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My first sexual experience…with heartbreak at th

Ok well first off. Im a decent guy. A good ol country boy born and raised in the country. So I was brought up to treat women with respect.

Alright so at the end of high school years I finally got a girlfriend. She was very beautiful and I really liked her maybe even loved her. But she was a sophomore and I was a senior and had no clue how I would see her so we broke up before I graduated.

I didn’t talk to her for 2 years.

Well we started talking on Facebook again and then started texting. She had a boyfriend and I was still single. I was 20 and she was 18. My birthday was also a month away :). Her boyfriend didn’t treat her very right so they went on a break. I met up with her at walmart to see her again and kiss her and hold her.

The next day would change how I felt though. I was really happy that day and even more when I got home and realized id be home alone the next day. I immidiatly texted her and invited her over. I was going to finally do something sexual!

I live out in the middle of nowhere so I called her and led her and met up with her at the bottom of our hill.

When I got in her car to ride up with her I touched her breast because I never had before. It felt amazing over her bra and shirt. But she playfully slapped me away and she parked in my driveway. As soon as she got I walked over to her and hugged her and kissed her. My dick was already getting hard knowing my intentions. I pulled her to our shop porch and pulled her breasts out of her shirt and bra and rubbed them and then started kissing them and sucking her nipples.

I was quite hard by this point. I even showed her how hard I was by standing up and taking my shorts and boxers off. She was impressed. I could tell she wanted it.

Well I pulled her into the shop and pulled her into a corner and we started kissing as I hugged her to bring her pants closer to me. I wanted her to feel how hard I was. And I periodically rubbed her breasts and sucked her nipples while she sat there and enjoyed it.

It was all going well as I realized porn teaches you a lot. I had never done more then just kiss and it was with her. And here I was acting like I had sex every day.

Well she had to leave soon so I made her rub my cock which took a bit and she would barely touch it but when she did…. it felt sooooo good. She wouldn’t do anything else though ๐Ÿ™ my sexual high was about to be dropped on its head.

We went back to her car and I coaxed her into my lap with my clothes back on and she was covered as well. I started rubbing between her legs and over her pants and was kissing her neck when she said she had to tell me something. She reached into her pocket and pulled out…an engagement ring. She was engaged the whole time.

I quit rubbing immediately cuz I realized what that meant I was doing.

I was playing with a spoken for woman. She wanted me to tell her I didn’t hate her for what she did but I was shocked and at the time beyond horny. I kissed her away and went back into my house and jacked off to porn then started to think.

I broke her heart when I left her. But she let me do sexual things to her and then did that to me.

My heart was shattered. I felt so good and knew I made her feel good and yet it was all I could have. She wasn’t mine nor could she be if she was engaged. I quit talking to her. About a month later she texted me saying her bf dumped her. Not sure why but all I know. I laughed at her and told her I hated her. So there ya go ๐Ÿ™‚ my first story :).

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