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Most states have bullshit laws!

Like the ridiculous “age of consent” statutes. Screw that!

Much more sensible the way Southerners do it: When a female goes into puberty, she is immediately fucked by the males of the group. She screams in pain and terror the first few times she’s penetrated, but then accepts her fate and begins enjoying the activity.

Same with adolescent girls. If they’re emitting pheremones, well, there’s a reason for that. It’s to get our cocks hard, no matter our age.

I have great respect for girls and women who recognize this fact.

The first time I had sex, I was 15 and Molly was 13. Her soft, smooth flesh was an alabaster invitation to my young male urges. She actually put up a damn good fight, though I eventually succeeded in ripping all her clothing off. Then it was just a matter of time before I penetrated her virgin cunt. She gasped and sobbed as she tried to fend me off, but then, God Bless the Woman, her mother Bridget came to my assistance.

“Don’t resist,” dear, “she gently advised her daughter, “this is the way we prove our femininity. ” With those words, she grabbed the girl’s wrists, allowing me to easily pry her unwilling legs open.

I must admit, I didn’t immediately find the slit I was looking for. Luckily for me, her mother, after managing to pin her daughter’s thin, frail arms with one of her hands, used the other to grasp my dong and place it at the exact position between her daughter’s legs needed for fucking.

The girl screamed in pain as I rammed my dick into her. For a moment, my 15-year-old ass hesitated, wondering if this was the right thing. But then her mother, bless her, told me to keep fucking her daughter. “She has to submit to this as a female,” mom said sweetly. “All women do. “

Hey, it was my first time, so I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by claiming that I lasted 60 minutes, okay? More like 60 seconds! I shot my wad into her 13-year-old twat, three solid spurts, and then tumbled off of her on the bed, exhausted.

Molly, sobbing uncontrollably, started to curl up against her mother, but Bridget’s admonition was strict: “No!” she sternly instructed. “Curl up against Rik! As women, we must accept our owners into our cunts, and, then, when they’ve finished violating us, we must curl up against them and ask for their protection through the night. That’s how we prove to them that we are docile, submissive, and obedient to their beautiful penises. “

Molly did as she was told.

Later that night, I awoke with an erection. She was still laying beside me, so I rolled her over onto her back, parted her thighs, and entered her again. She emitted a small gasp as my cock invaded her, but, after that, she just lay there, unfocused eyes on the ceiling, accepting her new role as a woman. I looked to the side while fucking her now-docile body, and saw Bridget looking at us, beaming with motherly pride.

“You know,” breathed the older woman, “I haven’t been fucked since my husband died, four months ago. That’s a long time to go without cock. When you’ve finished with her, can you do me? I’m a much more experienced whore than she’ll ever be!” Bridget then began undressing as I nodded my agreement.

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