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My First Sex Turns Out From Revenge

This is about my past, before marriage, I used to date a girl called Natasha. This was back in college days; she had a great figure 34-24-35, clear complexion and very cute face, fair girl. A perfect chick back those days, we both started dating from our first year of college, I used to regularly go to her place for tuition and spend lots of time together listening to music, studying, watching TV, and hangout with common friends and her elder s****r Kritika another hot property, even used to talk to her mother a lot, Natasha’s mother was where both s****rs got their good looks from.

I always used to praise her mother for the beauty that she was, but used to be a bit shy in front of Kritika. Natasha and I used be very close, hugging and kissing on cheeks was quite normal but never went ahead of that until 4th year in college.
Slowly we graduated to smooching then getting inspired from other guys and girls, we advanced to feeling each other’s body, I was so excited and my heart beats had increased the first time I got to feel her boobs from over her top, we were in my car in a quiet place, we were again smooching while I couldn’t take my hands off those amazing ripe mangoes.

Smoothly she unhooked her bra and removed it from her thin material shirt, now her boobs were all loose and nipples popping out, oh my god, the feeling of that visual treat was so amazing, we all know what it is while experiencing it for the first time. Nicely I kept squeezing them one by one softly and kept staring Natasha to see her moan, biting her lips and looking at me the same hungry way.

It was such experience, both were very innocent and it was our first time to this extent, I went closer and kissed her nipples from all angles, gently pressing them, her nipples got more and more hard. Slowly I sucked that dark cherry; Natasha just squeezed my head on her boobs and stopped me immediately. She was getting out of control and she said she wasn’t prepared to go further so soon. This was such tender experience for both of us, that day before leaving the car she asked me to show her my dick, I didn’t mind that she just saw and smooch me without even touching my fully erect dick.

That night we spoke a lot and spoke only about sex and how and when and where we wanted to do it.

Natasha was very keen to make her first experience very special. This went on and we were preparing ourselves for it and looking for a good opportunity to fulfill our craving, those few days phone sex had started in full swing, I was happy that her fingering will help loosen up her pussy and make it less painful for her while I deflower her, I also came to know that Kritika started educating Natasha a lot about sex after she came to know about our plans, Kritika was experienced but had a breakup from her boyfriend recently.

After talking to her a few times while had gone to her place for tuition I really got comfortable with Kritika, she was a real sweetheart; she told me she is preparing Natasha mentally for her first session since Natasha was more and more worried to get her cherry popped. In few days my closeness with Kritika was really good as a friend. Natasha started showing concern every time that she might be hurt, mainly she was not looking to ruin our first experience.

It had been two weeks in all this; we had our steamy car session on all this while but always with clothes on.

Other day I went to her place and Kritika was alone, started talking and came to know both girls were alone at home while rest of the f****y had gone for a short trip, Kritika and I were awaiting Natasha, for some work Kritika went to the next door to their neighbor; her neighbor was a 30 year old single man working for a corporate, he used to leave one key at Natasha’s place while he wasn’t home.

Kritika opened the door with the keys, she wanted to take some stuff of hers lying there, she went in and immediately without getting anything quietly closed the door and sat beside me, she was looking really worried and sad, I was confused and kept asking her what’s happened, thought that guy must have damaged her stuff and that’s why she was sad. I tried calling Natasha but she didn’t respond. I insisted her to tell me the matter, she gave me a straight look and hugged me tight, I too gave a proper response and asked her what the matter is.

I could feel her heart pumping. She said that “I should know this” and got up and pulled me opened the neighbors door without making any noise and asked me to sneak in to the room, first I saw this guy nude and OMG he was pumping on a girl. I pulled Kritika out and said that’s bad you shouldn’t get into someone’s room like that; she kept her hands on my face and said I am too innocent, and pulled me back to the place and asked me to look properly.

It was Natasha that guy was banging, that bitch cheated me, I was in a state of shock, speechless, I quickly went to Kritika’s place in her washroom and splashed lots of water on my face, I was all cold and shocked, never ever thought of this even in my dreams,Kritika pulled me out and hugged me, sat close to me and said I need to calm down, I had no words.

She said Natasha was too insecure and kept talking about her virginity and that she wanted to do it with some experienced guy, both s****r didn’t tell me about this, Kritika was not favoring her for that since it was cheating with me, she was also surprised and didn’t expect her s****r to do this. I just stood up and wanted to leave while she held my hand and asked me to sit and calm down first, I said I won’t ever want to see Natasha’s face, she just stood up put hand on my shoulder and made me sit down on the bed.

Then she started “this is really heart breaking for you, I myself feel the pain but you need to get strong in life, what if you are cheated by some other girl in future, you don’t need to be a devdas, learn to give back in life” I was furious not with Kritika but with the situation, I stared at her angrily, she was still trying to cool me down while showing hatred for what her s****r did to me.

I got really worked up with her words and angrily asked her “giving it back!!!! then why don’t I surprise Natasha the same way she did” Kritika asked me what I meant, for which I said “have revenge on her the same way by fucking you while she is expected to come in any moment”. With this Kritika hit me on my back and got angry. I kept looking at her all disheartened sad, understanding my pain she comes and hugs me tight and put my head on her shoulder, slowly she turns my head and said “you are right, have revenge with her, fuck her s****r in front of her the same way, I am with you, I really understand your pain” with this line, she smooched me and removed her t-shirt in no time, and started pulling my clothes out!!!!! I was all naked in no time, she pushed me on the bed and started sucking my dick which was soft at that time since I was not aroused.

She started sucking like mad to get me all erect, a man doesn’t think further as soon as his manhood has a calling, she kept sucking until I was completely erect, I stood up a little and hugged her fondling her ass, unhooked her bra, wow!!!!! she was 36C size and what amazing feel those boobies gave me on my hands and then on my face, I stood up completely and lifted Kritika up gave her boobs some massage and got her shorts off, I never noticed her this way before, but her ass and thighs were super fantastic, I couldn’t stop and started licking and sucking her slowly pulled off her undies and gave her a brief look, she nodded her hand in cooperation and telling me that this was right, I kept my face close to her pussy and smelt her amazing fragrance, love juices were flowing and it was amazing, gently fingered her pussy to get it more wet and finally took my long tongue deep in her pussy, as much as I could go while rubbing her clit with my fingers, she buried her head between pillows pushed my head deeper between her legs, I was just licking her love juices violently, this got her to squirt and huge orgasm that I licked well to clean.

As soon as she got a little conscious I went up to hug her and kept staring her beauty, “Kritika, you are 100 times more beautiful from inside then outside” she gave me a deep kiss then bit my lower lip, now she stands up and questions me, “how do you want to fuck for your first session, I will make sure you remember this for your whole life”

I gave her a tight hug and asked her to come on top of me and ride on me, she obliged and wow, the feeling of my dick inside a warm pussy got me so happy and excited, she saw me going crazy and started riding gently, I was getting close since it was my first time, I told her and she slowed down even more, got of me slowly asking me “where would you want to cum?”, I didn’t know what to say, it was my first experience, I left it on her, for which she gave a sly wink and started sucking me hard, within few seconds I said I am cumming, she increased her pace and started gulping all my cum, Kritika sucked every drop of my cum very smoothly, gave a huge kiss on my dick, looked at me to find me all satisfied and calm, I pulled her towards me gave a huge hug and smooched her, told her “I love you, I just really love you, you are the best thing on earth” she looked at me with a spark in her eyes and kissed me again the same way she kissed me first.

From then on I never spoke to Natasha but always kept good friends with Kritika, Natasha even cried on phone asking what’s the matter but I never responded, in my heart I was completely content that I had a amazing first session and had a amazingly beautiful at heart girl who cared for me, I even had my immediate revenge sex with Natasha that bitch.

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