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my arab wife jesmina with my boss alfred

my arab wife jesmina cheating on me,with my boss alfred

Hai I am Baher from saudi arabia, living in los angeles iam 31 year old arab muslim guy ,its my real story, working in IT company, my wife is from saudi arabia she is 27 year old her name is jesmina bin, she is beautfull hijab wearing arab muslim girl,we married 3 year before in saudi,she not working ,she is finished college,her father run flower shop in LA ,that’s why we come in LA looking job, we have one k** 2 year old boy, i working in IT company in LA , I join that company 1 year before nice job good salary and nice atmosphere , my boss alfred he is 44 year white divorce man he own company, major part of share his, me and alfred in good relation I know he like me
one week before alfred secretary lucy was resign , some family problam, I heard he looking new secretary.

I cant alone afford family budget ,I meet alfred in his office tell him about my wife she is educated finish college we really want this job because ,I know jesmina also like working, I talk him and beg him,because at last he convinced, he tell its not permanent its temporary, if she not working good I will fire her, if its ok come to my office Monday morning, I go home and tell her about job ,she was happy because I am also working there , I find babby sitter for our k**, Monday she come with me , I am go with her alfred office introduce my wife to him, and leave his office , evening I wait her we gone home,

•After 2 day gone ,in that evening after we reached home she tell me, alfred told her” its international firm , you know too many wealthy persons come here, if you never mine to I like you to wear modern dress like …slim WET LOOK LEATHER PENCIL WIGGLE BODYCON HIGH WAISTED SKIRT “ thats my dress code of my secretary, you can wear hijab scarf also I don’t mine,….

we discussed that topic that night we going shop because we nee that job purchase some LEATHER PENCIL WIGGLE BODYCON HIGH WAISTED SKIRT different colures. black ,red and buy 2 pair of Platform high Heels… day she wear long slim LEATHER skirt in black colure and hijab scarf… she look more sexy.. After we reached office I peek her alfred come office and look at her he look happy.. That evening she didn’t come with me she told me alfred give more job to do.

Every day she come late in home, After 3 weeks gone , alfred, give me promotion to administrative section nice job good salary , and he give me something to do in office without his presents ,we are soo happy ,in that evening ,marker our office account manger party me and jesmina invited,she wear nice long red skirt and use arabian perfume its smell more seducing, we reached there , aftersome time alfred come we small talk and he offer a drink and we drink that’s time jesmina come there hai to alfred someone change music nice dance song ‘lady in red’ he is in mood alfred ask jesmina can we dance she look at me I told her go head its ok , alfred take her hand start dance she hold his left shoulder they talking and dancing change steps he dance more closer, his face touch my wife face at last song finish he just kiss her cheek, she look at me I wave hand like its ok.

•After reached home we discussed about that,she told me she don’t like alfred attitude, I hold her hand …. you know he just give promotion we don’t loss that, our life is change we have nothing to loose you think about that I know that she can understand everything what I mean, tomorrow morning she wear tight skirt and its looks more sexy , in office she behave more close to alfred, I can see that, after 3 days gone in that morning he reached office he give her expensive diamond ear rings , and that evening ask he wanna go a business trip to Coronado’s california you wanna come with me she was shocked, asked me what she can do I told her don’t fear I will follow you , you act like normally behave close to him and you know what I say, in night he call her tomorrow 11 ock he pick her at home and also said you wear that ear ring also, she said ok.

After 11 ock his car coming near my home a nice black ferrari I know that she never ride in that car he start horn I take her bag put in back,she come down she wear nice black trousers and white shirt and use seducing arabian perfume he open his front door he ask me you don’t go office today I told him no today off ,I am not feeling good then he tell me its ok take you time I call office ok bye.

he start car she wave me they gone ….

•Then I go fast close the door and take my car start drive fast first I cant reach his car at last I found car I fowled after 1 ock they reached Coronado, his car go to Coronado Beach Resort he park car thy go to reception , I am also park car wait near to reception ,she saw me and smiled at me and I text her, they take separate villa near to beach side iam also take villa opposite to her villa, she text me they wanna go to business meeting near to Coronado after 3 ock they come out get in car they gone after meeting she text me ,they going to shopping, he buy for her some dress to her dark blue Split Skirt And Side Bodice With Sequins Long Prom Dresses tell her you can wear this skirt for our dinner.

7 ock they reached villa I peek them, after some she come out she wear that dark blue Sexy Split Skirt And Side Bodice With Sequins Long Prom Dresses and diamond ear rings ,in that night I cant belive it she is more sexy I cant imagine that showing half side her leg wear cup bra half of her boobs showing I cant belive any body can be seduce,alfred wait out side of villa when I saw her his eyes are bright he is shocked then they can walk to restaurant I can see his face he is thrilled and I peek and follow them ,after dinner they walk to bar sit there ,all guys in there jealous of him because he with beautiful sexy girl all of them looking her ,he also thrilled ,he know then he stand up took his mobile take picture of my wife ask her pose to camera , she pose like sexy models then they look at that pictures, I am also take picture in my mobile they go outside the bar walking to beach sit in beach sand and talking there he give his jacket to her there too much cold.

After some time they stand walk, he walk with her door talk and talk then she oppen door he gone….

•. i called her she come to balcony of villa, balcony is maid glass wall if light on I can see room clearly she come with same dress Split Skirt didn’t change dress , pose me like model then she talk about ferrari ride ,dinner she told me she enjoy this day …she really thrilled ,we wanna buy these type of car, I told her he is a rich man he can buy anything even he can buy you also suddenly she hang-up the phone , and throw phone inside of room and turn back to room,I called her again and again she didn’t take I can see it she is mad at me.

I send many sorry message she didn’t reply, after some time she come sit in couch looking sad mood suddenly she pick her mobile call someone then switch off the mobile , after 5 minute she go to open her door its alfred. He get in sit near to my wife talking to her she just cry and lay on his shoulder he just take his hand rub gently her hair and talking then he standup and go to take bottle and 2 wine glass pour vodka to wine glass one glass give to her she take one sip of drink and he sit more close to her she again lay on his sholder , he just put his hand on Split Skirt part, touch her thigh and just rub on her thigh , she look at his eyes her lips move near to him she start kiss him ,she look outside look at me she know I am seeing that she close her eye, he hold her face kiss hard and hard using tongue he lay on her in couch movie his hand inside of her spilt skirt and kiss her neck and down turn on her unhook the skirt and remove her cup bra kiss her boobs bite her nipples she move head backward bite her lips close eyes and make small noice…….

•He remove her skirt full throwing that he remove his shirt and trouser he kiss to down and kiss her thigh suck her toes kiss upwards and remove her panty and throw that kiss thigh kiss near to her pussy and start lick her pussy she move up and down hardly push his hears, he lick continue more than 5 minute and press her boobs , she act like orgasm make nice like hmmm hmm ,turn on her kiss her ass lick her ass ,lick inside of her ass, bite her butt ,kiss upward and turn on her, then she lay on him kiss his chest kiss down and take his dick and move up and down start suck his dick and look at me again, suck hard his dick and using her tongue , and kiss dick , then he stand pick her in his both hand go to bedroom , and put her in bed he turn off light onn bed lamp , she talk something he turn off main light , she wanna show me he fuck her , I know that I can see clearly , he lay on bed near to her and kissing her lips and kiss her pussy split her leg in both side push his dick on her pussy fuck her hard she hold on bed make more noise after some time he lay on bed she sit on his dick and move up and down and then she start suck his dick again then she lay on bed he come dick near her face and she suck again and cum on her face she drink that….

•They tired lay on bed, after 2 hours she woke up wear bath towel go to bath room take shower with open door , he woke up from bed go to bath room hug from her back kissing in shower she also kiss continue kiss hard bite her boobs and nipples and he take soap move her body and hug her again and kiss, after some time he come out, sit on bed start smoking, she come out bathroom wear white bath towel he stand turn off cigarette near to her kiss again and strip towel she hug him hard and kiss both of them lay on bed and talking seriously ….. And she stand before she turn off light look at me and lay near to him and hug him I know that she hate me… I go inside my room, morning I checkout my room reached home , my k** is not there,and go to bed room she took her dress also , after I got a call from her , she hate me she don’t wanna live with me , she want divorce, I was shocked, she didn’t understand me then reached office she and alfred is not there , I don’t know what to do , after 2 days I got divorce notice , I sign it , after one week I heard she convert to christianity , and married him , resign my job return back to saudi arabia…….

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