin got her gf on his bed and started kissing her. My girl started to do the same with me. I never kissed girl before.
But Bero put me At ease. I started to enjoy kissing her. We spend about couple of hours cuddling kissing. Then they left.
Next week they came again.

In the mean time my cousin told me that we should fuck our girl friends. He already has fucked his GF and other girls.
When the girls came in we welcome them with kiss. We started to kiss and fondle girls.
My cousin started to remover his gf,s cloths as he was kissing her. Judy had very nice tits round and sticking out. Bero and I started to watch them from our bed.

Judy was fully naked so was my cousin.
Cousin started to lick Judy,s tits and later licked her pussy. I was watching them and my cock was getting hard. Cousin had about 6” dick. Judy put the condom on Cousin,s cock. Judy got on her back
on bed cousin got between her legs. He was close to her pussy. He touched her pussy with his dick.
She moan cousin pushed it in all of his cock.

He started to push in and out first slowly then faster and faster. She was meeting his thrust. They both were enjoying what they were doing.
Soon she was moaning louder and was saying I am cumming. Push your cock in me faster.
He was ready to cums too so they both cum together. Cousin just lay on top of her.

Bero started to kiss me and started to remove my cloths.

Very soon we both were naked.
She got the condom out of her purse and put it on my cock. I started to do the same thing what my cousin did. I sucked her tits and licked them under neath. She was moaning. Then I got in her legs and started to lick her pussy and pushed my tongue in her cunt and started to fuck Bero with my tounge.
She loved it.

That gave me courage that I am not that bad. I started to lick her tummy navel and moved up to kiss her. My cock was at her hole. She wiggle a bit it got in her cunt. That shows she was not virgin which I dont mind. She was my first cunt. She too put her legs around my waist and started to pull me into her. After 5 minutes she said to me get off me.

I was afraid why she told me to get off.
As I got off she made me lay on my back and put her self on me and took my cock in her cunt. She started to ride me like I am a horse. Although I had 8” cock bigger then my cousin. It felt so nice when she was riding and grinding her pussy on me. She would move in circle on my cock.

Now I was moaning. She started to speak punjabi (sorry) aja mere jar chod meri fuddy jor se. Manu behan bana ke chod sale. Dekh behan kese chudwati hai. That made me real hard and was about to cum. I told her that I am cumming. Cumm with me my sister. As I said that she gushed her juice on my cock.
We both lay there for few minutes. Then we sat on our beds and talking.

I thank Judy and Bero for my first experience. Judy said I like you dick it is very nice long and think. I thanked her. I said maybe you can borough it one day. I looked at my cousin. He approved it.

From then we use to get together every week and enjoy.

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