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My cousin fantasy cum tru

it all happened in 2009… it was my first time visiting my home country syria since my family migrated to sydney eleven years ago. i was 16 years young at the time however i was very developed physically. not so much muscular and fit but i had a half decent beard and light dark chest hair that went all the way down my stomach to my pubic area.. at my uncles house one night was my whole family gathered.

it was a loud night everyone was doing something different the grown ups were chatting and making jokes amongst each other the older boy cousins were smoking *shisha* on the balcony the older girl cousins were gossiping in one of the front rooms. the rest of the cousins who are my age were playing video games and browsing the internet.. everyone seemed to be having a normal Wednesday night except me.. all that was running through my mind was when i could get a chance to play with myself.. miriam my cousin f******n at the time was and still is the girl of my dreams.

i always would notice the way she looks at me when i have my shirt off she cant take her eyes off my crotch, and neither could i. i couldnt help myself either.. i know its wrong to fantasize about a member of your family but i couldnt help myself stare back.. my body was going through alot of changes and id noticed my pubes were becoming very thick and bushy. i liked it however.

i loved hair. id always day-dream at miriams armpits when she would lift her hands to tie her hair back.. id imagine her tied up with her hands handcuffed up to the edges of the bed head and her ankles strapped up together really tight with tape so she feels powerless. id imagine myself laying ontop of her with my cock hard inbetween her thigh-gap. just so i can start to feel her wet my cock with her virgin juice as im passionately kissing her neck and pits.

every single time i think of touching myseld my thoughts get the best of me and my heart begins to thump rapidly. for as long as i remember ive had a fantasy about my younger cousin miriam. she had tanned skin with long black hair.. she was short and had a slim upper body figure. her sports bra held her round little boobs in place. she wore high wasted jeans so her ass always looked tight and round.

she nearly caught me looking through the laundry once for one of her little panties. i will never forget the smell of her sweaty stained undies. even her feet were hypnotizing to me

a few minutes pass and i decide to go lay on one of the couches in the inner-rooms of the house..

as soon as i began to unzip my shorts i heard the door open discreetly.. i quickly tried to cover my open shorts and pretended to be deep asleep… at this stage i had no idea who walked through the door yet i just wanted them to leave so i can stroke my cock while i imagined mimo sitting on my mouth.

a few seconds pass and i can still hear soft footsteps in the room as if the person was on his or her tippy toes. it was Her… she was looking at me suspiciously like she was about to violate me. i could see her reach to touch me on the shoulder as if she wants to wake me up. then she backs out and says my name very very faintly. i never replied.

the rom was dark the only light in the room was from light from down the hall. she walked out and back in. same routine touching me to see if im awake. soon i began to make a low snoring sound. i could feel her touch me very lightly running her hand up and down my upper leg. she then reached in my already open zipper. eventually her whole hand was inside my zipper and i could feel her palm pressing against my semi soft cock.

i could feel myself get thick and full of bleed as soon as she slipped one of her fingers in the side of my underwear. she rubbed my balls gently and i couldnt waste anymore time i had to let her know i want her. as soon as i opened my eyes she grabbed my hand and put my index finger in her mouth. nothing was said but she continued to pull my foreskin back and forward really slowly.

she sucked my finger as tight as she can. she twirrled her tounge around it like she knew what she was doing. i grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up towards me. she was in her short night gown. and she was pressed up against my. i pulled her gown straps off and slowly showed her puffy pink nipple. i flicked my tongue on them till they both stood up. i was grabbing her ass from underneath the night dress my cock was rubbing on her thin soft panties.

i kissed her neck and rubbed her clit. i can feel her panties getting soaked. seconds pass that feel like hours before i f***e her head down to my cock. i shove my foreskin in her tight small mouth. she f***es her tongue inside it and she cleaned my shaft from all the pre cum. a fewseconds later i couldnt help myself.. u know the rest.

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