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my brothers friend

I was at home watching a soft porn movie on cable. Someone knocked on the
door. It was Steve, a friend of my brother’s.

He said, “Hi, Pete, is Harry home. “

I said, “No, he probably won’t be home for an hour and a half. You want to
come in and wait for him. “

He said, “I don’t want to bother you. “

I said, “No bother, I’m just watching TV.

It just started. “

Steve is about 5 years older than me and I have had a crush on him as long
as I remember. He is tall, about 6’3″and lean and wiry and very good
looking. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans and wearing an open
sweater. Damn he was gorgeous.

He sat down on the sofa, spread out his legs and asked what the movie was
and I said I did not really know as it had just started.

We started
watching the movie. It did not take long to see that the sex scenes in the
movie were barely short of being pornographic. I loved seeing the men strip
off their clothes in the movie and flaunt their hard muscled bodies. Steve
probably liked the women.

After a while, I had to go take a leak. I also had a hard-on. I had to go
away and let it subside.

When I returned Steve had his jeans unzipped and
had his hand on his briefs massaging his cock.

He said, “This movie is hot. “

He glanced up at me as he pulled his shorts down and hooked them beneath
his balls, pulled out his semi hard cut cock and let it lay there. I just
stared and massaged my own cock through my jeans.

He looked at me and said, “Why don’t you kneel here between my legs and
take care of my cock for me.

You have wanted to suck my dick for as long as
I have known you. Now is your chance. “

I didn’t say a word I just slipped down on my knees and took his cock in
one hand and then took the whole thing in my mouth and held it there as I
licked it with my tongue and felt it getting harder. It never got to be
longer than 5 inches but I didn’t care I just wanted it in my mouth so I
could suck on it, no matter how big it was.

I licked on his cock like I was
a cat grooming myself. His cock had a nice big head on it, just like mine
did, and I gave it my attention. I licked the pre-cum out of his piss slit
and licked and sucked and nuzzled his beautiful crown. Then I went down on
his whole cock and started sucking his stalk all the way down and up.

He took my head in his hands and held it half way down his cock.

Then he
started humping his hips, driving his dick slowly in and out of my mouth.

He asked, “Do you like that?”

I said, “Ugh um,” and tried to shake my head for yes.

He pulled my head off of his dick and asked, “You want to take my cum?”

I said, “Oh yes. “

He fucked my head down until his cock filled my mouth and started humping
my mouth faster.

Then he grabbed my head, held it in place and I could feel his cum fill my
throat as he said, “Swallow boy, swallow. “

I did. I swallowed his cum and then I held his cock in my mouth until it
got flaccid in my mouth.

He said, “Get a towel and clean up my cock. “

I got a warm wet towel and a dry towel from the kitchen and washed and
dried his cock, put it back in his pants and zipped up his jeans.

I stood up and asked him, “How did you know I wanted to suck your cock? You
are the only guy I have ever had sex with and nobody knows I am gay. “

He raised his torso off the sofa until his face was right in front of my
crotch. I moved back almost involuntarily. I had an erection and it was
making a big bulge in the front of my pants.

He said, “Because I have wanted to eat your dick since I first met you. I
recognized all the body language you were giving off and I knew you were
interested in me. You have only gotten more muscular, better looking and
desirable as you have matured. But you have always been jail bait until you
turned 18 last month. “

He reached out and ran his hand over the bulge in my crotch and I moaned.

He said, “That is a fine looking bulge you have there. Let’s see what’s
causing it” and he unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and unzipped them

He pulled my briefs down, snagged them under my balls and let my 6 ½” cut
cock out of my pants.

My cock sticks straight out from my crotch when it is hard. It is the same
size along its whole length and its circumference is the size ofa normal

It is topped by a very large, smooth and shapely crown that is
larger that the circumference of my stalk. I had been leaking pre-cum the
whole time I had been sucking Steve’s cock and the head of my cock was
slippery with it. Steve reached up and ran his finger around the edge of my
crown and across its slippery surface.

He said, “Damn, you have a fine looking dick. It is just made to be

My dick jumped up and down and I moaned as his finger tip roamed over the
head of my dick.

He said, “I bet you are just about to blow your wad. Let’s see what we can
do about that. “

He leaned his head over and took my crown in his mouth and started licking

I grabbed his head and said, “Oh God,” as I felt the cum rising from my
balls and surging through my dick.

He grabbed me by my ass and jerked me toward him, impaling my cock in his
throat as my cum poured into his mouth. He kept my cock in his mouth as I
unloaded my creamy load down his throat. Then he sucked the length of my
cock, making sure he got all of my cum, as he backed his mouth off of my
dick and let it go.

He asked if that was the first time I had had a blow job.

I said it was.

He took the wet towel lying on the floor and washed off my cock as he said,
“It is too bad you came so fast. But I notice your cock is still hard. “

I said, “Yeah my cock doesn’t immediately get soft like most guys do, I
guess. I haven’t had much experience with other guy’s cocks but I can come
2 or 3 times before my cock goes soft.

Then I have to wait half an hour
before I can get hard again. I jack off all the time, 10 or 12 times a
day. I jack off in the morning, in the shower, in the restroom at school 3
or 4 times, in the afternoon and a couple of times before I go to
bed. Until I started watching internet porn I thought everybody could do
that. “

He said, “You mean I could really suck you off again and get another load,
right now?”

I said, ‘Yes, Otherwise I will have to get off by masturbating, like I
usually do.

It will probably take me 15 minutes to cum again, but I seem to
produce the same amount of cum each time. “

He said, “Let’s not waste your load,” as he slid to the floor on his knees
and engulfed my cock with his mouth.

I thought he was a good cocksucker, although I really had no basis for
comparison. He had no trouble taking my entire dick in his mouth and he
sucked on me with a regular motion taking all of my cock to the hilt each
time and boy did it ever feel good.

He used his hands to pull my pants and
briefs down around my ankles and held onto my ass with both hands as he
blew me.

After a few minutes he stopped sucking long enough to ask me to fuck his

I held on to his head with my hands and worked my cock in and out of his
mouth. Then I pulled my cock out of his mouth and slapped his face with my
cock a couple of times.

He got up and lay on his back on the sofa, with his legs over the back of
the sofa and with his face hanging over the front edge. He asked me to get
on my knees and fuck him in the mouth. I asked him to take off his shirt
and he asked me to take off mine.

I slipped my pants off of my ankles and knelt down, straddled his face, put
my cock in his mouth and started fucking his face.

While I was doing that I
ran my hands all over his hard muscular torso. Finally I leaned over his
torso, lay my head on his hard stomach uscles and humped away at his
mouth. His hands strayed all over the parts of my body that he could
reach. It felt so good.

I unzipped his jeans and found his flaccid dick and put it in my mouth and
sucked on it as I humped my cock in and out of his mouth.

That really got
my juices going and I could feel another load of cum working its way
through my dick. I started sucking on his cock with more enthusiasm and it
was starting to get hard. I could feel his body wiggling from the erotic
sensation my sucking his cock caused.

I started humping my hips faster and increased the tempo with which I was
fucking Steve’s mouth. I could hear him moan with delight as he sensed
another load of cum was about to be delivered in his waiting mouth.

I felt
the load of cum trying to escape. I tensed the appropriate muscles and
stalled the rush of cum. It felt so good. The erotic sensation built until
I could no longer block it and I relaxed, shoved my cock deep in Steve’s
mouth and shot my load like a cannon.

Steve wrapped his arms around my legs and held my dick in his mouth as he
swallowed and gulped and took all my cum down his waiting throat.

I stood up and Steve righted his body on the couch and stood up.

He said, “Damn, you are a sexual dynamo. “

He put his arms around my body, leaned down and gave me a deep, long French
kiss. It was my first time for one of those also.

Steve picked up the towel that was not so wet now and cleaned off my cock.

He said, “Damn, that thing is still hard.

I lay down lengthwise on the sofa and said I would jack myself off. Steve
took off his shoes and his pants, leaving him with only his socks on.

He said, “Slide a little further down the sofa, I have a treat for you. “

He stood on the sofa cushion behind me and said, “I want you to lick my
ass. Are you okay with that?”

I said,” Sure man, anything you want.

Then he knelt down straddling my chest and placed the crack of his ass
right on my mouth.

He reached around with both hands and spread his cheeks and said, “Stick
your big wet tongue in there and lick on my asshole. “

It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do and I started
licking his asshole with long wet strokes up and down and side to

Steve moaned and wiggled and pressed back on my face wanting me to
lick his crack and ass all over. I loved it. I put the arm I wasn’t using
around him and jacked his cock with it. The poor flaccid thing had grown
into a 5 “cock again.

Then all of a sudden I felt a warm mouth around my dick. Steve had started
sucking me off again. His hot mouth was working with a vengeance to get me
to flood it with yet another load of yummy cum.

It is usually a lot harder
for me to cum the third time, but I have never had the stimulation before
that I had this time. This wasn’t going to take long at all. Eating his ass
was certainly great but what I really wanted was to suck his cock. I used
my arms to raise his body and move it back so that I could take his cock in
my mouth. This was a day for firsts-my first 69.

Steve wasn’t shy. He immediately started rhythmically humping me in the
mouth with his cock as he expertly sucked on mine. I reached back to his
asshole and started caressing his asshole with the tip of my finger. He
jerked, moaned and wiggled his ass. Suddenly I felt his finger massaging my
asshole. Then I felt his finger intrude itself into my asshole and then
retreat and then I was being finger fucked.

I was the one jerking, moaning
and wiggling my ass. So I returned the favor and started finger fucking his

This was just the stimulation I needed. I could feel myself cumming
again. I raised my hips and started humping Steve’s mouth, meeting his
every downward suck with an upward thrust and I came. Another creamy wave
of cum blew into Steve’s mouth. He humped his hips which drove my finger
all the way in his ass, and then he plunged down and skewered my mouth with
his cock as he too blew his load.

We both lay there swallowing the other
guy’s cum.

Steve stood up, then lay down next to me, started caressing my torso and he
kissed me passionately. We both opened our mouths and French kissed and
mingled the cum residue in each other’s mouth.

He said, “I think I am in love with you. Pete. “

I said, “Me too, but we better get dressed before my brother gets home.

When Harry got home, we were in separate chairs watching Oprah….

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