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My Dream Girl

My name is Elisabeth Macleod and I’m a sex therapeut. I don’t look like it, though. I’m a six-foot-
six, bodacious dame with long blonde hair, pale green eyes and alabaster skin. Yeah, I’m a tall
woman. One of the tallest in the Boston Area. And I am proud of it too. Just call me the Scottish
Giantess. People come to me to help them solve their problems. Especially those that are of a
sexual nature.

No, I’m not a prostitute. I’m a therapeut. Very little distinction between the two but
whatever. That’s cool because I’m a problem solver. Helping ordinary people lead better lives is
what I do. It’s one of the reasons why I still bother getting up in the morning. What’s my
specialty? I’ve cornered the market on black men with a fetish for being fucked by white women
wearing big strapon dildos.

I bring them complete satisfaction. It’s fun.
Presently, I’m doing my best to help Tyrone. He’s a big and tall black man. This six-foot-one,
230-pound black gentleman is a State Trooper. What’s his problem? He’s got a penchant for
anal sex but doesn’t feel comfortable enough to broach the subject with Rita, his uptight Catholic
housewife. He fears that she just won’t understand. This is a source of stress for the poor guy.

That’s okay because I’m here for him. I will do whatever it takes to give him the peace of mind he
so desperately craves. How I do is my business, of course. Tyrone is into the rough stuff. He
comes to me because I give him pleasure and pain his wife can’t even imagine.
Which is why I’ve got him on his hands and knees, his butt cheeks spread wide open and my
twelve-inch dildo buried deep inside his ass.

lots of men like being fucked in the ass by a
woman with a strapon dildo. Black guys are no exception. I hold Tyrone by the hips and shove
the dildo up his ass. Tyrone screams as I pound into his asshole with my big dildo. His screams
are music to my ears. Yeah, this is fun for the both of us. This sexy black man loves getting his
tight ass fucked by a big white woman’s strapon dildo.

And I love fucking black men in the ass
with my dildos. It’s fun. Why black men? Why not? Who says willing black men can’t get fucked
in the ass by eager white women with big strapon dildos? There’s no law against this sort of
thing. I fucked him good until he came, then I pressed a button on my strapon dildo. The dildo
spat hot cum deep inside Tyrone’s ass.

Tyrone screamed in pleasure. I laughed victoriously.
Then, he rested a bit, then showered and left, after paying me.
After giving Tyrone the ride of his life, I lay in bed, resting. Suddenly, I remember all the black
men I’ve fucked in the ass with my dildo. My first was Raul. A big and tall, sexy black stud. He
was dating my friend Isabel, a plump black chick. Raul had a thing for me.

I found him attractive
too. Unfortunately, I’m not into being fucked by men. Oh, I don’t let women fuck me either. It’s
just that I like to do the fucking. If I like a man, I will take him out for a good time and pay for
everything. I’m rich, so I can afford it. I don’t care if he has other women or even men on the
side. All I want is his ass.

So, I seduced Raul. I stole him from Isobel. Then, I had my way with
We were in bed, naked. I let Raul suck on my breasts, and I even sucked his long and thick
black cock. I licked and fingered his ass. He was really into it. Then, he wanted to fuck me. I told
him no. He was not a happy camper. However, I offered him an option.

We could wrestle
together. The winner fucks the loser in the ass. That made Raul happy. We wrestled furiously on
the bed. He didn’t hold back. Neither did I. I’m a six-foot-six Scottish Giantess endowed with
strength the likes of which ordinary people can only dream of. I defeated the sexy black male
athlete, and he was stunned. I comforted him by sucking his cock once more. That pleased him.

However, as winner of the contest, I had the right to fuck him in the ass.
Raul wasn’t too happy about that. He reneged on his promise and tried to flee. I chased him
around the house and finally tackled and subdued him. Then, I bent the sexy black stud over
and stuffed him like a thanksgiving turkey. Raul was a real screamer that first time. He didn’t like

But I plowed mercilessly into the black man’s ass with my big strapon dildo. Until he learned to
love it. The first time is always the roughest time. After a while, the guy starts to love it. After I

took his anal virginity, Raul was stunned. That’s perfectly normal. Lots of guys experience shock
after getting fucked by a woman with a strapon dildo. He was also angry. I reminded him that a
deal was a deal.

If I had lost our bet, I would have let him fuck me in the ass. I am a woman of
my word. He ignored me and walked away.
A few days later, Raul was back, demanding a rematch. We wrestled fiercely on the bed. I came
dangerously close to losing. Then, fortunately, I won. I pinned Raul. He was stunned. I fetched
my strapon dildo and had myself a fun ride.

I bent him over and stuffed his ass with my dildo. He
screamed loud enough to wake the dead. This time, though, he seemed to like it. I fucked him
good until he came, then I drank up all of his cum. Raul sighed in pleasure as I sucked his cock.
Then, he thanked me. We became lovers. No, I still didn’t let him fuck my pussy or ass.
However, we had some passionate times together.

I loved looking into Raul’s eyes as I drove my
dildo into his ass. Sometimes, I even kissed him while fucking him. Yeah, I fell in love with Raul.
We spent a year together. We had tons of fun. Sometimes, we went dancing. I loved Raul. I took
him on trips to places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York. I wasn’t jealous. Sometimes, I
brought other women for him to play with.

We hired a Latin prostitute named Maria for him.
Maria was a plump Latin woman with golden brown skin, long black hair and pale brown eyes.
She had big boobs, a thick body, wide hips and a plump ass. All of these factors turned Raul on
like you would not believe. I watched, stroking my strapon dildo as he had his way with her.
Raul put Maria on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open.

He pushed his cock into her
asshole and began to fuck her. I watched as Raul slid his cock into Maria’s asshole. She gasped
as he began fucking her. Raul laughed and held Maria by the hips while fucking her. I stroked
my strapon dildo and also fingered my pussy while watching Raul do his thing. He loves fucking
women. I watched his big black cock sliding in and out of Maria’s asshole.

The Latin plumper
was screaming her lungs out. I don’t know how she does it. I can’t imagine any cock going up my
pussy or ass. That’s why I’m still a virgin, in the conventional sense. Raul had his fun with Maria,
fucking her hard and fast.
I watched my lover as he fucked the plump woman in the ass. Raul grabbed hold of Maria’s long
hair and yanked her head back while fucking her.

He seemed to be having the time of his life. As
for me, I found myself feeling mixed emotions. Part of me was angry at Maria for being with Raul
in a way that I couldn’t. Another part of me was mad at Raul. But how could I be mad at him? He
was a man and men fucked women. That’s the way the world was. And both men and women
liked it that way.

No matter what they said. Being exclusively into strapon sex made me an
outcast in many ways. I was surprised by my feelings. I almost wished that Raul was fucking me
instead of Maria. How weird is that?
After Raul came, he squeezed his dick out of Maria’s asshole. I crept closer, and gasped when I
saw Maria’s asshole. Her ass was now a gaping hole. Raul had a smug look on his face.

He was
happy with himself. Maria smiled sadly, then collected her fee before dressing up and leaving.
As Raul and I slept that night, I was conflicted. I knew Raul had other women he fucked. Black
women. Asian women. White women. Middle-Eastern women. I was the only woman he let fuck
him. So, that’s what he did with them. Wow. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to have a man’s
dick up my ass.

I think I’d die if a cock ever went anywhere near my ass. I’m glad I’m in a
relationship where I’m the one who does the fucking. Instead of being the one who gets fucked.
The question is, would the man I love ever tire of our arrangement?
Time passed. I loved Raul but he had other women to please him. I found other men to please
me. Sexy black men who wanted to get fucked in the ass by a big white woman with a strapon

Yeah, I was fast becoming popular. The end came unexpectedly. Raul told me one day
that he had fallen in love with a woman who was into traditional lovemaking and he was leaving
me for her. I was stunned. So, I begged him not to leave. I even offered him my pussy and ass
just so he wouldn’t leave. He told me that this wasn’t about sex but rather, about love.

Something he thought I couldn’t understand. So, he left me. Guess who the mystery woman
was. If you guessed Maria, give yourself a cookie.
So, here I am. Alone forever. Oh, well. You know what they say, when life kicks you to the curb,
you grab life, bend it over and fuck it until it squeals. Oops, sorry. My mind is in the clouds. I
decided to heal myself of the damage being dumped by Raul did to my poor heart.

Someday, I’ll

find a wonderful black man to love me. That man will accept me as I am. And on that day, I will
offer him my heart. And also, I will give him my pussy and ass. I’ll even abstain from all strap on
adventurers. Until then, I am on a holiday. I’m grabbing black men left and right and I’m bending
them over to stuff them in the ass with my big strap on dildo.

And you know what? They love it
so much that they come back for seconds, and thirds. What can I say? I’m good at what I do.
Strapped and ready for duty. Gentlemen, the line forms to the right. Just bend over and say yes

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