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My first BJ also my first story, not very exciting but sure what the hell.

Was quite a few years back now, in the days when you stand outside the off license and ask people passing by to get your drink..
My friends and i (about 15 of us) heard about a bonfire party in the woods (deerpark for those from Dublin :D)
It was brilliant there was loads of people up there dozens of groups massive bonfire music blaring and plenty of babes My friends didnt seem to be enjoying themselves and decided to leave and head to McDonalds (how that seemed the better option i will never know).

Against all logic i decided to stay with all these strangers while my friends left, i would normally go with my friends but something in my head told me to stay because this was going to be a good night.
Before long i caught the eye of a raven haired beauty across the bonfire. We stared at each other through the flames kinda just smiling at each other she seemed to be on her own too.

It reminded me of the opening scene of my favorite movie JAWS.

She was exactly the type i go for tall slim brunette with the cutest face. I thought i may as well go over and talk to her, im here alone whats the worst that can happen. After approaching her and chatting for half and hour we were getting on quite well having a few beers and i seemed to be making her laugh (always a good thing :)) i was tapped on the shoulder by some dude…”HEY, i was talking to her first”, ”i was like whats this like the last sweet in the shop” , what do you mean you saw her first who the hell are you.

He had left to go buy more booze and after the most polite argument iv ever had the raven as i nicknamed her said..ok guys i’m going into thoes trees over there when you guys sort it out one of you come over to me.
As she was really fit i wasnt about to give up. I thought there was going to be a fight which i couldn’t have won, this was a big guy.

Now that the Raven had vanished into the woods this guy got a bit rougher and started pushing me around Somehow i still don’t know how i ended up in the bushes while the other guy went home…i guess i calmed him down.

so after Raven i went i quickly found her she smiled and said i was hoping it would be you or i knew it would be you i cant quite remember but something like that.

she prob would have said the same thing to the other guy but im gonna pretend she wouldn’t have. We went at it straight away it was pretty passionate to say the least the music was just the right beat too. after some fingering and wanking then she went down which kinda surprised me it was epic she knew what she was doing and such amazing lips BUT it was in the middle of winter and freezing outdoors and she was wearing mittens which just felt weird :/ to make it worse my father rang me twice during telling me to come home..i had to answer otherwise he’d keep calling
but other than that 😀
BJ’S have just got better every time.

I stumbled home a happy but of course i was grounded for coming home three hours late…:) i still see her the odd time walking about town.

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