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mommy and I

Me and mom had a little this labor day weekend. I never really found my mom hot enough to the point where I would really wannna fuck her even tho she is the perfect slut. Dresses in pantyhose everyday. Has like 4 dildos. Loves black cock. She doesnt had the slutness in her. She loves to party and have fun but shes still mom. I always and still fantasize about my aunt to this day and would love to be her fuck buddy one day.

But this past weekend I just could not resist my mom. I went into her pantyhose drawer and grabbed like 2 pairs went into my room and starting jerking off thinking of my aunt. My mom comes in and sees me and I felt so embarrassed but she said” its okay baby you have fun il leave you alone ” than she came up to me while I had my dick in my handn and give me a kiss on the lips and than left.

I was suprised she was ok with me taking her pantyhose and she said when im done with them to not forget to throw them in the washing machine. I jerked off so hard and came to the thought of my mom fucking me. Instead of putting them for wash I put them back in the drawer. Later that day she was walking around with the same pantyhose I cumed in. She asked me to give her a back massage so she can fall asleep and so I began with the massage eventually massaging her ass a little.

She took some sleeping pill which knocked her out pretty good and she was still in the short silk sun dress and my cumed black pantyhose. I know its my mom but I couldn’t resist. I lifed the shirt to discover she was wearing no panties. I didnt fuck her. But I did lick her ass and pussy through the pantyhose. She didnt even flinch while I was doing it. So I took a pair of scissors and made a little tiny hole in the crotch of the pantyhose.

I was so horny I just had to taste her pussy a lil. And so I started licking and the pussy was so juicy and wet it was amazing. Better than my girlfriend. I did feel gulity while I licked her pussy but when I look up at her while I did it she seemed to be smiling. I wanted to put my dick in her mouth so bad but I was nervous but tried anyway.

I just put it gently nonon her lips to get a feel for them as soon as I do she opens up her mouth. I couldn’t believe it and o I said fuck it I put it in her mouth nice and slow and she popped in it in out like 10 times. While I had a finger slowly rubbing her clit gently. I was about to cum so hard but wanted to keep playing with her.

I decided il just cum on her ass and so I didni camenall over her phat juicy ass as well as her back. And she was still wide asleep. Didnt move. I felt pretty guilty afterwards but looking at her ass still gave me the biggest hardon. but ihad to hurry and pull her dress back down before my dad came from work. I went back to my room and played some games. My mom came in few hours later to see how im doing with the same pantyhose on and asked did she miss anything while she asleep.

I told her no but she than told me that the massage I give her was really good and that shes more of them. I cant believe my mom said that after I did that to her. Because I thought she would get so angry once she saw a huge fress cumstain on her ass and than the hole in the pantyhose that wasnt therr before. but she didnt. I really dont think I would feel comfortable having sex with her tho if it came down to it.

Because It might make things akward between us. I think I might keep giving her these kinky massages hopefully she keeps popping sleeping pillls while I give her the massage and wears pantyhose to turn me on. later that day I came home from a football game and after my shower I go to my room and I find the pantyhose she wore on my bed and put them there. She came in and said their yours now to enjoy.

il let you know what happens next with my mommy.

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