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My first meet with Mandi_xxx

Diary entry –

Well I eventually managed, after several weeks, to persuade Mandi to meet me. Not sure if she thought it would be a drink, snog, tittie worship, sex and then gone……but she was wrong.
I told her I was going to Hook for meetings so would stay locally to her in a hotel, I gave simple instructions – meet me at 7pm in the bar, text me when you get there, wear stockings, heels, business-like…..and take your favourite toy and green or white mini dress (like in the pics).

She text me bang on 7pm, I responded telling her to close her eyes and keep them closed until told when to open, she knows what I look like, so this would just add to the suspense. I got to the bar from my room and lo and behold Mandi was sat there, looking sexy as fuck, eyes closed with a drink in front of her. I touched her hand, she clasped it, and led her to the lift – she would not know it was me…….

in the lift I teased a bit by running my hand up the inside of her leg and kissing her neck…………..floor 4. Guided Mandi to the room……. left her standing in the middle of the room while I gazed in awe at the spectacular beauty…… it was my time. I told her to strip, she did, nervously, still not knowing it was me……..then when down to matching briefs I took her and her bag to the bathroom and instructed the white mini see-through net number was put on, I closed the door.

Mandi called that she was ready (was she?). I guided her back into the room and struggled to just take advantage there and then, I was rock hard at this point. Should I get her to open her eyes and make love to her? Or should I treat her like a slut? Or should I train her more to obey a Master? ‘Mandi, touch yourself’ I instructed, she obeyed without question, had I found my 50 Shades partner? That ass was so peachy, would she allow a spank, still not knowing it was me? I told her she was not doing it to my satisfaction (she was) and took her over my knee, I left handprints……she apologised…….

I instructed she suck my cock, not an issue, she was down quick……. I lifted one of those sexy titties and slapped it……. she kept sucking, I lifted her head and gently slapped her face and then put her mouth back round my cock – no complaints.
It seemed like an age but I really wanted to kiss her, suck her nipples, her pussy……as I had come across so dominant how could I get round this? ‘Mandi – open your mouth’ – I should have been more dominant and just spat on her, but I couldn’t, I wanted to kiss……I did – she damn near sucked my tongue off, I couldn’t resist I had to kiss her neck, titties, nipples, stomach………all on my way down South…….

she tasted fantastic – I felt selfish for a second, but then a small groan and an increase of fluid on my tongue and in my mouth proved otherwise, I was not selfish – Mandi is enjoying this stranger.
It was time for my cock to be introduced to that perfectly trimmed and formed, and wet, pussy – in Master mode I would have referred to this as a cunt, but that can wait – need to be selfish.

I pulled Mandi’s hips towards me…. inch by inch……her eyes we’re still closed, she looked so beautiful and sexy I could have cum there and then……. but I wanted to feel her juices, her wetness, her passion. I guess the sex was love making, we moved from missionary, to spoons, to doggy and to positions I don’t think have been classified……. it was great – but still her eyes remained closed (did she do this as it was more exciting, less guilt, who knows)……I had to cum……would I finish off the love making and cum inside her? Would I make her suck my cock till I came? Or would I give Mandi the choice – after all, I wanted to see her again – ‘where do you want me to cum darling?’ – she responded very quickly, and much to my surprise as well…….

“inside me, then let me suck your cock clean” – obviously I obliged, but when Mandi was sucking my cock clean………she had two fingers in her her cum filled pussy – did I not do good enough or did I take you to that place?
The awkward bit – Mandi opened her eyes, it was like the last hour or two had not happened, like we were strangers again, not at all she smiled, pulled me in for a hug and said that this was a starter for would be a great friendship – no leaving partners, no disclosing to friends, no gifts no nothing – this sounded perfect…..but realised that the Master had just been turned to the Submissive, not intentionally and by no means going to happen……but the Master is controlled indirectly by the passion, the beauty and the obedience of his new ‘sub’……was he disappointed! Hell no……..he loved it.


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