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my best friend

Ok so i remember when i was a teenager, i was always very horney. I wanted to fuck the brains out of anything. anything. Also im christian so my parents would of killed me if they found out that i was fucking my best friend, Nick. Nick was one of thoes guys with a MILF mom, an ugly biker dad, a slutty sister, so he loved coming over my house, because he hated them all.

I usually said yes, but he was very annoying. He liked things i didnt like and vice versa. So one day, when he was sleeping over, (btw were both vergins) he told me that his sister had sex with some nigger who i only saw once. Apparently he was only dating her for 3 weeks. Like i said. SLUT. And then he starts talking about our ahem… interests. Sexually. Mentioning that, i like a variety of stuff, and it would take hours to tell him what i like, i said “I dont know.

Why are we even talking about this?” He srugged and we continues watching some youtube videos. But he kept on persisting. Not that night, but other nights. Other times he would come over my house. Eventually i had enough and i told him i like the occasional massage and shower video. He said “oh. Ok. ” But i didnt let him get off that easly. I asked him what he liked. What he was into.

He said “well, im right next to my parents room, and behimd this poster there is a hole, that they cant see because its hidden behind some stuff. So when i here them fucking, i look in that hole and jack untill i explode. ” I gave him a weard look and soid “OK…” and we didnt talk about that till the next time he stayed for the night. Once it was night time, i kind of was half asleep and i think either i took off my pants and boxers, or he did.

All i knew that i was naked, not covered up and had a boner the size of a pringles bottle. Just kidding. I was pretty short. I still am 6″ so yeah. Anyway he was on the floor watching youtube, and i was trying to get the most pleasure out of anything i could, without an origasm. Mostly because i didnt have a sock or a tissue or anything around me. So i get out of bed, not even caring if he saw my ass or anything, and went to the bathroom.

I started wo wack off as fast as i can, but the problem wasnt getting off, it was the fact that i was shaking. Like sometimes when you are about to throw up, you shakr unconteollably, thats how i was shaking. So i keep trying to fap when Nick walks in, buck ass naked, and sees me wacking off. Now since we were only teenagers, he got an erection almost immediately. He was uncut, and i was cut.

I had never seen an uncut penis that close to my face. It looked weard, but i didnt care. He was also examining my penis, because from the look of it, he had never seen a cut penis before. So he asked me if i wanted to help him get off, since he knew what i was doing. I asked what he was watching in my room, and he said, ” i dont know.

A message video. Maybe a shower video. ” I laughed and asked if he wanted to take a shower before i help him, and he helps me. He agreed, and excitedly went to the shower, almost doing a little dance. So we were washing of when he asked me why i have so very little pubic hair. I said that i dont like to have a big bush because it made my penis look smaller.

Oh said oh, can you shave me off? From the look of that region, ot looked like he had never shaved donw there once. I said fine, but we dont shave off that much hair. We got out of the shower and i got a buzzer and i said stand above the toilet. He said ok and went above the toilet. I started with the area near the base of the penis, and then i went across the pubic region.

I removed so much hair that ther was a film of hair on the top of the toilet water. Now, i said we can use the razor. He said ok and we got back into the shower. I told him to stay out of the water and he stood on the other side of the shower. I got some soap and spred it all over his rather large balls, and on the shaft of his now erect 6″ penis pumping it a bit to get it even bigger.

I satrted to use the razor with extreem caution, because i know what a cut on the penis feel like. It hurts. So after i got all the hair off his shaft i started on his balls. It was annoying because he kept moving, but i got it done in no time. Then i asked him to bend over and i took some liquid soap, put it on my pointer and middle finger and fingered his asshole till it was nice and lubed up, then i put some soap on my dick and proceeded to fuck him.

Moments till i was about to explode, i pulled out, took several deep breaths, and let him do the same. He did the same thing. After that, we got out of the shower, dryed off, and hoped into my bed. We both had rather large erections, so we took them in out hands, me wacking him off, and he wackig me off. We did this untill be came, and then we sucked each other dry.

Then we got dressed and we knew that without words, we were the best friends in the entire world. The End.

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