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my first ssbbw

I have always been attracted to big women… ever since I was little… and by big, I don’t mean tall, because I am short, 5’8 (with shoes). Most my girlfriends have been “thick” not really bbw but a few extra pounds… And I like that because it’s NATURAL, and soft and that’s what a woman is supposed to be…

Well about two years ago, I met and got into a relationship with a small, thin girl.

She was great, and pretty and nice, but it just didn’t work out.. and it wasn’t on her… and I feel like a jerk saying this, but I really missed the fullness of a larger woman… And I feel like a jerk because I am not in position to be picky, I am short, 34 and average size at best… so I was lucky to score her, but just didn’t do it from me… I guess it’s just peoples types and attractions.

So when we parted ways, I could not help but fantasize about what I was used to… But I wasn’t ready for a relationship, and didn’t want to give false expectations to any woman I met…

So I went to e****ts… Asked several times for bbw, and the girl would be big and certainly full figured, I found myself wanting more… I guess like you can’t get enough of a good thing.

Then after exploring site after site, I found her… a 41 yo puerto rican chick… 5’1 and 290.. a true bbw… so i worked the ad, and set a date..

living up in westchester, I picked her up from the train… she really was as advertised… very nice, very shy, and very big… as she got off, she had on tight tight jeans which made her belly hang right over, with a shirt that barely covered… right away, I got the negotiation/money aspect out of the way… she agreed to spend the nite…

Told her that I was just looking for a girlfriend/date type thing, no pressure, no expectations, just hang out and see what happens… that seemed to take the pressure off and loosen the mood.

as we got to my place, I let here go up first, so I could see the ass… it was flat and wide, and could see the fat dimples through the skin tight jeans… could also see that the jeans were practically worn out and ready to rip at her thighs as they rubbed together…

Well, I could go on describing the night after that, but I figured if you;re bored by now (if you’re still reading)… so I would get to the good part… let me just say, it involved a lot of drinking

as we spent a couple of hours eating and drinking, no sex involved, it was time for bed… so as we were making out, I took off her shirt, and noticed that her breasts were small as compared to her belly.. and her belly was almost bifurcated several times over with rolls.

then I attempted to take off the pants… as I said they were tight… as I was pulling down and she was wiggling out of them, I got to the hips, when the smell hit me… I was like a heat and smell that just rose up and out… and although I should have been grossed out, I loved it… it was natural and primitive…

as they came further down, and finally off, the smell became stronger… as I got to to the bottom and peeled off the jeans, which held the essence of the stench… the strong stench… i looked up, and saw two upper inner thighs which were brown from wear, and blistered… above that a pair of wet panties… wet from sweat… you could ring them out.

by this time, I was hard and ready… i looked up and saw an unkept hairy pussy… like full bush.. and this got me more excited… then I saw her upper thighs, blistered and discolored from the wear…

as I attempted to eat her pussy, the smell was too strong… I had to back off… knowing that I had the whole night, I just stared at her hairy pussy and worn out thighs, and blew my cum… all over her worn inner thigh, with a drop or two on that hairy bush… I would save the rest for later..

and later got very strange… going to bed now, Ill cover the rest later.


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