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My Education: Brother

Recap from “Band Trip” gay high school Feb 18

Still gasping to get his breath back, Rob withdrew his slightly deflated
cock from Tim’s dripping hole. Tim braced himself on my shoulders and
allowed his still half-hard wet cock to pull away from my mouth. I f***ed
myself from the ground and sat on a nearby bench. I still had a hard
throbbing hardon. Tim, being the good host, and also still horny, went
between my legs and took my cock in one swift motion.

It only took a few
moments before I rewarded Tim’s efforts with my second load of the day.

I wanted to be home when Wayne, my oldest b*****r, got home from college
for Thanksgiving break. I couldn’t wait to demonstrate my new found oral
talents on Wayne. But that’s a story for another time.

Now on with the story.

Wayne was four years older than me.

He attended college in another state
and didn’t get home very often. We were very close. We had a special bond
– a really special bond. Our special bonding really began several years
earlier when Wayne was around 15. You can do the math on my age. I had
always admired my big b*****r. He was smart, popular, and good looking. I
always wanted to please him.

When we were younger, we shared a bedroom with our other b*****r Paul.

Paul was between Wayne and me. I had seen both of my b*****rs nude many
times growing up. Being nude in front of each other was just one of those
things. When Wayne started going through puberty I really began to pay
closer attention to the changes in his body.

Erections, body hair, and masturbation were not unknown to me. Nick, one of
the older neighbor boys, had been my sexual mentor.

Nick was four years
older than me, the same age as Wayne. I don’t remember exactly when Nick
began to instruct me in all things sexual, but he hadn’t hit puberty yet.
Nick had taught me how much pleasure a boy could have by jacking his
wiener. He also let me explore his own cock, which was huge in comparison
to my own cock.

One of my favorite activities with Nick was when he would have me lay on my
tummy and he would lay on top of me.

He would guide his hard cock between
my small ass cheeks. It felt so good rubbing there. At first he never
tried to penetrate me, just rubbing between my legs. We would do this as
often as we could – at least once a week or more during the summer break.
The rhythm of his pushing his dick between my legs would cause my own cock
to rub against the sheet below me.

Double the pleasure.

As time went by I noticed that my crack would be wet while he rubbed me.
He explained that older boys did that before they would cum. I was totally
fascinated with this information. I asked him to let me see it. He got
off me and had me stroke him, which was my second favorite activity. As I
stroked his rigid dick I noticed a drop of clear liquid form at the tip.

took my finger and touched it. It wasn’t like pee. It had a slimy feel to
it. I continued to stroke his cock like I knew he wanted it done. I had
stroked him many times before, so I knew how his cock would swell and
throb. I was aware how his breathing would become quicker and how the
sweat would cover his body. Now up to this point he only had dry orgasms.

I continued stroking his expanding cock, ready to watch his body go into
spasms as his pleasures overcame him. He was panting hard. This was going
to be a good one , I thought to myself. His panting turned to groans and
moans of pleasure. What happened next shocked me. A stream of white stuff
shot from the tip of his pulsing cock and landed on my chest. The next one
landed on my arm, then on my hand.

Nick had mentioned cum before. But this
was the first time I had seen any. I continued to stroke him. The
sensation of working the cum all over his spent cock was a new thrill for
the both of us. He told me that he had just started producing cum and
couldn’t wait to share it with me.

Nick took the washcloth that he had placed beside the bed and wiped his
spent load from my chest and arm, but he left the remaining cum on his
still raging cock.

With a mischievous grin on his face, he pushed me back onto the bed and
rolled me on my stomach. He climbed over me guiding his now slick cock
between my ass checks. WOW! What a fantastic sensation this sent through
me. His slick cock slid easily between my legs. Nick was enjoying the new
sensation. His moans were louder and deeper than usual. His thrusts
seemed more urgent, harder, and powerful.

His body slammed against me,
grinding my own cock against the sheets. With another hard deep thrust,
Nick’s moans became almost a wail. I could feel the usual swelling and
throbbing of his cock between my legs. Then I felt the first spurt of his
second load erupting from his cock, the warmth and wetness covering my nut
sack. Nick’s final plunge sent a strange and overwhelming rush of pleasure
from deep within me, to my cum-covered balls all the way through my
quivering young cock.

I had a dry orgasm. How could things ever get any
better than this?

I found out that my education was just beginning.

Nick also introduced me to anal sex. I still enjoyed having his cock
between my ass cheeks, and now that he could shoot a nice wet load of cum
between my legs it just added to the pleasure. It was during one of these
fucking sessions, as he called them, that he told me there was something we
could do that would be even better than just rubbing against my ass crack.

I was all for anything that would be even better than what we were doing.

Nick withdrew his cock and grabbed a jar of Vaseline from the table beside
the bed. He took a nice glob of it and worked his finger into my ass. He
told me to relax and push out while he worked his finger in me. The
sensation of his finger entering my tight ass ring was both pain and

He spent a lot of time working his finger around inside me.
When I was no longer resisting one finger, he worked a second finger in.
This time it was more pleasure than pain. I found myself squirming my ass
back against the intruding object, enjoying it more with each inward push.

I had noticed Nick’s cock growing in both length and thickness the last
year. It was maybe five inches long now, still the biggest cock I had ever
seen up to this point.

When he felt he had my hole ready, he smeared some
of the jell on his straining cock. He gave it a few strokes. I was still
on my stomach, but he took a couple of pillows and shoved them under my
hips, raising my ass, giving his cock an easier target. I was nervous
about what was going to happen, but I trusted Nick. He had been a gentle
instructor to this point.

He told me that it might hurt at first, but it
would soon start to feel good. Again he told me to relax and push out. He
held his cock in one hand and guided it toward my well-lubed hole. I felt
the tip press against my opening. It resisted the invasion at first. He
reminded me to relax. The pressure against my ass ring continued. I
pushed out as he had told me.

Then I felt it. The head slipped inside. I
saw a flash of white light, but I bit my lip to keep quiet. I wanted this
as much as he seemed to need it. With just the head in my tight hole, he
paused to let he adjust. As the pain subsided some, my ass muscle relaxed.
Nick could feel this and took it as a sign to push in more. He would
insert a couple of inches then stop and let me readjust.

Soon I could feel
his sparse pubes against my ass. I knew I had him all.

After another pause to adjust, he began to withdraw from my clinching ass.
He then pushed all the way back in. I could feel his heavy balls against
me. Wow, this was hot. He began to pick up his pace, making faster,
deeper thrusts. His balls began to slap against me. I knew all the signs
of what has approaching.

– The rapid breathing, the cock swelling, the
sweat. As always, his pants became groans and moans. He was thrusting
hard and deep with every inward push. An a****l howl came from his throat
as he came one final thrust. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me.
He was shooting his cum in my ass. I could feel each pulse of cum escape
his tube. The wetness that I had felt between my legs so many times before
was now filling my insides.

As had become the pattern of our fucking, with
Nick’s final thrust, I had my usual dry orgasm. We both lay together coming
back down from the overwhelming high. Nick’s cock was still buried deep in
my well-used ass.

Nick continued to educate me on the fine art of m2m sex for many years. As
his cock continued to grow toward adulthood, he kept my ass well stretched.

Now back to Wayne.

As I had said, I had seen both of my b*****rs nude many times, but there
had not been any sexual exploration. I always wondered if Wayne and Nick
ever explored. I never asked Nick and he never volunteered any
information. I knew they hung out together and spent some time alone. The
thought of them stroking each other would make my little cock spring to

Not too long after Nick introduced me to anal sex, Wayne seemed to be extra
nice to me.

I wasn’t as smart as my b*****r, but I wasn’t that dumb,
either. I figured Nick had told him something. One night when it was just
the two of us in the bedroom, things changed.

Wayne announced that he was going to take a shower before bed. He left the
bathroom door slightly open, which wasn’t his normal routine. From my bed
I could see into the bathroom. I saw him strip down.

From my vantage
point I had a great view of his totally nude body. He started with his
back to me, showing his tight ass, then he would turn to give me a full
frontal view. He was still soft, but he did seem to be growing a little.

Maybe I should describe my b*****r. He was about 6′. He had a slim build
like me. He also had reddish-brown hair like me and our dad.

His chest was
smooth, but he had hairy legs and a nice patch of hair around his cock and
low-hanging balls. He was uncut like I was.

Wayne continued getting ready to take his shower, going to pee, brushing
his teeth. He seemed to stand there longer than I thought was necessary.
Was he doing this just for me? Was he waiting to see what my reaction
would be? The reaction I had was to spring a boner.

Wayne disappeared from my view as he entered the shower. Our shower was
one of those that had a frosted glass door. I heard the water start and
the door close. All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind. Was he
putting on a show for me? Was he testing me to see if I would do something
then run and tell Mom and Dad? Did he want to do more, like Nick and I do?
I was confused to say the least.

I heard the water turn off and the shower
door open. Wayne had his back to the door and my watching eyes as he
continued to dry himself. I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene before me.
He then turned around. His towel was covering his junk as he dried his
chest, then he took his towel and raised it to dry his hair. There in my
trance-like state I saw his very hard cock standing straight out from his
thick bush.

He was bigger than Nick by far. His dick bounced with every
move of his body.

He lowered the towel and his eyes met mine. I quickly averted my gaze away
from him. He walked into the bedroom still nude and hard. He had to pass
my bed to get to his. He stopped in front of me, asking about my day and
what plans did I have for tomorrow. I didn’t know where to look.

pulsing cock was right at eye level. I looked up at his face. I was met
with an almost evil gaze. He had me. He knew I was watching him. I was
hard as well. Thank goodness I had my sheet covering my dick. He stood
there a few more moments, making his hard cock throb right in front of me.
I wanted to reach out and touch it, wrap my hand around it and feel it

But I didn’t. I was uncertain of how he would react. Maybe this
all was some kind of sick test.

After a little more conversation he went over to his bed. He threw back
the covers and lay down. He didn’t pull them back over himself. He laid
on his back with his huge cock standing straight up. I was like a deer in
headlights. I couldn’t stop looking.

If you are enjoying my stories please let me know.

If you are mean and
just want to say mean things, don’t. If you notice any factual errors,
please wait for the movie to come out and post them in the goof’s area.

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