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My first masturbation experience with knickers

I’ll tell you story were it all started. My first ever masturbation experience with a pair of my neighbours knickers.

It all started, with my new neighbour, she moved in next door a divorced mother with three kids. I wouldn’t say that she was stunning or what they call a MILF nothing of the sort she was around 5’7 strong jawline a long bubble nose with straight dark brown shoulder length hair bangs/fringe covering entire forehead so hair hung just over her eyebrows, hazel green eyes, bags under her eyes freckles quite strong when close up her body was worn from producing three off spring she kept fit by running just your average body size 12.

Her breasts were B cup 34B. Her arse much like rest of her body was average nothing defining little fat & flat. But back to my story i left it for a few weeks being new she’d need the time to settle in and when it was the right time i did the neighbourly thing and i went round and introduced myself.

As i look back on it… Ill never forget the look on her face when she opened the door for the first time and the look of repulsion that she had when she saw me and when i introduced myself and the knowledge that she had me as her neighbour, she was very silent her one worded answers & not introducing herself was or part taking in what was a genuine warm welcoming conversation that i was trying to have with her and presenting her with a fruit basket welcoming her to neighbourhood.

That 1st encounter should of told me something was up. A few days had passed since our 1st meeting and i noticed when i was out going to the local store that my fruit basket that i gave her was untouched still wrapped in cellophane just cast to the bin outside. Which i have to say i found quite upsetting and confusing to why she would do such a thing? But did my best not to think too much of it and went about my daily business.

Several more months had passed since she moved to the area and in those months she became quite chatty friendly with surrounding neighbours. But not once in those several months networking with the surrounding neighbours did she ever say hello or converse with myself when out & about. For example if i would be out mowing the lawn or at the local store and our paths would cross i got nothing. She never once made the first gesture i soon picked up on the fact if i said nothing at all i get nothing in return i was simply being ignored with no cause or explanation at all not even a simple polite smile when smiled upon.

In the months of moving in there were many a night i would be woken up by her intoxicated antics playing her music so loud it would wake the dead in early hours of the morning waking her kids up to par take in her antics which would go on for hours. But i still did the right thing i didn’t make big deal out of it and let it pass being the good neighbour.

Few more months had passed & she continued her late night antics and continued ignoring my existence. Regardless of many kind genuine neighbourly gestures i would make and i would get nothing. It been around the tenth month of her moving in and she still didn’t have the decorum to tell me her own name. I then came to conclusion that my new neighbour was a complete bitch!

Then one day i saw her from my window putting her washing out which was nothing new but i don’t know what came over me this time or why? But i found myself watching her clothes dry & flow back forth in the wind, i then heard her front door slam shut i went and took a look out of the front and i saw her rolling her moped off its kickstand and putting on her helmet on she was going out for the afternoon.

Now mine & her backyard had no fencing at all between us and once again i don’t why? But i found myself in my backyard looking at her clothing drying in the broad daylight sun blazing in the warm wind and there they were. A pair of her knickers size 12 light pink nylon M&S string strap crushed nylon front with a lace finish full backed bikini cut knickers, i then felt something id never felt before my cock start to get aroused tip of my cock was getting wet it was telling me something just me standing there watching them blow in the warm air.

Before i knew it! I was across the fresh hold, into her garden i leaped up & snatched them off her washing line! They were in my hands and i was back in my bedroom within moments. My heart racing like I’ve never felt before. The adrenaline rushing through my body as found myself pulling and tugging down my jeans and boxers down and wrapping her still slightly damp out the washer fresh knickers around my rock hard cock.

I started to masturbate it felt so good the nylon smooth and silky as it glided across my cock the combination of the smell of the fresh washing powder and the dampness of her knickers was just too much for me to take. It wasn’t long before i could feel myself cumming and i cummed hard! I spurted three spurts of my hot spunk into her knickers the excitement gave me such strong orgasm.

I was left shaking and weak at the knees, i fell face forward onto my bed with her knickers still wrapped around my cock as i lay there for few moments trying my best to catching my breath, as my cock started to shirk in my wet spunky mess that i made in her knickers I was then hit with emotional guilt. It hit me hard like a truck!! “What have i done” I thought to myself and how I’m going to fix this? I started to panic i got myself together and i rushed back out to the backyard.

There was no way possible for me to hang them back on the washing line as id have to lower it and the risk of the neighbours on the other side seeing me was too great. So i just threw them hoping, praying it was giving the impression they may have blown off the line whist drying.

The hours that passed made me sick to the stomach not knowing the outcome of what had happened even tho i felt so guilty by the deed soon after cumming.

The rush i felt and the hard orgasm achieved from it gave me frill a forbidden frill and started to make me hard and i wanted to do again. I spent the rest day transfixed to back window watching, waiting for my neighbour to return home and she did later that evening she went out and collected her now dry washing and there i was. This was it the moment of truth. I stood there watching for her reaction looking at her and then at her knickers that i threw out only a few feet away from were she was standing laying in the grass of her garden and then back to her.

I was thinking to myself “Yes that it, look over there! They blew off the line” But then she did something i didn’t expect? She collected all her washing and walked back in to house not blinking twice that her knickers were missing??

I then heard her front door slam “Shiiit! she knows the neighbour on the other side must of spotted me” I stood frozen my heart was racing my stomach was flipping over with nerves waiting for my door bell to ring… and nothing! Minutes’ passed turning into hours and nothing??, I’d gotten away with my daylight snatch and grab! YESSS!! Her knickers were still out in her backyard waiting to be discover by her, in her own time when she starts to sort through her washing notice they are missing.

2 days passed and no repercussions of my actions I had cleanly got away with it and most surprising of all her knickers were still there! After 2 days I couldn’t believe my eyes she hadn’t noticed they were missing let alone see them laying there in her garden! They were there bright as day laying in the grass waiting for her to pick them up. Day 3 came around and i saw her at my local supermarket, even though i knew i got away it i was still on nerves and i thought “shit if she does know this is the moment of truth” i smiled at her per normal and once again i was stone faced and ignored as she continued to walk pass me.

On returning home from the supermarket i started to unpack my shopping i noticed her knickers were still there and i thought to myself what the hell, i walked out to take better look as it was getting dark and sure enough it was them, so i crept silently in to her yard doing my best not make a sound looking at her windows for movement and nothing. Her knickers were arms reach away and i knew i was hidden by cover of the apple tree and darkness of the night and for moment i froze was this a trap? Was i being watched was she going to catch me in the act.

I hesitated and then once again my cock twitched and i snatched them back. These are “now mine” i thought to myself i earned these! I wore her knickers to bed for the first time that night they fitted perfectly my cock both hard and soft i hung snugly in her knickers and they felt so comfortable as if they were meant to be. Waking up next morning in them was the best feeling ever! I saw my neighbour again that morning getting ready to leave as i was putting the rubbish out, wearing nothing but her light M&S pink knickers under my nightgown my cock became instantly hard on seeing her.

Knowing she once wore these only a few days ago and now there mine covered in my spunk & doing a great job of holding my hard cock in place, I called out to my neighbour “good morning neighbour, i think today is going be a great day don’t you think” She didn’t responded as she had her crash helmet on she heard nothing and went about her business and proceeded to push her moped out of her drive way.

So that was my 1st account of what turned into many, many more insane fun adventures i had with Diane’s underwear over the years. Let me know what you think and if you liked to hear more of my stories.

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