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Mr. Harrison & the bet

Monique entered her first period class late again. Before she could sneak and ease into her seat, her teacher said as he wrote on the chalk board ‘I’ll see you after school Miss Always-late-and-never-on-time Monique. ‘ ‘Damn!’ Monique said under her breath. ‘What was that?’ ‘Nothing Roy..’ ‘Excuse me? It sounds like your undermining my authority as your teacher by addressing me by my first name. ‘ Mr. Harrison said with rage in his voice.

‘No Mr. Harrison. ‘ ‘Thats what i thought, now back to the lesson that was in process before Miss Always-late-and-never-on-time interrupted the flow. ‘

When school let out Monique entered to serve her dreaded 90 minute detention. ‘Monique, why you always showing out in my class? You get the best grades of all the students that period, but you always causing trouble. ‘ ‘I dont know, I like to get you riled up for some reason.

‘ Moniquie said giggling. ‘Yeah and the administration thinks i cant control my students…’ ‘Sorry, Mr. Harrison. ‘ Monique said seductively biting her bottom lip.

He shook his head and continued to read his magazine, as he eyed her over the top every few seconds. A few minutes later Monique was broken from her daydream when Roy laughed. ‘Huh? What? What happened? I wanna laugh too…’ ‘Umm nah, its this recipe for a sauce and it seems like something i’d like to try to make.

‘ ‘Okay, and that is funny why exactly?’ Monique asked. ‘Had you let me finish, i would have said that it calls tomatoes a vegetable. ‘ ‘Okay. ‘ ‘It isnt. ‘ Roy informed Monique. ‘Its fruit. ‘ she spat at him.

‘No its not. im telling you Monique, its a fact!’ ‘No it aint, Roy!’ she said back. They continued to go back and forth. ‘Bet. ‘ he told her. ‘Bet,on what?’ Monique said in a challenging tone.

‘That i can prove a tomato is a fruit. ‘ ‘Aight, bet. whats the grounds?’ Monique inquired. ‘If, no, when i prove that my point is valid, i want… i want your panties. ‘ ‘My panties?’ Mo asked to be sure she heard right. ‘Yeah, the pair you got on now. ‘ Roy said rubbing her crotch. ‘Who says im wearing panties?’ Monique asked in a low whisper.

‘Oh, look at you,Mo going commando like you grown…’ ‘I may not be as old as you Roy.

And no, im not commando. I’m wearing a thong. ‘ she told him confidently. ‘Oh Mo got her big girl drawers on… Mo over here wearing cat hammocks. Mmmm. ‘ Roy said taunting her. Cat hammocks?!! What the fuck is a cat hammock? she asked. ‘Pussy slings, cat hammocks…. you know its not exactly a full pair of panties, and its a sling over your pussy. So i call it a cat hammock or a pussy sling.

‘ Mr. Harrison explained to her.

‘Ohhh, okay. Well i’m wearing a cat hammock. ‘ she told Roy. ‘What color? he continued to question her. ‘Lilac. ‘ Mmm, nice. Roy said rubbing harder on her. ‘So what do i get if im right?’ Roy thought, and came up with nothing. ‘What do you want?’ ‘Fif- 150 bucks. ‘ Aight, lil miss lets go and look it up. Yeah lets!

Roy took that note and got on his computer and went to the internet search & typed in the question: and double clicked find.

Monique stood by on pins and needles hoping that Roy wasnt right. His deep voice was so alluring to her, so much that this challenge had her wet. Her heart beats rapidly, she didnt want to give up her cat hammock, and with that money she could buy those shoes she had been eying. The results page loaded.

Ummm, Mo? It says here that uh- tomatoes is a fruit. Pointing it out.

‘So, that said give up that pussy sling. ‘ ‘Wait, Roy, i dont buy it. Let me see. ‘ Monique squeezed her way in front of him almost rubbing on Roy’s hard dick. She searched to find that she was wrong.

‘Roy?’ ‘Yo?’ You remember when you told me that you favored dark chocolate over milk chocolate? Yeah, its healthier. Yeah i know, but i think you were talking about me. He chuckled, oh word? What lead you to that conclusion? Well, im chocolate brown.

Dark chocolate, to be exact… Also when i showed you that model you said that the woman you like is exactly, how i would describe myself… Big titties, full lips, playful, charming, sexy, confidant… ‘I think i say too much around you, that for sure…’ Roy said avoiding what Monique was hinting at.

Roy’s breathing became labored matching Monique’s as he searched for the answer to to prove he was right all along.

Mo, you gone give up that pussy sling or what? He asked as he rubbed her clit while she sat all the way on his lap or are you not following through with your end of the deal? You not even of age to be gambling, i think imma have to drop the dime on you… No Roy, i’ll keep my end. Promise. Monique snaked her way out of their seated position. Step a few feet from him, lifted up her skirt and pulled off her cat hammock.

she left it in the middle of the floor and walked towards the door grabbing her coat and her bag.

See you tomorrow Mr. Harrison. Promise i wont be bad in class tomorrow. Best behavior, no detention. Uh huh, thats what you said yesterday… We’ll see tomorrow. Yep, we will. Bye Roy- I’m sorry, Mr. Harrison. Yeah you gone end up with another detention tomorrow. You already on a roll.

Hey Mo, come here before you leave out of my classroom.

Whats up Mr. Harrison? Roy loved how she said his title. Here, since you lost that bet i feel you should still get the money. Nah, im good. I know you are, but take it as a gift. Go buy yourself some more of them pussy slings. Roy said as he picked up the pair Monique left for him and giving them a long wiff. ‘Okay. ‘
‘One last thing Monique, dont be late to my class tomorrow.

‘ ‘Well dont have on the phone all night tonight. ‘ Roy chuckled. ‘Get outta here girl before i bend yo fine ass ova…’.

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