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My auction prize. was my wife, now my sexual serva

Once she realized I had purchased her and now was her master, fully knowing what she had done behind my back. She began to resist, until I told her I had the Arabs phone number and a standing bid of 6 thousand. First we went shopping, evening gowns with long exposing slits and deep cleavage,lingerie,
garters. Then to the sex shop for many kinky accessories. I put the collar and leash on her immediately.

Saw three young black guys watching closely and nodded toward the back. I got some tokens and made sure we got a booth with gloryholes. I put tokens in the slot and took a seat, unzipped and presented her my cock. She knew what to do and as I watched the fuck flick, I saw eyes at the glory hole. I told her to place her hand at the hole and it was filled with a hard black cock.

I nodded and she took it in her mouth. I slid her panties down and filled her pussy as she sucked the black cock to climax. One withdrew and another took it’s place. I moved from her pussy to her ass, she was getting into it as she bucked back to my thrust, and sucked that cock like a starving woman. I slot my load seconds before the second cock emptied into her throat.

When the third black cock came through the wall, I was stunned by it’s size, nine to ten inches, but it’s head was as big as my fist, and the shaft only slightly smaller. I pivoted her and guided that horse cock to her pussy and pushed her shoulders back until I saw her face contort as it impaled her. Her mouth popped open and I filled that. She was moaning and slurping as he rammed into her as hard and fast as the wall would allow.

She lunged forward as he thrust his final plunge and I heard his cum surge by his shaft and spurt out of her. I put myself together and tugged on the leash, before she could recover her panties. As we stepped outside, a white haired blackman ogled her lustfully. What do I have to do to fuck that white whore? he asked. Well sir, she’s a sloppy used mess right now, you clean her up with your tongue and then you can put your cock in her.

He was on his knees and sucking her cunt before I could get out of the way. She became delirious as he licked every inch of her quim. She bucked, moaned and tensed as he brought her to orgasm. Then he stood, unbuckled his belt as said, I done you now suck my dick white bitch. Soon the old man was rock hard and he fucked her pussy like a teenager. He then turned her over and inched his cock into her ass.

After only a few strokes in her tight ass he dumped his nut into her shithole. I tossed her her shorts and once she had them on we walked down the street and turned into a wooded path. Her shorts were soaked, front and back. Her nipples pressed hard against her blouse and every guy we met smiled knowingly. A man approached me and said his son was a virgin, he’d give me $300.

if I’d let him take her to where his son is. I said sure, but I’m coming along. We walked a little deeper into the woods, the guy was aroused leading her on the leash. He stopped, removed her top and had her hold it. He looked at me then lowered his head and sucked he nipples so they’d stand out. Then lead her to his son. The boy was transfixed by the topless woman on a leash.

Here son, enjoy this submissive woman. He kissed her, fondled her breast, took his pants off, then hers. Pushed her shoulders so she went to her knees and pushed his cock in her face. She sucked it eagerly hoping he’d cum and that’d be it. He came for what seemed like minutes. What she didn’t swallow was on her face and tits. He didn’t go soft and pushed her onto her back. He got on top of her and fumbled trying to put it in her.

She took his cock and guided it to her opening and once the tip was in her rammed his length into her and fucked her furiously. Gritting his teeth and pounding her pussy as fast as his hips would go. He stiffened, trembled and pumped his load deep into my new sex slave. He rolled off, put himself together and said thanks Dad, see you at home. His boy left and he said, Will another $100.

get me some pussy time? I nodded and he was in her faster than I thought he could undo his pants. He shouted, I can feel my kids cum oozing around my dick, Fuck this is hot, I’m Cumming slut, take my load, ever have father and son, Uhg OH, you have now cunt. So we got home, I took off her collar, her clothes and added my sperm to the combination already there.


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