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My First Sex with my Gym Trainer , I was just 18

My First Sex!! Hello friends,

This is my first real life story hope you guys like it.

It was about 3 years ago.

Me, Shamitha, 18 years of age doing masters degree. A virgin by all means. Always fantasied about a having sex with a well built man with a pretty good stamina. I never had the courage to approach. In college many guys had given those lust full looks when I wore western cloths which highlighted my tight ***.

I have been always proud about my hip, its my strength. Boobs were ok with 32 size but not too big. My slim waist and wonderful *** makes guys go wild. I did not proceed in college as I always thought of getting caught or getting noticed by lecturers etc. I wanted to do with a fit guy, some one who hits the gym regularly.

So this was my plan.

Join a gym, just for name sake. I was already fit so its easy to attract any guy. Choose a fit guy from the gym, seduce him until he cracks! After that have a one night of wild sex and stop going to gym.

It looked simple but it was not in reality. So first think I did was to move out of my PG and hired a small room near to my gym.

I made sure this locality was quite away from college. The gym I joined was in the ground floor of a very tall building.

Not sure how many floors but it was very tall and no other building even half as tall as that. I purchased very cute pink outfits for my gym and boy I was turning ON just by thinking that I might get banged by huge **** soon.

Day 1:
When I entered gym, I saw very few gals and lots of guys.

Obviously hungry eyes 🙂
I met my trainer but it was a female trainer. I got very disappointed. But I did not loose any hope.

I saw there were many guys, and three male trainers, Sudeep, Raja and Biswajeet. I was specially interested in Raja, he had great biceps.. Slowly while working out I also checked some other guys who were working out but most of them were short. I got introduced to all other trainers.

Day 2:
I just carried on with routine, started speaking with other guys and male trainers. Got to know, Biswajeet was married. Raja and Sudeep are single. I had already caught both of them once checking out my ***. I spoke to both of them. Raja was specially nice to me, bringing in towels and asking about my whereabout etc.

Day 3:
Nothing special. I just laid the foundation and mentioned that I was also single.

I narrowed my target only to Raja, as he was showing great interest in me. Sudeep’s english was not good, so I decided to go ahead with Raja.

Day 4:
I asked for change of timing from morning to evening as there will be less number of people and also female trainer will not come in the evening. I asked Raja to be my trainer.

Day 5:
I went at 7:30PM, and decided to change the gear.

I had brought a new out fit which was quite deep to reveal my cleavage. I also waxed my leg and wore a black color short which were in perfect contrast with my milky soft legs. Raja trained me as he trains everyone else. I thought he had become cautious.

Day 6:
I decided to give it a push now. When ever he was around, I used to stretch giving him chance to look at my cleavage or used to brush my tight *** against him.

During break I went to drink water,
I saw him coming and I “accidentally” spilled water on my upper body. He was surprised and came over to help. “Unintentionally” he brushed my nipples. That touch was enough to make me moist. I left the gym immediately.
He was not fool to not understood what I needed. I needed meat and like every guy, he needed flesh. Now it was just matter of time.

Over the period one week, we had got to know where we stay and what was our routine etc.

Day 7:
He asked me out for dinner after gym. I said yes please. Dinner was fantastic. I learnt that he works in the same building. I asked him, does he find me sexy. He was shocked my direct move.

I said look Raja, this is my plan. Dont think that I am **** but I have this fantasy.

I am very close to fulfill it. Are you up for the game?”
He said,

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