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My Buddy the Plumber 1.0

My best buddy, Kevin is a plumber and recently was doing some work for me in
my basement, which was being made into a gameroom and powder room. Kevin
works as a maintenance man/plumber for a local university. He had come
right from work and was still in his uniform. Let me tell you a little bit
about him. He is a very good looking guy and stands at 6 feet tall. He is
very solid and masculine with short brown hair and a mustache.

His has a
nice build and solid muscles, without being overly muscled. He wears a size
11 shoe. I have seen Kevin completely naked several times, as he is very
proud of his body and has no issue with parading around for all to enjoy!
We had vacationed many times together prior to us both getting married and
he would shower and return to the room naked. His body is simply awesome.
His cock would hang soft at a nice 4 or more inches and is very fat with a
huge set of low hangers.

Back to my basement. Kevin had stopped after work and we carried all of his
tools to the basement. One of his very first comments to me was that his
feet were soaking wet with sweat. He asked if he could borrow a pair of my
socks to change into. Right away my mind starting swirling with the thought
of how hot his socks and boots must smell and how badly I wanted them in my

Needless to say, I went and got him my clean socks right away. I
also liked the thought of his big hot sweaty feet being in my socks. I sat
and watched as Kevin changed into my clean socks and enjoyed the site of his
bare feet going into them. I made small talk and pretended not to be too
interested in what he was doing. After he changed, he started working on
connecting the plumbing for a toilet and sink.

He was laying on the floor,
with those hot feet stretched out towards me and my mind just drifted away
at how I would like to take his big feet in my hands and massage them for
him, and them press them tight to my face and inhale his strong man scent.
As he continued working I focused in on his damp sweaty socks laying on the
steps. I walked over and slyly sat down on the step next to where they were

As he worked I made more small talk with him and then reached down
and took the socks into my hands. The feeling of the sweat dampened socks
in my hands gave me an instant boner. I loved the feel of them in my hands
and wanted so badly to smell them. It would have been too risky though,
because he could have looked up at any time and seen what I was doing.

was content at the moment to just have them in my hands. Later as he was
finishing his job, he started cleaning up his tools. He told me that he was
going to take some stuff out to his truck. This was my opportunity. As
soon as he cleared the top of the steps, those awesome damp sweaty socks
made direct contact with my face. I took a very deep breath and inhaled his
incredible foot smell.

The feeling of the cool damp material and the smell
of his scent made me weak. It was the most delightful experience. I
continued to inhale his smell and started kneeding my hard cock. Knowing
that he would be back in just a few minutes, I quickly unzipped my pants and
pulled out my pulsing cock and started stroking it. As I did this I closed
my eyes and breathed in his sweaty sock smell and then erupted in a huge

I was able to quickly stuff myself back into my pants and place his
socks beside me just seconds before he started back down the steps. Much to
my disappointment, he gathered his sweaty socks and put them in the tool
bucket on his last trip out. I very graciously offered to have him just
leave them, and I would have my wife wash them, but he declined. How I
would have loved to enjoy those smelly socks over and over again.

I will
have to find more plumbing work that needs to be done at my home!.

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