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my darling step son

When I met Don; my husband to be in five months I had been a widow of four years. Don had been a single father for nearly a year. I had a son age thirteen and Don had a son age f******n. So when we met I think we both were looking for a partner and welcomed the idea of marriage for the second time.

Walter my son is a bright boy, not a big boy for his age but a solidly built dark haired blue eyed handsome k**.

Daryl Don’s son is one year older but far wiser then Walter in the ways of the world. Daryl knew as much about girls and sex at his age then I did when I first met Don. Daryl is tall like his father, slim and strong. That lean wiry type that you always see in the cowboy movies. The boys made friends the first time they met just as Don and I had. So when we told the boys we wanted to get married they both agreed happily.

The only difference was that Walter was happy to get a brother. While Daryl was happy to get a mother. I did not know it at the time but Darly had eyes for me in a way a son should not have for his mother. How things change…

(Five years Later)

Because of that one year difference in age the boys went to different school. However it worked out well because Don could drop Walter off on his way into the office and I drove Daryl to school a few minutes later on my way to the small dress shop I had opened with Don’s help last year.

As I hinted, Don knew more about sex than I did and was a willing instructor lover when we first met. My first husband of only eight years knew little except how to jump my bones and jump off when he was done. This worked fine to get me pregnant at age eighteen. We had few problems and I was not smart enough to know there was supposed to be more to sex than what he did.

He was killed when I was twenty six and Walter was nine.

The very first night that I let Don take me to bed I learned that there was a world of difference between what I had had in the sex department and what I was about to receive. I had only heard about oral sex. I had only heard about foreplay and long kissing and touching. Don showed me so much and he took his time to bring me along to a point where I could enjoy sex in a whole new way and Don gave me a chance to see that I could get much more enjoyment out of sex by being an active partner.

I quickly became an avid oral sex junky.

I learned to masturbate Don till he was about to climax and then I would take his cock in my mouth and happily accept my reward for a job well done. Don loved it that and so did I.

We were a happy foursome living and playing together as a family. Don worked hard and was a good provider. I added a small amount through my dress shop.

We promised both boys that this year each would get a car for his birthday. Not a new one but a good used one that he could use in his last year of school and on through college as both boys wanted to go to college. The birthdays were close so we decided to give them both cars on the same day. They had taken drivers training and were licensed drivers before they got their cars.

This; what I am about to relate to you started about two months before the birthdays.

One morning we all were gather in the kitchen as we always did in the morning. Walter and Don ate first as they were off before Daryl and I.

The boys were talking about going car shopping on Saturday when the subject of girls came up. Daryl saw his car as a way of getting girls and having some fun while Walter thought of his car to be a way of getting to school and the lake were he liked to fish freely.

I caught the tone of Daryl voice and I felt that he may have already been seducing the girls. While I thought that Walter was still a virgin. Don and I had not discussed this subject but I thought that we should soon.

I had seen Daryl naked more that once and knew he was as much a man as his father was. But I had also seen my son naked and he was sure to make some girl very happy one day.

Don and Walter charged out the back door and I turned to Daryl and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. I was still in my night gown and maybe I should have been more aware how I dressed around two nearly grown boys. Daryl came up close and hugged me around the waist lifting me off the floor as he said loudly “I want you Gwen, I want you Gwen my mother I want to take you up stairs and fuck you like Dad dose night after night.

I want to fuck you and lick your pussy while you suck my cock just the way you suck Dad’s cock. ” He was holding me up close to him with my feet off the floor. I was in total shock and had no idea what to say. His hands were cupped under the cheeks of my rear and my top was hanging lose now and my breasts were falling out very near his face.

He shifted one hand to hold me and with the other he reached up and pulled the top of my gown down below my breasts. I was still in his tight grasp when he captured a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard.

He sucked so hard it hurt but I was so stunned by his words and actions I started to feel strange. This boy, man was having an effect on me that I would never have thought possible.

I had both hands on his shoulders pushing back trying to pull free. But yet I felt a sensation float up through my body that was like none other I had ever felt. I was warm, it was exciting, it was erotic and I was beginning to feel a strange kind of lust fill me.

My eyes went closed and I lost all sense of space and time. My breathing was erratic and heavy.

I started to float off in to a place where I was naked and all warm. I passed out then.

When I came around I was on my bed and Daryl was between my legs his cock was deep in me and I was hopelessly responding to his every thrust. He pushed down while I bounced up to meet him. He panted and I screamed for more. I felt him stiffen and I guess it was a natural reflex as I jerked side ways and freed him from me.

He yelled “What”.

I yelled back “Don’t come in me. I can still get pregnant. ” He moved quickly off to the side and I went down on him taking his cock in my mouth just as he shot off. His sperm cream was warm, thick and sweet. I sucked him dry and milked his cock for every drop.

When He slipped from my mouth I rolled over to face away from him.

I started to feel so ashamed of myself and yet I was thrilled when I felt his erection grow again and he pushed the head up between the cheeks of my ass. I lifted one leg and he quickly pushed his cock into me again.

Lying on our sides he fucked me doggie style and made me climax this time. He was about to cum for the second time when he pulled out and planted the firm pointed end of his cock head tight against my rear end.

He did not penetrate my ass but he did push hard enough to f***e the tight little hole open a bit. When he came I felt the warmth of his sperm flood my bowels and that my friends was a sensation I had never experienced before. It felt warm and the strangest feeling I had ever had.

I had had an enema when Walter was born and it was like that but different.

It was a sensation that sent shivers though my body from head to foot. It also caused an uncontrolled reflex that made me push back into him. As I pushed back I felt the head of his cock pop into my tight little avenue of love. This was like a chain reaction for he felt it too and he started to cum all the more. He came twice back to back in rapid succession.

With each jerk of his cock I jerked involuntarily thus forcing his cock deeper into me. Then as if we had done this every day I yelled and he plunged forward ramming his cock to the hilt into my aching ass.

I screamed “Daryl fuck my ass. Oh my God fuck me. ” Daryl was making incoherent noises as he held me by the hips and fucked his cock deeper into my ass.

I screamed and he screamed and I do believe he climaxed again. I don’t remember when we stopped but I do remember feeling his cock still throbbing in me. He was done and I was done but I could feel his heart beat in my bowels through his cock.

I wiggled free and quickly trotted off to the bathroom. Before I closed the bathroom door I turned back and told him to go to his room and get cleaned up.

Twenty minutes later I was dressed standing in the hall way I called to Daryl to come on as he was already later for school. We drove in silent meditation all the way to school. When I pulled up he turned back and reached up to pat my cheek and I smiled.

Once I got to the shop I put out the closed sign and retired to my office. I cried, I got mad and then I though it was all Don’s fault after all he got me started on this road of sex.

Daryl was just eighteen and every inch a man. I had accepted him as a man and we had made love as consenting adults. It really was more lust than out and out love but I had come to love Daryl as my son and now as a man. Deep down I thought how wild it was and that he had done something to me no man had ever done before. Daryl my step son had fucked my ass and I had welcomed him into me.

I had been crazy with lust and lost to all reality. I had wanted him to do it and he had. Then I smiled when I thought today was only Monday we still had four more days of school this week.

The boys walked in together followed by Don. I had dinner nearly ready. Walter said “Hi Mom. ” on his way to his room. He had lots of studying to do this week.

Don patted my rear on his way through to the den where he would fix himself a drink and watch TV till dinner. Daryl seemed to linger till we were alone and then he stepped up behind me. He reached around cupping a breast in his hand and at the same time kissed me on the neck. I pulled away but I still had my back to him. He then reached down and jammed a coupe of fingers into the crack of my rear.

Again I jerked a way and turned quickly telling him to get. However the word “GET” did not sound too mean.

Tuesday started much as Monday, however, as soon as Don and Walter were out the door Daryl took me by the hand and urged me toward the bedroom. I resisted slightly but was a willing subject.

Daryl was quick to remove my gown and his own jeans. He kissed me and pushed me back on the bed.

Where he moved down between my legs and buried his face into my furry patch. I had no idea this man was into sex in such a way. He was talented and soon had me squirming under his kisses and tongue work. I cried out and gave up a climax which he eagerly sucked and licked till I was nearly ready for a second. Daryl sensed this and moved up to lie at my side.

He kissed me on the lips I tasted my own juices on his lips. Daryl was getting bolder with each passing moment. He said in a strong male voice “Suck my cock, Mom. Wow my Mom is a cocksucker and a great fuck. ” He laughed as I moved down to take his fine hard cock in my mouth. Oral sex has been a passion of mine since I met Don five years ago and I do love it.

So I gave Daryl the best head I could manage. He had of course been sucked before by girls at school and I found out later also by one of his female teachers. But that is another story.

When he stiffened and his cock came still harder I knew he was about to climax. I was not sure I wanted to continue and suck him off or have him ram this wonderful cock into me.

I knew what he wanted so I gave in and kept his cock in my mouth.

It was only a few second till her jerked and this first of a long stream of sweet cum filled my mouth. I sucked; swallowing every drop I milked his cock to get the last sweet drop. He had discharged twice as much creamy sperm as his father.

He was not yet soft so I quickly got up and sat across him.

My pussy was wet and ready as his cock slipped into me easily. I sat there feeling him grow once more. He came alive in me and I felt every pulse as it filled with bleed.

Our eyes locked together and I felt a strange sensation of wanting him to degrade me. I wanted him to be harsh and talk dirty to me. I wanted to be beaten with words I knew this was all wrong but there was noting I could do about it so I guess I wanted to be put down and in my place at the bottom of the dung heap.

But instead he smiled at me and “You’re the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. ” Then he laughed and said”Mom, you’re also the best ass I have ever had. You’re a great fuck and wow one hell of a cocksucker. ” I was smiling now at how he was so appreciative of me. This was wrong, I was wrong but what I felt as I cried out and gave up a climax was not wrong, no; not at all.

Like yesterday I dropped Daryl off at the high school a few minutes late he again kissed me but this time not on the cheek but on the mouth with a quick dart of his tongue to remind me that tomorrow is still another day.

However that evening was a little different. Don was amorous and for the first time since Daryl his son became my lover I was about to fuck his Dad.

I almost felt as if I were betraying Daryl rather than the other way around.

Once in bed Don mounted me and I accepted him in a way that was almost Ho-hum. I was going through he motions but there was not much feeling and for this I felt sad. But just before he climaxed I thought of Daryl and how he had deflowered my rear end and how I had welcomed it I quickly came to match Don’s climax.

This seemed to please Don and I was OK with that. We parted and took time to clean up. Don fell asleep quickly but I lay there a long time with my hand between my legs applying pressure to my clitoris. As I rose from bed Don’s snoring was strong and steady.

I stood at Daryl’s bedroom door shaking, what if Don woke and found us together. What if I screamed and woke the whole house.

What if, what if, to hell with it I closed the door behind me. To my surprise Daryl was awake and by the dim glow of light clock he showed me he was hard, long and read for me. I bent down and took him in my mouth.

Morning came with out me getting much sleep but I went through the morning routine as I did every morning. Don and Walter were hardly down the back stairs when Daryl came up and stood behind me.

He had not put on jeans this morning but had his pajama bottoms on instead.

They fell to the floor as he lifted my night gown and slipped his long cock between my legs. His strong cock lay along my wet pussy; it was so hard it was almost like sitting on a rail fence. But after a second or two he took his cock in hand and rubbed the pointed head up and down between my cheeks.

Half turning my head I said “If you’re going to do that again we need to use some lubricant. ” I was now bent over the table with my gown well up my back. Daryl quickly reached around me taking a finger full of soft butter to coat my ass and his dick. My head hung down with my hair falling free around my face. As I felt the tip of his wonderful cock press to me I thought I need to make a hair appointment.

His strong hands were taking me by the hips as he pushed forward. I jumped as his cock popped into my ass. He was not gentle but pushed hard and swift up to his balls.

He screamed at me “OK, bitch take my cock up you’re fucking ass. ” He was saying words and I was excited by his degrading words.

He went on “Mom you’re a fucking whore, a cocksucker that loves to get ass fucked by her son.

An i****t fucking whore that wants a hard fucking cock up the ass. Tell me want you want Bitch, Tell me. ”

I screamed back at him to “Fuck my ass, fuck you’re mothers ass, fuck your whore. ”

The words ripped from my throat and some how sent shivers through my whole body. Words are so much a part of love making or in my case just wild lustful fucking. The words sent pictures through my head of a woman, a street whore dressed in a short skirt, bare mid-drift and a tight blouse around un-tethered tits.

Daryl was again late for school.

I hired a new girl to work in the store. Judy was her name and she was doing a great job. So just before noon I went out for lunch. I had a beer and a sandwich in the hotel dinning room just down the block. All the time I had Daryl on my mind. I had to do something and soon. I loved Dan and surely did not want him to leave me if and when he found out.

I was sure he would sooner or later unless I told him first. Or maybe there was another way. Don liked to have a few drinks every once in awhile. Maybe if he were to get d***k and when he woke Daryl would be in the bed with us. Or even better still if Don was in bed with this Ruby Jones Daryl has been telling me about. Then Don would be on the short end of the stick.

Crazy as it sounded I thought just maybe it could work I would talk to Daryl about it.

I ordered another beer and took time to look around the room. It was crowded but there were enough people to block the few of my husband in a back both with a cute little blonde. I saw him but they never saw me. “See, see” I told myself “it is going to work out after all.

Back in my office I cried I was so happy. I was going to get to keep fucking my step-son and my husband was going to be happy about it. There was no need for elaborate plans or schemes Don had sealed his own fate. I was a happy woman. However there was still one fly in the ointment. What was I going to do about my son? There was no way I was going to keep on fucking my darling husband and step-son with out Walter finding out.

Then I had a strange vision of three men in my life all charmed by me. All slaves to me and I was thinking of fucking my own son Walter. Bur first things first. Don had to get into the game and I believe I knew how to work him. I knew my husband pretty well and even if the lunch was not a romantic liaison it would do for what I had in mind.


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