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My dilema about the coffee shop

A couple of weeks later as we were going down to the coffee shop, Donna said “Try and pick up that other lad and you can do as I’ve asked”, I replied “I’m not sure about this”, she said “I’ve done it with girls and you like that”, “I know” I said, “well just do this for me”. As we went in Lee served us and said James was finishing his shift in half an hour.

As we had our coffee we timed our leaving as James was leaving, as we walked out with him Donna said “You want a lift home”, he said “Yes thanks”, as we drove up to our house he said “I don’t live up here” and Donna replied “We have to pop into ours for a bit”, he said “Ok”, as we sat in our house James asked for a drink, then he sat down on the sofa.

Donna said “You know what to do”, as she sat next to him he started to tell us about his life, he was 27, single, lived at home, doesn’t have many friends, hardly ever goes out, bit of a geek to be honest, spends all his life playing xbox games. Donna asked him if he was a virgin, and he said shamefully that he was, “We’ll have to see about that” she replied.

Again Donna sat next to him, so I sat on the other side of him, he looked awkward. Donna asked him if he was gay, he said he didn’t know, then she looked and smiled at me. I was feeling anxious to say the least but I knew what Donna had done for me so I thought Fairs Fair. As she moved to the opposite end of the sofa I moved so my right hand was to his side.

Donna started to feel her tits in a friendly fashion, as he looked on, she was moaning and sighing he was watching her and I was too, she looked at me and nodded. I looked at James’s lap and his cock seemed to be bulging, as Donna unbuttoned her blouse and was feeling her nipples I put my hand on James’s knee slowly moving it up his thigh.

In a matter of minutes he put his head back and I moved my hand teasingly up his leg, I could see his cock responding, I felt anxious and a little exited myself.

As I looked across at Donna, she had her hand up her skirt and was running her finger up and down her slit, God that turned me right on and with that in mind I slipped my hand onto James’s crotch.

He sighed as I rubbed up and down on his cock, unbuttoning his jeans I went to pull them down and he lifted up his bum so I could. His cock looked massive in his boxers, as I ran my finger up and down his shaft.

Donna was making sex noises now as I looked and saw her finger had moved under the elastic of her knickers as she rubbed her clit.

I pulled down James’s boxers and his cock sprang upright, I looked at Donna and she nodded with approval, as I bent down and started to lick up and down his cock, he looked at me and sighed, I got onto the floor and spreading his thighs put my hand on him and started to slowly wank him as I put my lips over his helmet, he was moaning.

As I continued to suck him off I could hear Donna have a massive orgasm and wish it was me licking her off, but I continued doing what I was asked to do, as I sped up I was licking his japs eye as I wanked him in my mouth, just then my jeans were taken off me and Donna had her mouth round MY cock, she was pulling me off.

After a few minutes the second dread feeling came my way when James said “God I’m coming”, as I frantically wanked him off I had my mouth around his bellend as he came so fast without warning he started to come in my mouth, pints and pints is what it felt like, of hot spunk engulfed my mouth I had no choice but to swallow as his seed pumped down mu throat.

As he went limp I stood up and Donna was smiling at me, as I laid her on the floor and entered her I shagged her for around a couple of minutes when I shot my load deep inside her fanny, groaning in pleasure, she smiled. As we got dressed James said “That was awesome”, unfortunately I disagreed but Donna said I did good.

As I took James home he said as he put his hand on my cock “Anytime”, I replied “Sorry but I don’t think so”, when I got home Donna was all smiles as I took her upstairs for another shagging, “See that wasn’t so bad was it” she said, “Do I have to do it again” I replied, “Maybe” she said.

God I hope not, but she does it with other girls for me, so I’ll have to wait and see.

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