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My first love

I was 18 when i met my boyfriend who was 18 too. We both loved each other very much more than our lives. Abhi(boy) didnt kissed me even once also in two year of our love, we just use to talk and chat in phones. Finally one day abhi asked “Do you know why they kiss when they get married?”, to me(anu). I didnt know because i was that girl who had never kissed before to anyone and off course it was my first love.

Abhi told me that by kissing their feeling become strong and even their love too. He finally asked he wanted to kiss me. I said “OK” with hesitation. That was saturday our college was half day, but i lied in home that there r extra classes so it’ll be late. And that day morning when i saw Abhi’s face i felt something inside me. We couldnt resist our feelings so we decided to leave the class after the 1st class only.

We went to one park but it was not yet open as it was just quater passed 9.
We finally decided to go some where out side city where there are no people. As usual he found such place before only, he took me over there. That place was too romantic, it was a kind of grass land and river side by. We sat below pupil tree. He started to talk with me and promised me nothing will happen, he’ll be with me.

I was totally nervous. For first time i felt different when he touched my hand which i never felt before in two years. He started to kiss my hand slowly and kissed up to shoulders. That day i wore a tight t-shirt and jeans. He than moved my hairs which fallen on my face behind my ears and kissed my ear hmmmm…. that time my clint started pounding and my boobs where quiet erect.

Than he started to kiss my neck and moved his soft tongue all over ahhh…. Uhhh…. Finally he reached my lips i put up strawberry flavour on my lips that day.
He started to kiss and i was not so involved, he waited for my deep involvement but i didnt because of fear that someone may come over there and see our activities. But slowly started to move his hand on my body and touched my boobs that time i forgot fear and started to kiss him very strongly as he squeezed my boobs very hard and i felt very good ohh….. Ahhh….. By that time my clint was wet.

He kissed me for 15 min. Than he slowly lifted my shirt and saw my big tight boobs. He was wondered to see them, he removed my shirt and bra and started to suck my right boob and squeezing my left one and i started to moun slowly ahh…. Ooooh…. And he kissed me again.
After that he took my hand and made to keep my hand on his erect pennis. I really wanted to see it so he took it off his pants and it was totally in attention position.

I slowly touched that pennis, he told me to slide my hand up and down i did the same he was moaning ahhhh… Ohhhh my god. He cum, and i was wondered and he too took of his all clothes and insisted me to remove my pant, i too did. He than put his leg on my legs and again started to kiss and squeez my boobs. My panty was bit loose that he could easily slide his hand inside.

While kissing i was mouning and than he put his hand inside my clint and i started to moun louder ahhhh hmmm….. Ahh ohhu….
And than he took off my panty too. Than he put his erect pennis in my mouth and told suck it…. Ahh ohh hmmm ahhhh….. And i continued to suck it for half an hour and spreaded my leg quiet wider and started to lick my pussy and squeez my boobs i felt still sexier as i never had done before Uhhh… Ahhhh….

hmmmmmm…. hmmmmmm…. ahhhh…. And i too cum. My whole was pounding it was ready for the big time. He inserted his pennis inside my sweet hole, it was paining but i yet wanted it ummm…..hmmmm….. Ahhh…. , because i felt as if m in heaven. I cried off pain but he didnt stop ahhhh…. yeahhhhh…. hmmmm…..more more….
He started to move still faster and gave heavy strokes with his large bat. And he continued for longtime and he slept and i sat on him and he inserted his pennis in my hole again and told to do faster….

Uhhh… Ahhh…. “Go faster you sexy machine”, he told. And we continued in this state for longtime. It was evening and dawn by that time. We were unhappy to leave but we should. We finally got dressed up and again he kissed me and went to home….. Write good comments if u want me to write more stories….

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