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My Boss and Me

my boss was sitting at his desk as i cam into the door. I was kind of nervous since I’ve never done anything wrong before.
“Yeah Boss?”

He took his eyes of his ipad and set it down. Im not going to lie to you…he was sexy alright He had that black glossy hair and those blue eyes that go with it.

“shut the door and come sit..”

I did so and went to sit.

As i sat down i looked straight into his eyes.

“Amy,…i heard some things about you..”

My heart started racing. He eyed me.

“I’ve made a decision…… to promote you to my secretary..”

My lost my breath. Then it all came back to me. I screamed.

“Thank you so much… do i repay you?”

“You dont have to”

“oh come on…. “

I saw his cock bulging through his pants.

I got on my knees and crawled to the edge of his chair.

“How about i pay you right now…”

I put my hand on his cock and rubbed. I could see his breathing quicken. I can see yhe regret in his eyes so I rubbed harder and faster.

“Oh okay…. i would mind a little sex…”

I jumped up locked his door and closed his curtains. I sat on his desk and opened my legs in front of him.

I pulled his hand from his dick and put it on my pussy. I laid back and let him do the work. I could feel him pull my panties down.

Jake’s P. O. V

I slid her panties down and took a glance at her pussy. I rolled my chair into the desk and kissed down her thigh and into her pussy. I licked up and down..i felt her start to grind her pussy into my into my tongue.

While i was licking i puled out my cock and started rubbing it. She must’ve heard or felt it because she sat up and lowered herself down onto my cock and sat down on my the cowgirl way. She started moving up and down. I grabbed her hips and move her faster.

“aaaaaaa……ffffuck yeah……. c’mon…..push it into me…. ohhhhmyyyygod”

She ran her fingers through my hair and started kissing me. that really turned me on so i rammed dick in to her pussy like there was no tommorrow.

I could feel her muffled moans run through mouth. She got up off my dick and got on the floor. she arched her back so her ass was in the air. i got on my knees behind her and slowly slid my dick into her ass. Once i was al the way in i pulled out and slammed in with great speed.

“ooooooooooooooooo………Harder…..oh my god go faster…..push into my asssssss!…”

She spread her legs wider on the floor giving me more access.

Amy P. O. V

Oh my god it felt soooooo good… i could feel his balls slapping againist my pussy. He pushed one more time before cumming. I felt him out of me. I sat up. I was under his desk and didnt even notice. I pulled him close and stuck his dick in my mouth. I was deepthroating before you know it. I was pused back under his desk. Which was good because his manager and a bunch of workers came in asking where the secretary was.

i smiled and deep throated him even more. He ran his fingers through my hair as he cummed all over me. I Couldn’t wait till tommorow.

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