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my arabhijab wife nadia with my friend ricky

Hai its my real story. i am Spencer 32 year from Albany ,newyork , I am working in real estate company,i am white ,my wife is arab name nadia from saudi arabia she is 25 year, we married 1 year ago,she is a beautiful hijab ,we are happily married couples, 6 months before I got financial crisis it was a huge amount my friend ricky help out of this problams he is rich financer own office, he is not married ,he is like play boy good lucking ,funny, most of time spending with girls, girls like him, we talk about girls,sexual experience all things, many times he come to my home , he always tell me i am really like ur nadia, I am really want to dinner with her, he just talk like funny, I try to many way to solving financial problems day by day it become worst , 3 week before he just talk me about his money, he wanna in vest some companies , I told him wait pal I try it its huge amount, 5 days before he again come home with me , friendley talk and drinks , before he leveing he told me like same I like nadia, plz one dinner with her, after he leveing I am thinking and thinking about his words ,next morning I got a plan ,I come to my office , evening I go to ricky’s office talk him as usual , before I leaveing I put my file in his table , and walk away , after reaching talk her tomarrow I want go Buffalo meet my old school mate ,she tell me she wanna come with me ,I tell her its not possible ,then she ask me is that ur old girl friend, I didn’t say, I chage the topic ,before we sleeping she ask me again,………..,
Next morning after 9ock leaving, before iam leaving me she come out and wave me, I drive to my friend martin home and take his ford suv car ,park near to ricky’s office ,after 1 ock I called my wife I am reached Buffalo, I am waiting in restaurant for her, and the told her I forgot important file in rick’s office can you pick that its an very important plz, she tell me yeas, after 3 ock sama come there get in his office after sometime she come with ricky, he walk with her near car and talk, then she take car and leaving, I followed her , she reached home with file , and I park 1 block after my home, I think my plan is not worth , she called me I got it file I tell her , I am little busy we can talk later and hang-up the phone , after 6 ock she called me again that time I increased car stereo sound like party songs and tell her I am at pub and then hang-up , after 7 rick car come to stop front of my home, he come and doorbell she oppen the door, he get in , I know that he called her, after 10 minute they are come out she wearing tight red shining hijab dress and ladys handbag she look more beautiful and sexy in that night ,near to his fancy car he open car front door, he started driving , I am following his car he drive to Broadway, I can feel it he drive to his favorite restaurants Angelo’s 677 Prime…….

He stop the car near restaurant they come out , enter restaurants, I park car , they sit near to window seat. i am wait outside I can can see them. They can talk and talk she laphing ,I know that he can talkin nice girls , they spend more than 1 hour in restaurant, then they come out she took her phone and call me I didn’t take phone she call me again and again ididnt take, she mad at me and look hate me,she thorn mobile to handbag, then he come near to her and talk to her, then she get in the car, he drive and I am follow them , he drive,on waiting signal the just kiss my wife face she did not oppose him it was not clear, got the signal he stop the car near food path and I also park back of his car and he talk to her she didn’t say much at last he smiled and kiss again , start car change the direction from my home, get the highway of Saratoga ….

I can feel that he going to drive his holyday home at Saratoga Springs, I know that he have estate danbury home at Saratoga Springs, I was going with him 2 more times ,they after 9 pm reached estate he unlock the gate and gate lock it in inside…………
……… I am park car near to rock wall and I jump the gate, walk to his home , that time they reached home and switch on lights , I stand right side of his window hide its too much cold ,and then I can see clearly my wife , my wife sitting in couch, she look anxious and she put her handbag in couch , and start walk and looking paintings in the wall and look the pictures in the shelf, in that time he is not there, she walk around , after some time he come with wood and put in fireplace she help him, start fire ,she back to sit in couch she looking more anxious ,he took one bottle and two glass from Liquor Bottle Shelve and sit near to her ,then she talk about me I can hear clearly , she ask him, my husband having any affair? tell me rick plz …… he tell her about my old girl friend and what happened in my breakup with her and all of them , he pour vodka in to the two glass one glass give to her she told him ……thanks I didn’t use alcohol then she put glass in to the table , he didn’t f***e her, he ask her u wanna any other drinks , she ask him tap water plz , he go and take glass of water and give to her, she ask him again do you think Spence going to Buffalo for to meet her?……….

……he laughing and tell her may be I don’t know , one week before he talk me about Angela…. he wanna meet her,he ask her you didn’t call him, then she tell him I was called him many times she didn’t pick up the phone (rick… you know may be he now with angela,…..suddenly she get mad and took glass of vodka and drink fast,, he know that she is on the mood ,he pour another drink ,she drink that too ,he move near to her, he know that she didn’t oppose that, slowly touch her hand and grasp it, and move hand to shoulder touch her face and lips move on her lips, she move head on side and close her eyes….

she turn look on his eyes , then suddenly he kiss on her lips hard she also kiss use her tongue he bite her lips slowly and she make small noise , she standing up he continue kissing ,hug hardly and he tear her hijab dress up to down.. buttons are falling down… then he remove her hijab veil …. kiss her again hard…she on seducing mood she kiss him. She on red bra and red panty….

she remove his shirt buttons and trousers ..kiss his chest ..he turn back her.. press her breast in both hands and then moving hand her panty finger to her pussy …she turn back her hand touch his dick …she make moaning sounds like aaaa aaa aa…. remove clip of her bra and press her bare breast………

…..then she remove panty in ass backward …. slapping on her butt .. Kissing her ass and ass gape and lick , bite her ass ,and pushing her on couch spread her leg in both side kissing fully shaved pussy start licking using tongue in deep ….

she make hard moaning sounds…. then he stand up her ,took her hand on her dick she move it and she sit up and suck his dick deep and deep suck his balls using tongue lick tip of dick…he hardly pulling her, hears then she stand up ….. he start kissing and put saliva on her mouth she drink it …. i cant belive it …. its make me harder. Then he taking her with both hand kiss again..take to bed I am moving his bedroom window, he slowly put her on bed … tie her both hand with cloth in back of wooden bed kiss her lip move down press and suck her tits ….

She moving her body up and down.. He kiss her pussy and kiss both side of legs and Spreading Her Legs insert his middle finger in to her vagina move it. he move faster and faster …. she make loud moaning sounds …. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA…… yea …yea Baby!!!AAAAAAA……………
……. and push his dick in to her vagina movie it , first slowly and he move faster then she said Whaaaaaaa” “more, faster, oh my god, now please dont stop… Yes, yes, yes!” Yes, yes, yes..” he move faster and more harder……..and then he untie her.

she sit on her dick movie up and down …. kiss her harder … he turn on her fucking her back …. then he trun on her he put dick on her mouth she suck it then cum on her face mouth she drink and her tits , both of them tired on bed she kiss him…that I am look to my watch time is 2am …after some time he said to her ,,,you know that I am waiting long time for this moment….

when I saw u…. she kiss him again ,,.. woke up from bed going to bath ,she come back with wearing white bath towel ,she go next room took bottle of water and drink that time he again up to the bed hug from back and kiss neck and shoulders and she turn and pushing him to bed she she remove towel in sexy style , he stand up and kiss take to bed kiss again turn back her fuck her in doggy style fuck harder she moaning ME BABY! HARDER! HARDER yea yea…he kiss her and press ber boobs in back ….

she got orgasm make cry laud and laud ….. Then he stop and tired in bed both of them kiss her and turn off bed light..i took picture from my mobile all of there sexual jurney…

…..I am leaving there take car drive and park near to my home , after 6. 30 am ricky car comein stop to my home she wear his black jacket above her tread hijab dress..she get in home ,he going ….

After some time I come in my home act like normal ,she also ,during having breakfast ricky call me ,talk me about money. He don’t want money now , and tell me forgot about that. You give me when you got it money , we can meet evening. Ok bye , when I turn she ask me who was that , its was rick she turn back to kitchen….. This is my real story my friends

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