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My first party

So I went to this party in SL and like I thought I’d dress up, in my prettiest little summer dress and I thought I looked super cute!
When I got there it seemed really cool but there was like lots of guys and hardly any girls but the music was good so I danced for a while and like people just kept giving me drinks, it was great!
Then I started feeling a bit light headed from the drinks and I got a bit dizzy but this really strong guy caught me and said he’d take me out back to get some air which I thought was so sweet.

So we got outside and I was feeling super funny and he sat me down on a bench and then like before I knew what was going on he got his dick out and was like pushing it into my mouth!
And I could see what was happening but I had like no control of my body and he just started r****g my mouth, shoving his huge cock right into my throat and I was choking and gagging and he just laughed, it was so awful.

It seemed like forever as he fucked my throat, I was crying and gasping for air and he kept making me drool all down myself, all over my pretty dress as I sobbed and choked.
Eventually he came in my mouth, a huge gross load and it spilled out of my mouth down onto my dress then he got mad and held my mouth shut and told me to swallow but it was too much and some came out of my nose it was so gross! He got madder then and slapped me and told me I was a useless cum rag but luckily then he left and I just sat there on the bench, tears running down my face, my make up ruined, covered in my drool and his cum feeling so weird from the drinks I’d been given I still couldn’t move.

I was just sitting there trying to catch my breath still shocked at what had just happened when another guy came over and sat down next to me. He just stared at how messy I was and I blushed bright red while he looked at me then he said he’d seen me sucking off that guy and I tried to tell him what had happened but I couldn’t talk properly, it just came out as like some baby noises.

He just laughed and told me I sounded like a retard and I blushed even more and tried to ask him to help me but I just made the same dumb noises I felt so stupid and helpless.
The next thing I knew he was putting his hand up my dress and pushing my legs apart while he told me I was a stupid little slut and that I should be glad someone let me suck their cock.

I started to cry again and I still couldn’t move cos of the spiked drinks as I watched him slide my panties down my thighs and he shoved his finger into my pussy making me whimper. He fingered me roughly while he kept telling me what a trashy little cunt I was, and he started saying even more horrible stuff as he realised how wet I was getting. I couldn’t help myself and when he called me a useless fuckhole and spat in my face I screamed out as I came so hard.

He stood up and pulled his cock out and started like stroking it and then he came all over my face, in my hair, in my mouth and I like couldn’t help but swallow some as I sat there sobbing with his cum dripping off my face. He zipped himself up, pulled my panties all the way off and put them in his pocket then walked off, saying ‘goodbye for now my dumb little cumrag’.

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